Curriculum development planning in environmental education for developing environmental citizenship among primary school pupils in rivers state

This study investigated the level of environmental citizenship development through curriculum development planning among primary school pupils in Rivers State. Three research questions and two hypotheses guided the study. The descriptive survey design was used. The population for the study was the 15,611 teachers in the 962 public primary schools in Rivers State. A stratified random sampling technique was used to draw a sample of 1,600 teachers which represents 10.2% of the population. A researchers’ designed questionnaire titled "Curriculum Development Planning in Environmental Education Questionnaire" was the instrument used for the study. The instruments were validated by three experts. Reliability coefficients of 0.88 (Curriculum Provision), 0.73 (Environmental Education Projects), and 0.79 (Challenges) were derived using Cronbach alpha. Mean and standard deviation was used to answer the research questions while the hypotheses were tested using the z-test. Findings revealed that the extent to which environmental education projects were utilized to develop environmental citizenship in pupils is low. The challenges militating against the teaching of environmental education are lack of commitment from the school management, lack of time in the lesson timetable to integrate environmental education contents in other subject areas, and teachers' inadequate knowledge of environmental education integration techniques. It was recommended amongst others that the Nigerian Education Research and Development Council should design age-appropriate curriculum contents/topics that can be integrated into various subjects.

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Ambition et maternité dans chanson douce de leila slimani

Avec une très grande intelligence narrative, Leila SLIMANI (2016) déforme les codes du polar et commence par la fin. « Le bébé est mort » la première ligne avec laquelle s’ouvre la scène du meurtre des enfants par la nourrice au visage d’ange. La finesse du détail pertinent et la construction par petites touches des personnages terriblement crédibles caractérisent la plume de Leila SLIMANI. Débarrasser de l’horreur, le lecteur se met à la recherche des failles de cette étrangère de la famille. Rien n’est en trop : dialogues, descriptions, narration haletante et histoire émouvante, ce sont les atouts de la récompense de cette œuvre par le prestigieux prix Goncourt. Inspirer par un fait divers affreux, la romancière livre une photographie d’un ordre social illégal et les forces invisibles qui couvent les relations dans notre société. Leila SLIMANI met en relief une intrigue aux conséquences dramatiques, les contraintes d’une modernité qui s’imposent, infectant la maternité des femmes assoiffées de liberté.


Bacteriological qualities of sources of domestic water supply and prevalence of typhoid fever in some communities of enugu state, southeast, nigeria: a cross-sectional study

Background: From the public health point of view, the microbiological properties of domestic water supply are the most important parameters of domestic water supply because of the propensity for microbial water-related diseases. In Enugu State, statistics have shown that reported cases of waterborne diseases (including typhoid fever) have been on the increase since 2003. The aim of the study was to determine the bacteriological qualities of domestic water supply and prevalence of typhoid fever in five communities of Enugu State in connection with the rising incidence of typhoid fever in the state. Methods: This was a cross-sectional study of sources of domestic water supply and prevalence of typhoid fever in five rural communities of Ezeagu Local Government Area. 297 copies of structured questionnaire, 10 grab water samples analysed using the membrane filtration method and 227 blood samples collected for Widal test were used to generate the data for the study, analysed as frequency distributions, t-test of means difference and Pearson product moment correlations using MaxStat (version 3.60) statistical software. Results: 2 (40%) of the 5 communities complied with the WHO standard for faecal coliform counts. Prevalence of typhoid fever was high in all the communities (71.4%-100%). Only faecal coliform counts correlated positively and strongly (r=0.69) with prevalence of typhoid fever. Conclusions: Since faecal coliform counts correlated positively and strongly (r=0.69) with prevalence of typhoid fever, improving the bacteriological qualities of domestic water supply may help to reduce the prevalence of typhoid fever.

Emmanuel umegbolu

Physical activity and physical literacy: the pharmacological benefits of exercise, a women’s perspective

The valuable effects of regular exercise for promotion of health and therapy of diseases were obviously evaluated. The notion that exercise can be considered as a medication has been hypothesized. The growing problems of obesity and non-communicable diseases have placed a great burden on public health experts to promote physical literacy and physical activity among the modern day population. Physical literacy and physical activity have become the cornerstones of women’s health. Women have certain special needs that includes reproductive health. Increased physical activity and maintaining normal body image and body weight will help a woman attain physical, mental and spiritual development. With the growing number of women with obesity and the implication of obesity as one of the main risk factors for non-communicable diseases like diabetes, hypertension, stroke and osteoarthritis, a knowledge and awareness about physical activity is essential. Thus, physical activity is a fundamental aspect of the improvement of motor skills and work performance, allowing a better healthy lifestyle. Physical exercise is effective to be measured as a drug, however, more care should be considered to the dosing and individual variations between genders.

Mediterranean Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences Mediterranean journal of pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences

Natural resource conflicts and peace building in africa: towards resolving herdsmen-farmers conflicts in nigeria’s north-central geo-political zone.

The main objective of this study is to examine the relationship between globalization, resource conflicts and peace –building in Africa, with particular emphasis on Nigerian’s north-central geo-political zone. The wave of globalization that has swept across the world with its attendant socio-economic and political consequences lies at the heart of this study. The debate that is raging currently amongst intelligentsias, public analysts, and the international community point to the fact that the global system has suffered increasing setbacks occasioned by the impacts of globalization and contestation for scarce natural resource endowments. The changes that have emerged for several decades in both developed and developing nations, with the latter having a greater share of repercussions, have remained largely daunting. The multiplier effects of these changes have resulted in worsening crisis situations, with a fast growth rate of intra-state and/or trans-regionalized networked conflicts, which is why Africa and indeed Nigeria, has become a hotbed for contestations recently. This work adopts a qualitative approach as a method of investigation. This work relies on classic works of experts in the broader discipline of globalization and conflict resolutions, the essence of which is to clearly define ways of ensuring absolute peace in Nigeria’s north-central zone. The paper observes that guaranteeing peace-building requires the adoption of both vertical and horizontal approaches as templates for the realization of peace objectives.

Canice Erunke Canice erunke

Atlas of shear zone structures in meso scale

The Atlas of Shear Zone Structures in Meso-Scale illustrates the morphological characteristics of shear zones within the Himalayas that have been gathered by the author’s intensive field observations over the last decade. The book deals with various shear zone-related structures, produced in brittle and/or ductile regimes. The shear sense indicators and associated microstructures are also described.

Rajkumar Ghosh Rajkumar ghosh

Assess the premenstrual symptoms and coping strategies among adolescent girls

Menstruation is a normal physiological impact on each girl’s life. Menstruation is monthly uterine bleeding for 3-5 days after every 28 days from puberty till menopause. A change in mood, behaviour, appearance of some abnormal vague symptoms is often noticed in the second half of the cycle. Symptoms are severe enough to disturb the life cycle of a woman called premenstrual syndrome (PMS). The study aimed to assess the premenstrual symptoms and coping strategies among adolescent girls. The majority of the students suffered from premenstrual syndrome. Objective: to assess the premenstrual symptoms and coping strategies among adolescent girls. Methodology: A nonexperimental descriptive research design was adopted in this study. Non probability convenient sampling technique was used to select the sample size of 30 adolescent girls. The assessment of premenstrual symptoms and coping strategies was carried out using a self-reported Likert’s rating scale. Data was analyzed by using descriptive and inferential statistics. Result: Majority (93.3%) of the samples sometimes had physiological and psychological problems, 90% of them had behavioural symptoms. Majority (43.3%) of the samples always followed coping strategies and 16.7% of the samples sometimes followed coping strategies and 40% never followed any coping strategies. Conclusion: PMS was common among students at 18-24 years. The most common physical symptoms experienced by adolescent girls were headache, backache and lower abdominal pain. Adolescent girls used coping strategies as taking hot / cold drinks, do not express anger to others, and turn to study and forget things, hearing music and taking medications. Keywords: Premenstrual Symptoms, physiological, psychological & behavioural symptoms, Coping Strategies, Adolescent Girls.

Elsi Queen Elsi queen

Faculty’s conceptions of teaching introductory economics in higher education: a phenomenographic study in a south african context

In view of the on-going global debate about the economics curriculum and its teaching, this paper explores how the faculty responsible for teaching introductory economics at a South African university understand learning and teaching of their subject. We have adopted a qualitative research approach, phenomenography, to complement what we already know from mainstream literature on undergraduate economics education, predominantly published by academic econ- omists using a quantitative methodology. After a phenomenographic analysis of interview data with lecturers and tutors, six conceptions of teaching introductory economics (Economics 1) emerged: (I) team collaboration to implement the economics curriculum; (II) a thorough knowledge of the content; (III) implementing the curriculum in order for students to pass as- sessment; (IV) helping students learn key economics concepts and representations to facilitate learning; (V) engaging students through their real-life economics context to acquire economic knowledge; and (VI) helping students think like economists. These are discussed first in relation to the implications for student learning and second, in a broader context of higher education discourses and educational development

Dr Emmanuel Ojo Dr emmanuel ojo

Ethics and human values

Higher education is leadership education. The values and virtues practiced in universities heavily influence the future leaders. Many institutions of higher education simultaneously show excellence in academic subjects, are green campuses with manifold ethics curricula, are active members in community engagement, and also are adept in providing value orientation to all stakeholders. It is universally felt that the status of teaching profession requires to be raised to ensure its dignity and integrity. Accordingly, it is considered necessary that there should be a code of ethics which may be evolved by the teaching community itself for its guidance. There are five major areas of professional activities which encompass the work of a teacher. For each of these areas certain principles have been identified to serve as guidelines for teacher’s conduct. HUMAN VALUES Basic human values refer to those values which are at the core of being human. The values which are considered basic inherent values in humans include truth, honesty, loyalty, love, peace, etc. because they bring out the fundamental goodness of human beings and society at large.

Kamal Singh Kamal singh

Competencies and professional development needs of kindergarten teachers

The study identified the level of competencies and the extent of professional development needs of kindergarten teachers in the Sultan Kudarat Division, during the school year 2019 - 2020. The study employed a descriptive method. The study involved 54 kindergarten teachers in the division in accomplishing the 12-item self-assessment instrument. Data were analyzed using descriptive statistics. The results revealed that kindergarten teachers have a high level of competencies in content knowledge and pedagogy, learning environment and diversity of learners, curriculum and planning, and assessment and reporting. These indicate that they possess almost all of the competencies of efficient teachers. Results further revealed a very high extent of professional needs in content knowledge and pedagogy and the learning environment and diversity of learners, while they had a high extent of professional needs in the remaining domains. Since they reported very high priorities in content knowledge and pedagogy and the learning environment and diversity of learners, these areas would be the main considerations in the crafting of a professional development plan.

Manuel Caingcoy Manuel caingcoy

The effect of transformational leadership and competence on employee performance with job satisfaction as intervening variable

This study aims to see and determine the effect of transformational leadership and competence of PT Waruna Shipyard Indonesia on employee performance through job satisfaction as intervening variable. This research was conducted at PT. Waruna Shipyard Indonesia, located on Bagan Deli Street, Medan Belawan District, North Sumatra. This research was conducted of the month of August 2019-January 2020. The data analysis tool by structural equation modeling (SEM) with smartpls program. The population is employees at PT. Waruna Shipyard Indonesia in 2019, namely as many as 134 employees. This study used slovin formula for the sampling, calculations sample were respondents is 100 permanent employees of PT. Waruna Shipyard Indonesia. Thus taken 30 respondents outside of the sample to validity and reliability test instrument for testing questionnaires. Based on structural equation modeling (SEM) analysis, transformational leadership and competence have positive and significant effect on employee performance with job satisfaction as intervening variable at PT. Waruna Shipyard Indonesia. The contribution of transformational leadership, competence, and job satisfaction explains the employee performance variable of 0.724 or 72.40%. The remaining 0.276 or 27.60% is effect by other independent variables not examined in this study.

Lila Maria Kaban Lila maria kaban

Women entrepreneurs in india:opportunities and challenges” by in , issn-1006-7930, volume xii, issue vii, july 2020, page no:

Woman constitutes the family, which leads to the development of society and Nation. The social and economic development of women is necessary for the overall economic advancement of any society or a country. Entrepreneurship comprises venture activities that are the center of the recognition of various opportunities, creativity, and innovation in the production process and development of new business models and ventures. Entrepreneurship plays a major role in developing society of a fastdeveloping country like India. In comparison to other countries, the event of women entrepreneurship is extremely low in India, especially in rural areas. However, middle-class women aren't too eager to alter their roles because of fear of social backlash. The growth is more visible among high families in urban areas. Rural women frequently have primary responsibility for agricultural production, additionally to domestic responsibilities and childcare. In developing countries like India where the economic status of women is extremely pathetic especially in rural areas and opportunities of earning are very less. For establishing self-esteem and recognition in society, women are attracted to entrepreneurship. To sustain within the competitive market, businesses administered by women are mainly hooked into internal resources and their capabilities supported which they struggle to compete with the external environment. The present paper endeavors to study the opportunities and challenges of women entrepreneurs. The study aims to analyze the factors that encourage women entrepreneurs. This study is based on secondary data collected from previous research papers, journals given by various research scholars, blogs, and websites. This study concludes that women entrepreneurs should be provided with special training facilities to overcome challenges and for developing their skills and talents.

mamta gaur Mamta gaur

Classifying jordanian hotels based on their tqm implementations

This study aims at classifing hotels in Jordan into groups based on their Total Quality Management (TQM) implementation. Using a survey methodology, the TQM questionnaire was designed to measure the level of TQM implementation throughout Critical Success Factors (CSFs) which are necessary for TQM implementation. A total of 345 TQM questionnaires were distributed to managers, working in 17 four- and five-star Jordanian hotels. The researcher obtained 227 usable TQM questionnaires. The results classified Jordanian hotels based on the CSFs for TQM implementation. More specifically, using cluster analysis on the CSFs of TQM resulted in two groups of hotels: ‘low TQM adopters’ and ‘high TQM adopters’. These two groups showed significant differences across the TQM CSFs

Mukhles m. al-ababneh

Effect of occupational exposure on hematological and biochemical parameters in workers at oil and gas companies

Petroleum refineries are largest chemical industries that are responsible for emission of several pollutants into the atmosphere. Benzene and its metabolites are regarded as the most hazardous compounds that are emitted by petroleum refineries. These contribute to toxic oxidants, which cause many serious health risks to petroleum refineries workers. This study was aimed to analyze the effects of chemical exposure on hematological and biochemical parameters among workers at Zawia oil refinery and Mellituh oil and gas refinery companies. A total of 200 workers participated in this study which consisting of two equal groups (each group: n = 100). The first group consists of petroleum refineries workers and the second group consists of non-oil work civil servants serving were recruited as exposed and control subjects, respectively. The results of blood picture, liver enzymes and kidney functions were compared between the groups. Mean white blood cells counts, platelet counts, and hematocrit count were significantly higher, while the mean red blood cells count was insignificantly changed in petroleum refineries workers. While the mean hemoglobin and corpuscular hemoglobin concentration levels were significantly lower, whereas the mean corpuscular volume and mean corpuscular hemoglobin levels were insignificantly changed in petrol refineries workers. Liver enzymes and renal functions were significantly higher in petrol refineries workers. The present findings indicate that occupational exposure to benzene causes significant alterations in hematological and biochemical parameters and workers are at high risk of developing blood, hepatic or renal related disorders. Protection and frequent medical attention should be given to petroleum refineries workers.

Mediterranean Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences Mediterranean journal of pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences

Formulation and evaluation of herbal face pack

formulation and evaluation of herbal face pace pack

Sumaira Taj Sumaira taj

Study of temperature variation in human peripheral region during wound healing process due to plastic surgery

In this paper, investigations are made to analyze the human body temperature during wound healing process due to surgery. Wound is considered after the skin graft. Skin graft is a technique used in plastic surgery. Skin is the first line of defense between the human and environment, it is very susceptible to damage. Internal body or core temperature (Tb) is one of the clinical vital signs along with pulse and respiratory rates. Any disturbance in body temperature will drive complexities in wound healing process. These studies are important in the mechanism of establishing the limits of thermal regulation of human body during the healing process in different situations and conditions. The Finite element method is used to analyze tissues temperature for normal tissues (donor site) and abnormal tissues (tissues after surgery). Appropriate boundary conditions have been framed. Numerical results are obtained using Crank Nicolson Method.

Manisha jain

Nano fabrics in the 21st century: a review

Nano technology refers to enhancing the function and delivering the upcoming smart solutions to products at the nanoscale level. It relates to organizing the molecules for altering in dimension and characteristic for improvement like smart fabric. These fabrics could assist producers with the added prominence on a standard of living, visual attraction, and system wanted technological produces. Nanosize particles can unveil unpredicted characteristics dissimilar from the bulk matter. The fundamental principle is that the features could radically be altered after the material is decreased to the nanometer scale. Nanotechnology has multipurpose functions in fabric manufacturing in producing the stain and wrinkles defiance, flame retardant, antimicrobial and antistatic properties, moisture control, ultraviolet protection, and release features. The nanomaterials inside the fabric could influence numerous qualities, comprising reduction, electrical conductivity, flammability, and strength. Nanotechnology has additionally created a significant impression on various application and implementation. Nano-doctored fabrics may advance numerous fabrications as the nano-science progresses further.

Munima haque

Descriptive analysis to use the community pharmacy by patients and customers

Community pharmacies not only act as sites of drug purchase but also as healthcare setting. The aim of this study is to examine the extent of public’s use of community pharmacy and their reasons of visiting to Sabha, South part of Libya. Thus, a descriptive, cross-sectional survey with self-administered questionnaire was developed and validated. Data was collected during 2019 by registered pharmacists using the self-designed prepared questionnaire for community pharmacies in Sebha. Of all 600 questionnaires were handed during 2020, 462 forms were returned (77%, response rate). The majority of the respondents reported they had visited the community pharmacies at least once in a month (n = 343, 74%). The highest reason of visiting reported by the respondents was dispensing their prescription medications (n = 304, 65%) while purchasing medication without prescriptions was accounted with n = 162, (35%). The highest rate of the respondents was given advice about antibiotic use (n = 224, 48%) followed by physical exercises (n = 178, 39%) and healthy eating (n = 173, 37%). The majority of the respondents preferred to visit community pharmacy over other healthcare centers because of minor health problems (n = 358, 77%). The major factors influence the consumers choose any particular pharmacy were the professionalism of pharmacy staff (n = 254, 55%) and the availability of the medical products (n = 221, 48%). The respondents incline to choose community pharmacy as a primary health center when they faced drug related problem (n = 248, 54%). In conclusion, the current study revealed that the majority of Libyan people are regular users of community pharmacies and various services and topics of advice have been given by their staff. However, shortage of professional pharmacists in community pharmacies can undermine the opportunity of given reliable pharmaceutical care from these communications.

Mediterranean Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences Mediterranean journal of pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences

Regards croisés sur les processus d’apprentissage/acquisition implicite des constituants linguistiques des langues par des apprenants

Cet article vise à mettre en évidence les expériences et points de vue de certains auteurs sur l’apprentissage implicite du langage humain. L’apprentissage implicite est une procédure fondamentale. Le comportement devient sensible aux caractéristiques structurales. Dans le premier point de vue, il y a eu trois expériences qui ont montré que les jeunes apprenants sont sensibles aux régularités lexicales qui n’ont pas été explicitement enseignées; la deuxième expérience portait sur l’utilisation de la répétition des lettres quant à la troisième, elle portait sur la préférence des consonnes uniques ou doublées. Les résultats de ces expériences ont montré que les jeunes apprenants sont sensibles à la fréquence de doubles consonnes, à l’identité des consonnes qui peuvent ou ne peuvent pas se répéter. Les difficultés innées à l’apprentissage de la langue ont fait l’objet du deuxième point de vue. Elles sont de deux ordres: la langue en tant qu’un ensemble de séquences sonores et les indices de découverte d’un mot dans un discours. Les enfants segmentent les mots à partir de huit mois. Les connaissances procédurales se mettent en place par la répétition mentale et pratique. Les propriétés structurelles et statistiques sont à la base de l’apprentissage de la langue.


Novel clinical pharmacy practice: extended role and improved competencies

In health care delivery systems, if you are not part of the solution, then you must be part of the problem. Over the last few decades, clinical pharmacy encourages pharmacists and pharmacy support staff to move their focus from product-oriented role towards new direct engagement with patients, to make the most of the benefits that patients obtain from the medicine they take, or the problems they encounter with their medicines use. In the USA, pharmacists’ participation in physicians ward rounds was shown to reduce adverse drug events by 78% and 66% in general medical and intensive care settings [1. 2]. A study covering 1 029 US hospitals indicated that centrally based and patient-specific clinical pharmacy services are associated with reduced mortality rates [3]. The services involved were medicine information, clinical research performed by pharmacists, active pharmacist participation in resuscitation teams and pharmacists undertaking admission medication histories. New pharmacists’ roles in healthcare systems around the globe have moved and developed significantly over the past few years, particularly with expansion of the scope of practice which allows pharmacists to focus on the clinical aspects of direct patient care [4, 5]. Pharmacists are drug therapy experts of health care team. Therefore, pharmacists, today, are the arbiters of effective and safe use of medicines. Medication therapy management is one of the major areas in which physicians more and more rely on pharmacists to benefit their patients.

Mediterranean Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences Mediterranean journal of pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences

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