Impact of mobility on power consumption in rpl

The main theme of this paper is to implement the mobility model in the Cooja simulator and to investigate the impact of mobility on the performance of Routing Protocol over Low power Lossy networks (RPL) in the IoT environment. In the real world, mobility occurs frequently. Therefore in this paper, a frequently used mobility model - Random Way Point (RWP) is used for analysis. RWP can be readily applied to many existing applications. By default, the Cooja simulator does not support mobility models. For this, the Bonn Motion is introduced into Cooja as a plugin. As IoT deals with the resource-constrained environment, a comparison is done between the static environment and the mobile environment in terms of power consumption. As expected, the results indicate that mobility affects the RPL in terms of Power Consumption

Chandra sekhar sanaboina

Use of weight-reducing products among libyans: pharmacist intervention in obesity management

Obesity is a complex and challenging global public health concern. It is a major disease involving excessive fat accumulation that may impair health. Obesity is dangerous and has been related to a range of long-term health issues that can impact adults and children. According to the World Health Organization, more than one billion people worldwide are obese as of March 2022. In the Libyan situation, the prevalence of obesity has increased among the public over the last decade. This cross-sectional survey-based study is conducted by using self-structured designed questionnaire to evaluate the use of anti-obesity drugs and herbal products among Libyan people. Additionally, considered as an indirect method, pharmacist performance in obesity management was also evaluated. The investigators collected interview data from three different cities in the Northwest of Libya over a period of five months, 2019. A total of 170 participants who use weight loss products were randomly selected to participate in the study after obtaining their verbal consent. The participants' experience with weight reduction agents revealed that more than half of the participants (52.3%) used herbal products while 32.0% of the participants have used drugs of chemical origin and 15.6% have used both (herbal and drugs). The majority of the participants (91.4%) used these products without medical consultation which in turn led to failure to lose and maintain weight with 74.2% gaining weight after stopping using these products. In conclusion, poor pharmacist intervention in obesity management was revealed where the majority of the participants reported that Libyan community pharmacists had not been offering weight management services, monitoring weight loss progress, or explaining the risks of being overweight or obese.

Mediterranean Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences Mediterranean journal of pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences

Clinico-histopathological correlation in hansen’s disease: a retrospective study

Abstract Background: Hansen’s disease is a chronic infectious disease with a wide range of clinical manifestations. The clinical diagnosis must be confirmed by histopathological and bacteriological studies in order to adequately manage the condition and prevent drug resistance. Aim: To perform a clinico-histopathological correlation of skin lesions in all patients with a clinical suspicion of Hansen’s disease. Materials and methods: A retrospective, hospital based, cross-sectional study was conducted in the Department of Pathology, Father Muller Medical College, Mangalore. Skin biopsies of all suspected cases of Hansen’s disease received over a period of three and a half years were included in the study. Haematoxylin and eosin, Fite-Faraco stained sections of all cases were reviewed. The cases were classified according to Ridley–Jopling classification into TT, BT, BB, I, BL, and LL. Clinical details of the patient, including type and site of lesion were obtained from the patient’s medical records. Clinico-histopathological correlation was done for all the cases. In addition, wherever available, the corresponding slit-skin smears were also included. Results: A total of 76 cases were clinically diagnosed as Hansen’s disease. Clinico- histopathological correlation was seen in 33/76 cases (43.42%). The most common histological subtype of Hansen’s was Borderline Tuberculoid (BT) - 24/76 cases (31.58%). Maximum agreement was seen in Mid-borderline leprosy (92.11%). Fite Faraco stain was positive in 21 out of 76 cases. Slit skin smears were available for 55 cases and positive in 20 cases. Conclusion: Due to clinical and morphological overlap, it is imperative to correlate the clinical, histopathological and bacteriological index results in order to accurately subtype the categories in Hansen’s disease.


Project management - gantt chart

The Gantt chart below presents the activities that must be done to complete the project related to the creation of the company's management information system. The total project duration is three months, and it can be seen that the timeline reflects this target.

Zamzam Abdelazim Zamzam abdelazim

Comparative analysis of different crossover structures for solving a periodic inventory routing problem

One of the most important challenges for a company is to manage its supply chain efficiently. One way to do this is to control and minimize its various logistics costs together to achieve an overall optimization of its supply network. One such system that integrates two of the most important logistics activities, namely inventory holding and transportation, is known as the inventory routing problem. Our replenishment network consists of a supplier that uses a single vehicle to distribute a single type of item during each period to a set of customers with independent and deterministic demand. The objectives considered are the management of supplier and customer inventories, the assignment of customers to replenishment periods, the determination of optimal delivery quantities to avoid customer stock-outs, the design and optimization of routes. A genetic algorithm (GA) is developed to solve our IRP. Different crossover structures are proposed and tested in two sets of reference instances. A comparison of the performance of different crossover structures was established. Then, it was used to find the most appropriate crossover structure that provides better results in a minor computation time. The obtained results prove the competitiveness of GAs compared to literature approaches, demonstrate the performance of our approach to best solve large scale instances and provide better solution quality in fast execution time.

Mohamed Salim Amri Sakhri Mohamed salim amri sakhri

Fate of e-waste in households in enugu west senatorial district of enugu state, southeast nigeria

Background: E-waste, is the waste generated from used electrical and electronic devices that are no longer fit for their original intended use. Currently e-waste comprises more than 5% of total municipal waste flow, equivalent to 20-50 million tonnes annually worldwide. In 2014, Nigeria generated about 219 kilo tonnes of e-waste. The study aimed to increase public awareness on the need for proper management of e-waste because of its hazardous nature. Methods: This was a cross-sectional study in Enugu West Senatorial District of Enugu State comprising Oji-River, Ezeagu, Udi, Awgu and Aninri Local Government Areas with a population of 980,988. An adaptation of the UNEP, EMPA and Basel convention questionnaire, administered to 400 households was used for data collection. Results: The potential e-waste generation in the study area was 0.05 kg per inhabitant. 76% of the households were aware of the hazards of e-waste. 64% were willing to give out their e-waste to waste collectors. Only 26% of the e-waste were collected with the general waste. The correlation between awareness of the hazards of e-waste and willingness of the households to give out their e-waste was positive, moderate, and insignificant (r= 0.43, p=0.47). Conclusions: Although 76 per cent of the households were aware of the hazards of e-waste, with 64% willing to give out their e-waste, only 26% of the e-waste were eventually collected together with the general waste. There is a need to create a separate e-waste collection system.

Emmanuel umegbolu

Study of biophysical and structural mechanisms of resistance in pigeonpea against pod borer complexstudy of biophysical and structural mechanisms of resistance in pigeonpea against pod borer complex

The maximum H. armigera and M. vitrata infestation was recorded in Pusa-992 (3.72% and 7.90%) and in D2 (1st week of July) sown crop with infestation of 4.54 and 13.08 per cent, respectively. Whereas, the infestation of pod fly, M. obtusa was maximum in Manak (2.72%) and 2.58 per cent pod infestation in D2 (1st week of July) sown crop. The infestation of pod borer complex was negatively associated with pod wall thickness (-0.909**, - 0.739*, -0.870*, -0.834*, -0.840*, -0.705* and -0.745*) and non-glandular type A (-0.730*, -0.945**, -0.768*, -0.766*, -0.923** and -0.728*) and (-0.751*, -0.759*, 0.766*, -0.852*, -0.802*, -0.895** and -0.832*) glandular type B (-0.864*, -0.734*, -0.871* and -0.858*) and (-0.729*, -0.705*, -0.730* and -0.845*) density of pod trichomes of top and middle canopy of the plant. Fat (-0.884**, -0.754*, -0.743*, -0.871* and -0.750*) phenol (-0.900** and -0.806*) and tannin (-0.792*, -0.812* and -0.763*) content showed negative correlation with the pod infestation, whereas, crude protein (0.740*, 0.881**, 0.734*, 0.810*, 0.823*, 0.856*, 0.844* and 0.711*) and total soluble sugar (0.738*, 0.792*, 0.793*, 0.898**, 0.714*, 0.816*, 0.888** and 0.819*) showed positive association. Based on the results, it can be concluded that the variety Pusa-992 and Manak was most susceptible to the pod borers.

DR. BABU LAL JAT Dr. babu lal jat

Inclusive education concept, needs, aims and scope

Inclusive education (IE) is a new approach towards educating the children with disability and learning difficulties with that of normal ones within the same classroom. It seeks to address the learning needs of all children with a specific focus on those who are vulnerable to marginalization and exclusion. It implies all learners – with or without disabilities being able to learn together through access to common schools and community educational setting with an appropriate network of support services. This is possible only in flexible education system that includes the needs of different types of learners and adapts itself to meet their needs. Inclusive Education addresses the diverse needs of all learners by reducing barriers inside schools. It is a process of strengthening the capacity of the education system to reach out to all learners. This educational approach provides all students greater opportunities for academic and social achievement. This includes opportunities to participate in the full range of social, recreational, arts, sports, music, day care and afterschool care, extra-curricular, faith based, and all other activities. Inclusive education argues that all children irrespective of the nature and degree of disability should be educated in general schools with non-disabled children. The schools and classrooms operate on the idea that, with right amount of support, students with disabilities can be as competent as students without disabilities.

Kamal Singh Kamal singh

Social big data: a twitter text mining approach to the communication of universities during the lebanese protests

Since October 17, 2019, Lebanon has experienced unprecedented popular protests, demanding the departure of the entire political class, accused of being gangrened by corruption. Country paralyzed, institutions closed for more than two weeks, the eyes are turned to universities that have closed their doors but whose community (teachers and students) actively participate in the national jump. This study explores the use of social media by universities in Lebanon during the national revolution using social big data technology on Twitter in comparison to the national usage of twitter. Important information was collected, analyzed and visualized using the R language.

Katia raya

Human resource management - mind map on traditional functions of hrm

Human resource management refers to the process of employing people, training them, compensating, and developing policies and strategies to keep them (Storey, 2016). Personnel management is an administrative specialisation that focuses on hiring and developing employees to become valuable to the organisation (Bondarouk, Trullen, and Valverde, 2016). Management of personnel can be characterised as a satisfied workforce being achieved, used, and maintained (Sheehan, Garavan & Carbery, 2014). It constitutes an essential aspect of the management of employees in the organisation and their connection. According to Schroeder (2012, p.4), personnel management is achieved to help organisational, individual, and social goals, as the planning, organisation, offsetting, and maintaining of people. Vargas et al. (2018, p. 3052) add that personnel management is the element that primarily deals with human organisational resources. Management of personnel covers job, development, and compensation functions. In consultation with other departments, the personnel management performs these functions principally (Vargas et al., 2018, p. 3053)

Zamzam Abdelazim Zamzam abdelazim

Two-phase flow in microfluidic-chip design of hydrodynamic filtration for cell particle sorting

As one of the flow-based passive sorting, the hydrodynamic filtration using a microfluidic-chip has shown to effectively separate into different sizes of subpopulations from cell or particle suspensions. Its model framework involving two-phase Newtonian or generalized Newtonian fluid (GNF) was developed, by performing the complete analysis of laminar flow and complicated networks of main and multiple branch channels. To predict rigorously what occurs in flow fields, we estimated pressure drop, velocity profile, and the ratio of the flow fraction at each branch point, in which the analytical model was validated with numerical flow simulations. As a model fluid of the GNF, polysaccharide solution based on Carreau type was examined. The objective parameters aiming practical channel design include the number of the branches and the length of narrow section of each branch for arbitrary conditions. The flow fraction and the number of branches are distinctly affected by the viscosity ratio between feed and side flows. As the side flow becomes more viscous, the flow fraction increases but the number of branches decreases, which enables a compact chip designed with fewer branches being operated under the same throughput. Hence, our rational design analysis indicates the significance of constitutive properties of each stream.

Myung-suk chun

Impression techniques for presurgical nasoalveolar molding

Presurgical Nasoalveolar molding have become an important procedure before proceeding with the surgical procedures for cleft lip and palate patient. PNAM reduces the size of the cleft which helps in better approximation and minimal scar formation.. To achieve this all proper tray selection is necessary and is a basic step in taking the impression of an infant. This article attempts to describe the various impression trays that can be used for the cleft patients routinely.


Factors influencing mutual fund investors and risk averse behaviour in western maharashtra

Mutual fund investment specifically in India and particularly in western Maharashtra is a very challenging aspect. This paper aims to study various factors influencing the investor’s choice of mutual fund, criteria for selecting particular scheme, previous performance of Mutual fund asset Management Company and services provided by them. Similarly Investor education and awareness. To have the competitive advantage proactive steps taken by the Asset management companies would be beneficial like proper financial planning guidelines, providing information pertaining to Net asset value, benchmark indices, analysing purchase decision involvement of the investors and very importantly understanding the risk averse behaviour of the investors and adequate and reliable information about the scheme.Understanding investor behaviour, specifically information search and Processing behaviour of mutual fund schemes is instrumental for effective marketing. Perhaps very few researchers have focused on investor behavioural finance. It is complex set of understanding pertaining to investor psychology; various parameters guiding principles and risk averse capability of the investor dynamically guide the behaviour. Mutual fund companies while promoting the products and marketing need to consider these several influencing parameters so as to effectively cater to the needs of the investor which would truly win the customers and enhance customer confidence and trust.Risk aversion behaviour is also the key to understand the investor risk appetite behaviour in terms of conservative or aggressive investor measuring various demographic and psychographic metrics that play a crucial role to predict and understand the likely behaviour.

Nitin Mali Nitin mali

Sales management - enhance the effective selling of items to clients

In this summary, the ideas used by the sales management to enhance the effective Selling of items to clients are addressed in detail. Overall, the report focuses on sales management, describing how the Marks and Spencer organisation's sales can be enhanced through the adoption of appropriate strategies and approaches that would aid in improving sales in the face of increasing market competition. The company modifies ongoing sales management techniques as well as sales organisation factors in an order to promote and retain competitiveness, highlight the significance of the sales organisation, and the necessity of such modifications appears to be stronger in the contemporary business environment.

Zamzam Abdelazim Zamzam abdelazim

Implementation of corporate social responsibility initiatives for tanzania corporations and not-for-profit organizations

The purpose of this study is to evaluate activities of the corporate citizens in Tanzania and find the best way of aligning CSR initiatives to attain mutual benefits between the organizations and general public. A total of 45 organizations, both for profit and not for profit, were engaged in this study from four different industries. The study used semi-structured interview guide to collect data and a focused group discussion was organized. Contents analysis was used to categorize the responses into five major themes, as discussed in the main document. The findings reveal that CSR is still at its initial stage and much has to be done for the corporations to draw the best out it. Keywords Strategic CSR Value Organization and Society

DR. OMARY SWALLEHE Dr. omary swallehe

Effectiveness of the alternative learning system informal education project and the transfer of life skills among als teachers: a case study

Alternative Learning System (ALS) has been adopted in Philippine basic education, yet there is no academic institution in the region prepares ALS teachers in teaching life skills. ALS teachers graduated from different programs of teacher education for formal education. In response, an extension project was conceptualized and implemented to enhance the teaching capacity and effectiveness of ALS teachers. Case study was conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of the project. It explored the transfer of life skills among ALS teachers. Data were collected from multiple sources. Interview and written responses, and feedback were analyzed using thematic narrative analysis. Other data were analyzed using document and descriptive analyses. The project had achieved its objectives and rated best by participants. These indicate that the project was implemented effectively and successfully. ALS teachers have acquired life skills and transferred them to others. Thus, the project has made a difference in the lives of these teachers.

Manuel Caingcoy Manuel caingcoy

Novel clinical pharmacy practice: extended role and improved competencies

In health care delivery systems, if you are not part of the solution, then you must be part of the problem. Over the last few decades, clinical pharmacy encourages pharmacists and pharmacy support staff to move their focus from product-oriented role towards new direct engagement with patients, to make the most of the benefits that patients obtain from the medicine they take, or the problems they encounter with their medicines use. In the USA, pharmacists’ participation in physicians ward rounds was shown to reduce adverse drug events by 78% and 66% in general medical and intensive care settings [1. 2]. A study covering 1 029 US hospitals indicated that centrally based and patient-specific clinical pharmacy services are associated with reduced mortality rates [3]. The services involved were medicine information, clinical research performed by pharmacists, active pharmacist participation in resuscitation teams and pharmacists undertaking admission medication histories. New pharmacists’ roles in healthcare systems around the globe have moved and developed significantly over the past few years, particularly with expansion of the scope of practice which allows pharmacists to focus on the clinical aspects of direct patient care [4, 5]. Pharmacists are drug therapy experts of health care team. Therefore, pharmacists, today, are the arbiters of effective and safe use of medicines. Medication therapy management is one of the major areas in which physicians more and more rely on pharmacists to benefit their patients.

Mediterranean Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences Mediterranean journal of pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences

Analysis of online purchase intention using scarcity and liking as the persuasion marketing strategies

Customers shopping behaviors have altered because of technological advancement and widespread of internet access. The rise in online sales presents both opportunities and challenges for many e-commerce companies. To successfully increase the customers’ purchase intention, it is important to implement persuasion marketing strategies especially in the online environment, together with other traditional marketing techniques available. The goal of this study is to determine which technique, between Scarcity Tactics and Liking Tactics, has more impact on customers’ Purchase Intention. Zalora Indonesia, as one of the leaders in fashion, beauty, home and lifestyle e-commerce, is chosen to be the research object. Scarcity Tactics and Liking Tactics are the independent variables used in this study, with customers’ Purchase Intention as the dependent variable. Quantitative method using a causal strategy, with an online questionnaire has been delivered to 120 Zalora Indonesia buyers. According to the findings of this research, customers who buy online have the tendency to do purchases when Zalora Indonesia uses Scarcity Tactics and Liking Tactics in its marketing approach. Scarcity Tactics, however, has more influence on online Purchase Intention, whereas Liking Tactics has a promising but insignificant impact. Both Scarcity Tactics and Liking Tactics show influences in customers’ Purchase Intention as much as 60.2%.

Lila Maria Kaban Lila maria kaban

Incidence of gestational hypertension among pregnant women (2006-2015) in enugu state, southeast nigeria: a retrospective study

Background: Gestational hypertension (GHTN) is defined as a new rise in blood pressure (BP) ≥140/90 mm Hg, presenting at 20 weeks gestation without significant proteinuria. Worldwide, 4.4%-15% of all pregnancies are complicated by HTN. The aim of this study was to determine the incidence of GHTN among pregnant women in Enugu State, Southeast Nigeria with a view to improving and strengthening antenatal services in the State to help reduce the proportion of maternal mortality and fetal outcomes attributable to GHTN and reduce the overall prevalence of HTN in the country. Methods: Records of BP, biodata and laboratory investigations (urinalysis, full blood count) of women who attended antenatal clinics in six selected state hospitals (2006-2015) were examined. Data were analyzed as proportions, t-test, ANOVA and Pearson product moment correlations using Maxstat (version 3.60) statistical software. Results: The overall incidence of GHTN was 5.9% with annual fluctuations with peaks in 2010 and 2014. There were significant differences in incidence among the age groups (<20>35 years) (p<0 p=0.0016).>35 years) and GHTN (r=0.932, p=0.0069). Between parity and GHTN, there was also positive, strong and significant correlation (r=0.813, p=0.0491). Conclusions: With an incidence of GHTN at 5.9%, there is need to improve and sustain adequate antenatal services in order to help reduce the proportion of the country’s maternal mortality attributable to hypertensive disorders of pregnancy.

Emmanuel umegbolu

Evaluate the ethiopian vat (value added tax) tax system against principles of good taxation giving conclusion for policy implications

Abstract This paper evaluates the Ethiopian VAT tax type based on ten good tax principles that are: Equity and Fairness, Certainty, Convenience of payment, Economy in collection, Simplicity, Neutrality, Economic Growth & Efficiency, Transparency & Visibility, Minimum tax Gap, Appropriate Government revenue. The findings of this evaluation revealed VAT which six principles are under positive effect in Ethiopia meets of six Conon of the good tax system. Those are: Certainty for taxpayers, Convenience at the time of payment, neutrality, economic growth and efficiency, transparency and visibility, appropriate government revenue. Finally, the author suggests recommendation that could be used by the government in general and tax authorities in particularly in the preparation of future tax proposal reform and issuance of any directive, proclamation, rule, and procedure which is going to implemented need to encapsulate this Canon as Guiding route to improve service delivery and alleviating problem emanated from shortcoming from the administration.

Dereje lemma lalisho

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