Inhibition and modulation of calcium oxalate monohydrate crystals by phytic acid: an in vitro study

The aim of the study was to explore the inhibition and modulation of calcium oxalate monohydrate crystals into calcium oxalate dihydrate by phytic acid. The study was carried out on glass slides using phytic acid (1 - 5%) solutions. All tested solutions inhibited the growth and modulated calcium oxalate monohydrate crystals. Donuts, rosettes and X-shape crystals of calcium oxalate monohydrate along with their defected forms were observed. The presence of calcium oxalate dihydrate crystals as elongated rods and tetragonal bipyramidal crystals revealed the modulated forms of calcium oxalate monohydrate. Smaller zones of nucleation are declared as general patterns of growth inhibition. This study gives valuable information about calcium oxalate crystals' inhibition and modulation patterns. Further studies are required to confirm the results of the present study.

Dr. Salman Ahmed Dr. salman ahmed

Anticarcinogenic activity of capsaicin in hot chili pepper in relation to oral submucous fibrosis

A burning sensation on eating spicy foods purportedly supports the role of capsaicin, an active component of chili peppers, in the etiology of oral submucous fibrosis (OSF). Although the mast cell mediators and activated P2X receptors induce a constant burning sensation through an ATP-dependent mechanism, it is the activation of the transient receptor potential vanilloid 1 (TRPV-1) receptor by capsaicin that aggravates it. The molecular basis for the burning pain in OSF is thus attributable to the activation of TRPV1. There is overwhelming evidence that confirms capsaicin has more of a protective role in attenuating fibrosis and is potentially therapeutic in reversing conditions linked to collagen accumulation. The activation of TRPV-1 by capsaicin increases intracellular calcium ([Ca2+]i), upregulates AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK) and Sirtuin-1 (SIRT-1), to enrich endothelium-dependent vasodilation via endothelial nitric oxide synthase (eNOS). The induction of vasodilation induces antifibrotic effects by alleviating hypoxia. The antifibrotic effects of capsaicin are mediated through the upregulation of antioxidant enzymes, downregulation of inflammatory genes and suppression of new collagen fibril formation. Capsaicin also demonstrates an anticarcinogenic effect by upregulating the cytotoxic T cells and downregulating regulatory T cells through the inhibition of angiogenesis and promotion of apoptosis. Judicious administration of capsaicin with an appropriate delivery mechanism may have therapeutic benefits in reducing pain sensation, rendering antifibrotic effects, and preventing the malignant transformation of OSF. This paper provides an overview of the molecular basis of capsaicin and its therapeutic application as an antifibrotic and anticarcinogenic agent for the treatment of OSF

Mohit Sharma Mohit sharma

Development and validation of stability indicating analytical method for simultaneous estimation of miconazole and ornidazole in their combined marketed dosage form

A simple, precise, accurate, sensitive, specific and reliable stability indicating RP-HPLC method was developed for the simultaneous estimation of Miconazole (MIC) and Ornidazole (ORN) in pharmaceutical dosage form. The method was developed with mobile phase containing buffer (0.05M potassium dihydrogen ortho phosphate, ph3.5): Methanol in the ratio of 25:75, C18 (250 x 4.6mm, 5µm) as a stationary phase and flow rate was 1 ml/min. Detection was carried out at 236nm in UV-2000 detector. The selected chromatographic conditions were found effectively to separate Miconazole and Ornidazole at 6.58 and 3.26 min respectively. The proposed method has been validated for precision, accuracy, robustness. Thus, the statistical analysis confirms that developed methods were successfully used for analysis of formulation and thereby can be used for routine analysis of drugs in Quality Control laboratories.

Prachi Barbhaiya Prachi barbhaiya

An improved scheme for organizing ecommercebased websites using semantic web mining

In the running of the Internet world, Ecommerce industry has its own benchmark in terms of its rapid growth and has made itself an established sector that is indispensable for every industry to trade and do transactions online. As the world is rushing in a rapid manner, India is slogging in the improvisation of the online market, leading to the lack of customized needs of the customers. Bigger companies are trying to put in a different strategic approach taking that into consideration an approach of blended emining along with ecommerce has been devised. It would be a design of the semanticand neuralbased page ranking algorithm [2]. This tool upon launching would be a welldefined approach for ecommerce website ranking [1]. It would also facilitate the customers to find the relevant websites on the top of the page during their search for any particular product orbusiness. It would be further customized with all the relevant comparison of the other websites in terms of the product quality and price.

Dr H Shaheen Dr h shaheen

India's modern educational system

The phrase, "The world is ageing, but India has youth on her side," has been a soothing phrase. The average age of the Indian population will be 29 at the conclusion of this decade. As a result of this "demographic dividend," India is expected to account for a quarter of the world's additional increase in working population by 2040. There are 430 million people in our current workforce (ages 15 to 64). India will add 480 million people to its current workforce of 430 million in the next 20 years. Education is the most important tool for converting this demographic dividend into a sustainable economic resource and unlocking human capital's hidden potential. The suggested article attempts to identify gaps and loopholes in the education system utilising the basics of the Capability Approach as a comprehensive mechanism of evaluation and strategies to solve the aforementioned problems, allowing us to take advantage of our country's large demographic dividend.

Dr. Amarjeet Singh Dr. amarjeet singh

Therapeutic potential of marine peptides in prostate cancer: mechanistic insights

Prostate cancer (PCa) is the leading cause of cancer death in men, and its treatment is commonly associated with severe adverse effects. So, new treatment modalities are needed. In this context, natural compounds have been widely explored for their anti-PCa properties. Aquatic organisms contain numerous potential medications. Anticancer peptides are less toxic to normal cells and provide a productive treatment approach via multiple mechanisms, including altered cell viability, apoptosis, cell migration/invasion, suppression of angiogenesis and microtubule balance disturbances. This review sheds light on marine peptides as efficacious and safe therapeutic agents for PCa.

Dr. Salman Ahmed Dr. salman ahmed

Zootherapeutics (animal-based remedies) for urolithiasis: history, current scenario and future dimensions

Animals like plants are also medicinal agents for preventing and curing different health problems worldwide, practically in all human cultures. Zootherapy is ancient and has strong evidence of the medicinal use of animal resources. Different animal body parts and preparations are used in folk medicines. Zootherapy reveals that medical practitioners have always considered animals a source of surprising and numerous therapeutic effects. A high diversity of animals, their parts, and derivative products are used, and this is a heritage that could constitute a fundamental step in the discovery and isolation of natural extracts and new and low-cost alternative drugs from animals. About 12% of people worldwide are affected by different types of urolithiasis; the recurrence rate in females is 47-60%, and in males is 70-80%. According to WHO, 75% of the population relies on traditional medicines to prevent and cure diseases. Hence, there is a need to concentrate on all folk natural products effective in urolithiasis for their pharmacological evaluation and isolation of single drug molecules responsible for anti-urolithiasis activity to develop suitable formulations against urolithiasis.

Dr. Salman Ahmed Dr. salman ahmed

Aggressive behavior among higher secondary students in rural, semi-urban and urban areas: a review of literature

This study aims to examine and compare the levels and patterns of aggressive behavior among higher secondary students in rural, semi-urban, and urban areas. Aggression among adolescents is a significant concern, and understanding its variations across different settings can provide valuable insights for intervention and prevention strategies. The study employs a review-based research design, using articles published between 1993 and 2023 to collect data on aggressive behavior of higher secondary students. For this purpose, a review of the literature was performed by using the search words “aggressive behavior”, “higher secondary students”, “rural”, “semi-urban”, “urban” in the databases like Google Scholar, ResearchGate, Academia, Shodhganga, PubMed, JSTOR and Elsevier for articles. The results will shed light on the prevalence, types, and potential factors influencing aggression in these areas, informing the development of targeted interventions and policy recommendations and statistical analyses will be employed to examine the relationships between variables. Importance and Scope of the Topic: Aggressive behavior is a topic that affects us all. From playground bullies to road rage enthusiasts, aggressive behavior has a significant impact on our daily lives. Understanding the causes and consequences of aggression is crucial in finding ways to prevent and manage such behavior. After all, the world would be a much better place if we all knew how to calm down and express our frustrations in healthy ways.

Abdul Jaleel Kuzhiyengal Mambra Abdul jaleel kuzhiyengal mambra

Effect of national crisis on mental health and academic performance of pharmacy students at attahadi university

Among the consequences of armed conflict, the effect on the mental health of the civilian population is one of the most significant aspect of psychiatric disorders. Studies of the general population show a positive increase in the incidence and prevalence of mental disorders. This study is aimed to determine the relationship of the national crisis on the mental health conditions of university students and their academic performance. Specifically, this study was aimed to evaluate the national crisis effects on the mental health and the academic performance as well as the association of the national crisis, mental health and academic performance. 40 sample size of pharmacy students at the academic year 2019-2020 at Attahadi University, Tripoli, Libya were used in this study and a survey of validated questionare for mental health was considered. The findings revealed that the effects of national crisis on the mental health of the students disclosed the verbal interpretation of rarely grade. Indeed it can be found that mental health of the students was not of greatly affected in this sample. The academic performance of the students disclosed that academic year levels one and three have verbal interpretation of good and academic year level two has fair. Though the academic performance of the students did not show a verbal interpretation of weak or very weak. It is still worthwhile to note that none of them has reached the very good and the excellent performance. It can be concluded that a need for the students coping strategies be enhanced for them to reach their maximum potential with their academic performance. This study shows also that a weak positive relationship among the variables. Though it’s not that high, indeed, the mental health of the students can be a predictor to their academic performance.

Mediterranean Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences Mediterranean journal of pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences

A study to assess the determinants of quality of life among adults during covid-19 pandemic in south india

Background: Quality of life (QOL) is an important determinant in assessing the health status. It includes physical, psychological, and social well being. The aim of this research was to identify the intrinsic and extrinsic factors of QOL; and the association of QOL with socio-demographic, anthropometric variables and lifestyle variables. Methods: This cross sectional study was conducted in Tamil Nadu among 327 adults during July 2020 through online using standardized WHOQOL-BREF tool to assess the quality of life along with socio-demographic variables, anthropometric variables and lifestyle variables. Principal component analysis method was used to identify the factors which influence the QOL of adults. The association between socio-demographic variables, anthropometric variables and lifestyle variables with quality of life was also assessed. Among the selected samples 165 were female and 162 were male. The structured questionnaire included Section A- socio-demographic variables such as age, gender, occupation, educational qualification, place of residence, marital status; Section B - anthropometric variables such as height, weight and BMI; Section C lifestyle variables such as type of diet and physical activity pattern; and Section D -consisted of Standardized WHO-BREF tool to assess the quality of life. Results: The identified intrinsic factors include Life style approach, Emotional stability and Health status; Safety & accomplishment, Financial support with societal information were identified as extrinsic factors. These factors played an influential role in QOL of the adults during pandemic crisis. The association between the type of residence (p=0.001), occupation (p=0.000) and marital status (p=0.022) with QOL was highly significant at 1 % and 5 % respectively. Conclusion: The identified factors during covid-19 pandemic had influenced the quality of life domains namely physical health, psychological, social relationship and environment. Intrinsic factors were dependent on individual’s perception towards accepting the new normal during the pandemic. Whereas, extrinsic factors were greatly influenced by the environment and society in which the study participants were exposed. One of the identified extrinsic factors (residence), showed high significant association with QOL.

Athina Deepa Prasanna Athina deepa prasanna

Impact of energy drink consumption on pattern and quality of sleep among students in libyan international medical university

Consumption of energy drinks was significantly associated with sleep problems, which are progressively used regardless of negative health effects particularly among adolescents and young adults. The goal of this study is to examine the relationship between energy drinks and sleep patterns on college students by more than one parameter. Target number of students was taken to be 1 000 participants and the study reached 434 participants were invited via self-administered questionnaire at Libyan International Medical University students during 2020 and 2021 in all levels which consisted of 20 questions and the main measurements are dependency, negative effect of energy drink and effect of energy drink on sleep. The results showed that the consumption prevalence rate of energy drinks amongst participants is 59.4%. The majority of participants enrolled in this study are male (52.5%) and 47.5% were female students. In conclusion: energy drinks consumption is a risk factor of poor sleep quality between Libyan International Medical University students. An awareness must be increased about energy drinks consumption to confirm the relation to sleep quality and general health.

Mediterranean Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences Mediterranean journal of pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences

Psychological health valuation of adults in the present covid-19 situation

The Covid 19 pandemic affects many elements of a person's life negatively. This reduced concern and considered the major problems that people – especially adolescents and young adults – are experiencing. In this regard, the study examined young adults' mental health by looking at the relationship between welfare and several psychological characteristics, such as loneliness, suppression of mind, common anxiety, flexibility, and self-worth. A total of 134 young people (45 men and 89 women) aged 18 to 25 were recruited for the study by purposeful sampling. Information collection Questionnaires are used. The measurement measurements were the Rosenberg personality Scale, UCLA isolation Scale edition 3 and the Coping Capacity Questionnaire. The information was analysed by means of the coefficient of Pearson correlation and a z-test to determine results for various genres. In Pairson's product time correlation test, the above psychological features were linked to well-being. Self-esteem, well-being, resilience and well-being were found to be moderately good. All had a negative association between general anxiety and well being, solitude and wellbeing, and suppression of thought and wellbeing. The results of the Z-test showed no significant differences in psychological variable scores among men and women, meaning that the whole community felt a sense of harmony in difficult times regardless of gender. The gladness of the sample was 7.95 (ranging from 0 to 20), which was very low.

Dr. Amarjeet Singh Dr. amarjeet singh

Pengembangan bakat dan minat peserta didik di madrasah ibtidaiyah miftahul muna kesilir banyuwangi

Each student has different potentials from one another, because each person is indeed born with a variety of different talents and has brought out his or her own nature, namely good nature that encourages tawhid and other natural qualities in the form of various innate potentials such as talents, intellectual abilities and others. The research approach used is a descriptive qualitative approach with the type of case study. The techniques used are interviews, observation, and documentation. While the validity of the data used triangulation of techniques and sources. The results of this study indicate: (1) Mina talents at MI Miftahul Muna through recruitment where students choose and register themselves to take part in the extracurricular program. Such as: drumband, dance, qiroat, scout, Pencak Silat, Chess, Volleyball, football, hadrah, singing, fashion, culinary, and calligraphy. (2) Interest talent planning, namely: Learning Implementation Plan, preparing experts who are competent in their fields as well as students recruited through extracurricular registration. Except for the drum band in this case bringing in experts from outside. (3) Implementation of talent and interest development at Madrasah Ibtidaiyah Miftahul Muna Kesilir, which is carried out once a week every Friday unless the drumband is held on Fridays and Sundays and if you want to appear at certain events, you can adjust the trainer's schedule or not. (4) Supervision is carried out directly at the time of the activity and some is carried out in an indirect way such as in this drumband activity because it brings in a trainer and is reported to the Madrasah Head.

EDUCARE: Journal of Primary Education Educare: journal of primary education

Le ventre de l’atlantique de fatou diome : entre oralité et transmission des valeurs identitaires africaines à travers la figure de la femme

La lecture de toute production romanesque signée d’une Africaine, laisse souvent transparaître a priori l’idée qu’elle évoque la victimisation de la femme par la gent masculine. Mais, à certain niveau, l’univers de sa fiction n’affiche pas de façon catégorique ou formelle cette question. Tel est le cas de Fatou Diome avec son roman en cours de décryptage. Le but de cet article est de montrer que l’auteure construit son texte autour de plusieurs facettes pour assurer la transmission des valeurs identitaires et que le choix de certains genres oraux et l’évocation de la problématique de genre (homme-femme) offrent des concepts qui servent à exprimer des faits propres à l’identité culturelle africaine. À partir d’une analyse thématique et sociocritique, nous comprenons qu’elle adosse insidieusement à ce thème la problématique de l’identité. Ce, à partir de plusieurs artifices littéraires qui sont entre autres le potentiel oral traditionnel du terroir et le discours revalorisant la femme, par ricochet l’identité africaine.


Role of human liver microsomes in in vitro metabolism of metamizole

Metamizole or Novalgin® is a widely used well tolerated analgesic drug which is however compromised by agranulocytosis as adverse effect. Subsequent to nonenzymatic hydrolysis, the primary metabolic step is N-demethylation of 4-methylaminoantipyrine (4-MAA) to 4-aminoantipyrine (4-AA). The aim of the present study was to identify the human cytochrome P-450 enzyme (CYP) mediating this reaction. This study identified the relevant CYP using virus expressed isolated human CYP, human liver microsomes and rat liver microsomes with chemical inhibition studies. The substrate of 4-methylaminantipyrine was employed at six different concentrations (25, 50, 100, 400, 800 and 1200 µmol per l) with varying concentrations of selective inhibitors of CYP1A2 (furafylline, fluvoxamine), CYP3A4 (ketoconazole), CYP2A6 (coumarin), CYP2D6 (quinidine), CYP2C19 (omeprazole, fluvoxamine, tranylcypromine), CYP2C9 (sulphaphenazole) and CYP1A1 (alpha-naphthoflavone). 4-MAA and 4-AA were analyzed by HPLC and enzyme kinetic parameters (Km and Vmax) were determined by regression (Sigma plot 9.0). The N-demethylation of 4-MAA by microsomes prepared from baculovirus expressing human CYP was pronounced with CYP2C19. Intrinsic clearance of the most active enzymes were 0.092, 0.027 and 0.026 for the CYP enzymes 2C19, 2D6 and 1A2, respectively. Metabolism by human liver microsomes was strongly inhibited by fluvoxamin, omeprazole and tranylcypromine (IC50 of 0.07, 0.07 and 0.18, respectively) but with coumarin, sulphaphenazole, ketoconazole, moclobemid, quinidine alpha-naphthoflavone and furafylline were 0.79, 1.20, 1.36, 1.44, 3.46, 4.68 and 8.41, respectively. The enzyme CYP2C19 apparently has an important role in N-demethylation of 4-methylaminoantipyrine which should be further analyzed in clinical studies and which may also be interesting concerning the agranulocytosis.

Mediterranean Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences Mediterranean journal of pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences

Pemanfaatan aplikasi smartphone untuk mengembangkan produk industri rumah tangga

Penggunaan aplikasi smartphoneuntuk memasarkan produk industri rumah tangga telah mendapatkan perhatian yang signifikan dalam beberapa tahun terakhir. Aplikasi seluler adalah alat yang efektif untuk pengembangan kewirausahaan, khususnya bagi wirausahawan muda, dengan potensi signifikan untuk meningkatkan jangkauan pasar dan keterlibatan pelanggan. Pengabdian masyarakat ini berlangsung di Rumah Rahpia, sebuah panti asuhan bergaya keluarga yang berperan penting dalam pengasuhandan pengembanganremaja di Medan, Indonesia. Kegiatan penyuluhan dan pendampingan dalam pemasaran produk dilakukan selama 4 bulan mulai dari Maretsampai Juni2022. Pemberdayaan generasi muda di panti asuhan dengan keterampilan kewirausahaan diyakini dapat berkontribusi terhadap pengembangan pribadi dan kesuksesan masa depan mereka. Selain itu, menumbuhkan kewirausahaan pada usia muda dapat membantu mereka membangun jalur karier yang realistis dan beradaptasi dengan tren global. Oleh karena itu, mendidik generasi muda di panti asuhan tidak hanya membekalimereka dengan keterampilan dan pengetahuan penting namun juga berkontribusi terhadap kesejahteraan dan prospek mereka secara keseluruhan. Melalui hasil wawancara dengan peserta menunjukkan bahwa penjualan produk meningkat dengan kualitas produk lebih baiksetelah dilakukannya kegiatan pengabdian kepada masyarakat ini.

Lila Maria Kaban Lila maria kaban

English language teaching (elt) appraisal in the trifocal system of the philippine education - basis for policy and advancement program

his study explored the English Language Teaching appraisal of teachers in the trifocal Philippine education system in the Bicol Region as a basis for policy and advancement programs. This study used the descriptive-comparative-associational method using a content-validated and reliability-tested questionnaire. The frequency and percentage technique, weighted mean, Chi-Square, and Anova Test of Variance were used in the data treatment. Findings revealed that ELT teachers were predominantly females with 73.97%, CHED, 80.21%, DepEd, and 71.43% TESDA along age groups of early and mid-30s and 46 years above. They served the agencies for less than 10 years, mostly married. Professionally, these teachers were still pursuing post-graduate education and attending training. Along with appraisals on their professional and work responsibility, ELT Trifocal teachers very evidently performed their professional and work responsibilities; on the delivery system, respondents conveyed the mastery and application of theoretical and pedagogical knowledge; on their communicative competencies, they were classified as experts. Meanwhile, there was no significant difference among ELT teachers’ appraisal in the three systems (F–value 2.21< t-value 3.35; 5% level of significance). It follows that Philippine education has maintained an undeviating quality of ELT teachers regardless of which system of education they belong. The result showed no variations in ELT competencies despite differences in modalities, urgencies, and the attainment of quality education. Findings also unveiled that the ELT teachers’ appraisal and integration of ICT to language teaching are directly associated with their age, sex and civil status, and educational attainment. The higher the educational attainment, the higher the integration of ICT in language teaching. With these results, a policy development for the Professional Advancement Program in ELT was crafted.

Darrel Ocampo Darrel ocampo

Is decision-making process a mediator of the relationship between economic factor and international academic destination?

International students are the bedrocks of the global higher education market. Thus, worldwide, higher education institutions (HEIs) focus most international marketing efforts on understanding the complexities surrounding this student market. Recent studies on international higher education reveal the choices made by this student cohort and a wide variety of factors influencing such selections. This present study focuses on a student decision that is made under a set of options. Using structural equation modelling (SEM), this study aims to investigate the relationships of economic factor and decision-making process with the choice of international academic destination. Results, conclusions, and recommendations are discussed.

Johnny Amora Johnny amora

Determination of the rich structural wave dynamic solutions to the caudrey–dodd–gibbon equation and the lax equation

This article addresses the implementation of the new generalized (G'∕G)-expansion method to the Caudrey–Dodd–Gibbon (CDG) equation and the Lax equation which are associated with the fifth-order KdV (fKdV) equation. The method works well to derive a variety of standard and functional closed-form wave solutions with distinct physical structures, such as, soliton, kink, periodic soliton, and bell-shaped soliton solutions. The solutions obtained using this method are useful and adequate than other methods. In order to understand the physical aspects and importance of the method, the attained solutions have been simulated graphically. The extracted results definitely establish that the new generalized(G'∕G)-expansion method is an effective mathematical tool to work out new solutions to different types of local nonlinear evolution equations emerging in applied science and engineering, but this method is not effective in solving nonlocal equations.

Md khorshed alam

Herbal drug interaction: mechanistic details through the pharmacokinetic portfolio

Background: Many individuals today use herbs as a drug alongside medicine and non-physician-recommended medications, as herbs are thought to be natural and safe. However, many herbs can potentially interact with other drugs, causing hazardous effects and diminished therapeutic effects of different prescriptions. Objective: It ought to be comprehended that herbal drugs contain multiple active compounds in different percentages, which can change the enzymatic frameworks, transporters, and physiological processes. Methods: Data on pharmacokinetic drug interactions with herbal products were searched using different search engines, such as Google Scholar, Scopus, and ScienceDirect. Results: This worldwide increment in herbal drug popularity has risen concerning HDIs. These PD or PK interactions are particularly significant for medications. Assessment of herbal drug interactions is complex because of inconsistency in herbal drug composition and frequently meagre information on active constituent pharmacokinetics. These restrictions are further bewildered by the differing points of view concerning herbal product regulation. Conclusion: It is concluded that a basic assessment of certain pharmacokinetic HDI is needed to settle on educated choices regarding patient safety. The expanding comprehension of HDPKI will direct more attention to potential interactions.

Dr. Salman Ahmed Dr. salman ahmed

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