Faktor-faktor kesulitan belajar matematika siswa madrasah ibtidaiyah da’watul falah kecamatan tegaldlimo kabupaten banyuwangi

Salah satu mata pelajaran yang dianggap sulit oleh siswa adalah matematika. Sehingga pelajaran ini kurang diminati siswa. Permasalahan inilah yang menyebabkan banyak siswa mengalami kesulitan belajar matematika. Rumusan masalah dalam penelitian ini yaitu: Kesulitan Belajar Matematika Siswa MI Da’watul Falah Kecamatan Tegaldlimo Kabupaten Banyuwangi Tahun Pelajaran 2018/2019? Sedangkan tujuan penelitian ini adalah untuk mendeskripsikan kesulitan belajar matematika siswa MI Da’watul Falah Kecamatan Tegaldlimo Kabupaten Banyuwangi. Penelitian ini menggunakan pendekatan kualitatif dengan jenis penelitian fenomenologi. Subjek penelitian dalam penelitian ini menggunakan purposive sampling. Teknik pengumpulan data yang digunakan adalah observasi, wawancara, dan dokumentasi. Sedangkan analisis data menggunakan model analisis Miles, Huberman dan Saldana yaitu data Condensation, data Display, serta Conclusion drawing/verivication. Adapun pengecekan keabsahan data yang digunakan adalah triangulasi sumber dan triangulasi teknik. Hasil penelitian ini menunjukkan bahwa kesulitan belajar matematika siswa disebabkan salahnya mindset yang dibangun dari awal oleh siswa, sehingga mereka kesulitan dalam memahami materi yang diajarkan di kelas. Adapun faktor-faktor yang menyebabkan kesulitan belajar terdiri dari faktor internal dan faktor eksternal.

EDUCARE: Journal of Primary Education Educare: journal of primary education

Employment, employability, and competencies of the bachelor of secondary education graduates

Tracing graduates has become an imperative for higher education institutions much more during the pandemic. This tracer determined the employment and employability status of the 2019 BSE graduates and identified the competencies they adequately acquired and deemed vital for work. It used descriptive design, and data were collected from the 103 graduates through a Google form with open and closed-ended questions administered between November and December 2020. Results revealed that most of the graduates had been employed in teaching and teaching-related jobs but mostly in contractual arrangements within the first and second six months after graduation. Many had their first jobs with meager salaries from the private sector. Communication, pedagogy, information communication technology, time management, and flexibility were the top competencies they adequately acquired and were beneficial in work. The study concluded that these graduates had acquired 21st-century skills in their respective degree programs. These results have corresponding implications for future research in confirming the most employable skills in secondary teaching. As recommended, classroom instruction might emphasize the development of these skills. Eventually, these become the competitive advantage and employability capitals of future graduates. Administering the licensure examination and the release of its results can be done within the first three months after graduation to lessen the cost of waiting.

Manuel Caingcoy Manuel caingcoy

Pseudomonas aeruginosa strains obtained from hospital infections with various resistances in tehran, iran

Objectives: Improper and inappropriate use of antibiotics is one of the possible factors affecting the transmission of antibiotic resistance is Because Pseudomonas aeruginosa is one of the most serious pathogenic bacteria in hospital environments and resistant It is an antibiotic that causes problems in treatment. This study aims to determine multiple resistances Pseudomonas has been treated with antibiotics, arsenic and metals. Materials and Methods: In this study, 23 strains of Pseudomonas aeruginosa were isolated from clinical specimens. for review Resistance of these bacteria to penicillin antibiotics was used by Kirby-Bauer method. The minimum concentration C.I.M. (and minimum lethal concentrations (C.B.M.) of antibiotics and heavy metals (cadmium, mercury) and arsenate Tubal dilution, agar and growth were performed in agar plate, respectively. Results: In this study, the highest and lowest MIC values obtained in Pseudomonas aeruginosa for metals, respectively. * 8 and 3 cadmiums (0.6 and 4.9 μg / ml), mercury (<0.12 and 4 μg / ml) and arsenate (10 × were 256 μg / ml). Of 23 strains, 84% to the antibiotic carbonicillin, 63% to piperacillin and 100% to 103 Arsenic and cadmium were resistant. Also, 82.6% of the strains were resistant to mercury. Conclusion: The results of this study showed that Pseudomonas aeruginosa strains have multiple resistance to arsenic, metals and the antibiotics are car penicillin and piperacillin.

Amirhossein jahromi Amirhossein jahromi

Design and development of framework for big data based smart farming system

Improving the agricultural productivity is an imminent need to meet the food requirement of constantly growing population rate. It can be gracefully satisfied if the farming process is integrated through technologies such as big data and IoT. The integration of agricultural processes with modern technologies has emerged as the smart agriculture technology. This research work is focused on proving the suitability of the big data analytics for smart agricultural processes in terms of increasing production and quality of yields with less resources and overhead. This research paper expounds the extensive review carried out on the related works in smart agricultural farming, challenges in implementing the smart farming technologies at large scale, followed by the conceptual framework model for the effective implementation of big data together with IoT devices in smart farming.

Dr H Shaheen Dr h shaheen

Effectiveness of social media as a marketing tool: an empirical study

In an era where technology prevails, entrepreneurs as well as marketers see the need to keep up with the fast pace of change or risk being outdated. Gone are the days when a pure-bricks business model will thrive well in current market scenario. It is practically impossible to design a marketing strategy without considering social networks. Social media had become really important gradient in today’s marketing mix in general and in promotion mix in particular. Adapting some form of marketing online through social media is a key node for all businesses, especially in an industry where trends constantly change such as fashion and handicrafts. The paper carries out empirical research to understand the effectiveness of social media as a marketing tool and an effort has been made to analyze the extent social media helps consumers in buying decision making. In addition strategies have been suggested for maximizing the effectiveness. Various statistical tests have been applied to support the research hypothesis.

Abu Bashar Abu bashar

Dr.ismath shameem

Background and objectives: Heavy menstrual bleeding (HMB) is the most common clinical presentation of abnormal uterine bleeding (AUB). The objective designed for the study was to evaluate the effect of a Unani formulation in HMB (Kaṭhrat-i-Tamṭh). Methods: An open observational single arm clinical study was carried out at the Department of Ilmul Qabalat wa Amraze Niswan, National Institute of Unani Medicine, Hospital, Bengaluru. Diagnosed cases (n=30) of HMB with pelvic pathology were included in the study. Unani formulation comprises of Khurma (Phoenix dactylifera Linn), Rasaut (Berberis aristata), Talmakhana (Asteracantha longifolia Linn), Lodh pathani (SymplocosracemosaRoxb) was administered orally in powder form in a dose of 3g with 2g sugar, twice daily for seven days/cycle for three consecutive cycles.Main outcome measures were clinical response of 30-50% in menstrual blood loss (MBL) assessed with pictorial blood loss assessment chart (PBAC) and duration of bleeding (DOB). Improvement in Hb% and quality of life (QOL) assessed with menorrhagia impact questionnaire (MIQ). Data were analyzed using paired Student ‘t’ test, Results: Clinical response of 30-50% in MBL and DOB was achieved in 86.7% (p< 0.001**) and 56.7% (p< 0.001**) patients respectively and improvement in Hb% and QOL was achieved in 16.7% (p=0.228) and 100% (p< 0.001**) patients respectively. Conclusion:Unani formulation had a significant effect in controlling the bleeding by reduction in MBL and DOB with improvement in QOL

Dr ismath shameem

Use of weight-reducing products among libyans: pharmacist intervention in obesity management

Obesity is a complex and challenging global public health concern. It is a major disease involving excessive fat accumulation that may impair health. Obesity is dangerous and has been related to a range of long-term health issues that can impact adults and children. According to the World Health Organization, more than one billion people worldwide are obese as of March 2022. In the Libyan situation, the prevalence of obesity has increased among the public over the last decade. This cross-sectional survey-based study is conducted by using self-structured designed questionnaire to evaluate the use of anti-obesity drugs and herbal products among Libyan people. Additionally, considered as an indirect method, pharmacist performance in obesity management was also evaluated. The investigators collected interview data from three different cities in the Northwest of Libya over a period of five months, 2019. A total of 170 participants who use weight loss products were randomly selected to participate in the study after obtaining their verbal consent. The participants' experience with weight reduction agents revealed that more than half of the participants (52.3%) used herbal products while 32.0% of the participants have used drugs of chemical origin and 15.6% have used both (herbal and drugs). The majority of the participants (91.4%) used these products without medical consultation which in turn led to failure to lose and maintain weight with 74.2% gaining weight after stopping using these products. In conclusion, poor pharmacist intervention in obesity management was revealed where the majority of the participants reported that Libyan community pharmacists had not been offering weight management services, monitoring weight loss progress, or explaining the risks of being overweight or obese.

Mediterranean Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences Mediterranean journal of pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences

Inclusive education concept, needs, aims and scope

Inclusive education (IE) is a new approach towards educating the children with disability and learning difficulties with that of normal ones within the same classroom. It seeks to address the learning needs of all children with a specific focus on those who are vulnerable to marginalization and exclusion. It implies all learners – with or without disabilities being able to learn together through access to common schools and community educational setting with an appropriate network of support services. This is possible only in flexible education system that includes the needs of different types of learners and adapts itself to meet their needs. Inclusive Education addresses the diverse needs of all learners by reducing barriers inside schools. It is a process of strengthening the capacity of the education system to reach out to all learners. This educational approach provides all students greater opportunities for academic and social achievement. This includes opportunities to participate in the full range of social, recreational, arts, sports, music, day care and afterschool care, extra-curricular, faith based, and all other activities. Inclusive education argues that all children irrespective of the nature and degree of disability should be educated in general schools with non-disabled children. The schools and classrooms operate on the idea that, with right amount of support, students with disabilities can be as competent as students without disabilities.

Kamal Singh Kamal singh

Attachment levels of fathers and examining the factors affecting

Objective: The present study was conducted to determine the level of attachment of fathers in Karabuk province and the factors affecting them. Materials and Methods: The sample of this descriptive study consisted of 200 fathers who brought their children Karabuk University Education Research Hospital Pediatric Outpatient Clinic and were selected by random sampling method. The socio-demographic data form prepared by the researchers by scanning the literature and the Paternal-Infant attachment Scale, which was validated by Gulec in Turkish, were used. Data forms were applied to the fathers who agreed to participate in the study by face to face interview method. The data were calculated by applying descriptive statistics, percentage calculation and nonparametric tests used in independent variables. Results: It was found that 22.5% of the fathers defined attachment as “happiness”, 5.5% “sacrifice”, 17% “unconditional love” and 55% “I do not know”. The mean score of attachment scores of the fathers was 80.3±8.23. Conclusion: Significant differences were found between the age of the children, duration of marriage, father's age, family type, number of children, and type of delivery. There was no significant difference between defining attachment, infant gender and working status.

Reyhan Aydin Doğan Reyhan aydin doğan

Homogenous generation of dopaminergic neurons from multiple hipsc lines by transient expression of transcription factors

A major hallmark of Parkinson's disease is loss of dopaminergic neurons in the substantia nigra pars compacta (SNpc). The pathophysiological mechanisms causing this relatively selective neurodegeneration are poorly understood, and thus experimental systems allowing to study dopaminergic neuron dysfunction are needed. Induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) differentiated toward a dopaminergic neuronal phenotype offer a valuable source to generate human dopaminergic neurons. However, currently available protocols result in a highly variable yield of dopaminergic neurons depending on the source of hiPSCs. We have now developed a protocol based on HBA promoter-driven transient expression of transcription factors by means of adeno-associated viral (AAV) vectors, that allowed to generate very consistent numbers of dopaminergic neurons from four different human iPSC lines. We also demonstrate that AAV vectors expressing reporter genes from a neuron-specific hSyn1 promoter can serve as surrogate markers for maturation of hiPSC-derived dopaminergic neurons. Dopaminergic neurons differentiated by transcription factor expression showed aggravated neurodegeneration through α-synuclein overexpression, but were not sensitive to γ-synuclein overexpression, suggesting that these neurons are well suited to study neurodegeneration in the context of Parkinson’s disease.

Sameehan mahajani

The importance of employees' motivation and training on company performance in a family business

Business nowadays has no boundaries of time, place, or information, so any firm must evaluate its performance regularly to ensure long-term viability. This study aims to determine the impact of employees’ motivation and job training on company performance in a family business called PT Anugrah Mandiri. It is an automotive spare parts distribution company in Medan, Indonesia established in 2010. As a family business run by many family members, PT Anugrah Mandiri tends to undervalue the importance of providing motivation and delivering practical training to its employees. This results in most employees being overwhelmed, and the business performance is decreasing. As this study's quantitative research method shows, motivated and skilled employees are the keys to a successful firm. The instruments used to collect data are questionnaires about employees’ motivation, job training, and company performance, and then processed using SPSS. Saturation sampling is used as the sampling method by administering the questionnaires to 50 employees of PT Anugrah Mandiri. The data analysis tool in this study is a multiple linear regression by carrying out a classic assumption test continued by testing the partial hypothesis or t-test, the simultaneous hypothesis test or the F test, and the calculation of the coefficient of determination. The statistical result shows that company performance increases by 0.422 and 0.384 when employees’ motivation and job training increase by 1 unit. All hypotheses in this research are accepted, and it can be concluded that employees’ motivation and job training influence company performance.

Lila Maria Kaban Lila maria kaban

A comprehensive study of gorvara puta in preparation of rasa bhasma

Ayurvedic formulations are of three types, Herbal, Mineral and Herbo-Mineral. Of which, Herbomineral is prepared either by Khalweeya or by Bhasmeekarana procedures. The quality of Bhasma depends on the number of putas given. Rasa Bhasma is one such kind of a Herbo-mineral preparation which can be obtained by Puta procedure as described in texts of Rasa Shastra. Though there are different procedures mentioned for preparation of Rasa Bhasma, maarana done with Gorvara puta seems to be an apt way to obtain the final product. Puta is the generalised way of heat application used during the pharmaceutical procedures of Rasa dravyas, where the purified organic Metal/Mineral is converted completely into powder form which can be absorbed easily into the body without causing any ill effects. Different types of Puta have been explained for bhasmeekarana of different metals and minerals. Among them, certain putas have been mentioned where Mandaagni plays a crucial role in Maarana (Incineration). These Mandaagniputas are in use of preparing certain Bhasmas like ShilajitBhasma, HaratalaBhasma, GouripashanaBhasma, and PaaradaBhasma. As these drugs are having relatively low boiling and melting points when compared to other dravyas, and are easy to evaporate when exposed to high temperatures, they need a standardized quantum of heat by which they can be transformed into Bhasma. Gorvara puta is one such kind where agni plays a major role in the preparation of Bhasma. So, the present study A Comprehensive Study of Gorvara Puta in Preparation of Rasa Bhasmahas has been under taken.

Suri abhiram

Clinical pharmacist in competition with medication errors in the neonatal intensive care unit

A medication error is any preventable event that may cause or lead to inappropriate use of drugs or patient harm if it is not under the control of the health care professional. Despite the fact that healthcare professionals take the responsibility very seriously, it has been estimated that 250 000 Americans die annually due to medication errors. Although, estimates show that one in ten patients worldwide is affected by medication errors while receiving hospital care, the harm can be caused by a range of incidents or adverse events. The exact incidence of medication errors in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) is unknown. In neonates especially premature infants, the immaturity of developing body systems affects the absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion of drugs and therefore an exponential risk for medication errors is present. The risk of medication errors in children are much greater than adults.

Mediterranean Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences Mediterranean journal of pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences

Implementasi reward dan punishment dalam membentuk karakter disiplin peserta didik di madrasah ibtidaiyah al-hidayah jember

Giving stimulus from educators in the form of giving appreciation and punishment will greatly affect the way of thinking and behavior of students in achieving the goals of character education that have been set. This study aims to describe the implementation of reward and punishment in shaping the character of students' discipline. This research uses a qualitative approach with the type of case study. Methods of data collection using interviews, observation and documentation. The validity of the data used source triangulation and technical triangulation. The results of this study indicate: (1) The implementation of rewards in shaping the discipline character of students is done by giving rewards in the form of praise and giving appreciation in the form of gifts. (2) The implementation of punishment in shaping the disciplinary character of students is carried out by giving gradual warnings, giving spontaneous warnings and written warning letters. (3) Evaluation of the implementation of rewards and punishments in shaping the character of students' discipline is using process evaluation, which is an assessment carried out during the learning process by observing the attitudes of students everyday when they are in the madrasa environment.. Pemberian stimulus dari pendidik berupa pemberian apresiasi dan hukuman akan sangat mempengaruhi cara berpikir dan tingkah laku peserta didik dalam mencapai tujuan pendidikan karakter yang sudah ditetapkan. Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mendeskripsikan implementasi reward dan punishment dalam membentuk karakter disiplin peserta didik. Penelitian ini menggunakan pendekatan kualitatif dengan jenis studi kasus. Metode pengumpulan data menggunakan wawancara, observasi dan dokumentasi. Keabsahan data menggunakan triangulasi sumber dan triangulasi tehnik. Hasil penelitian ini menunjukkan: (1) Implementasi reward dalam membentuk karakter kedisiplinan peserta didik dilakukan dengan memberikan reward dalam bentuk pujian serta memberikan apresiasi dalam bentuk hadiah. (2) Implementasi punishment dalam membentuk karakter kedisiplinan peserta didik dilakukan dengan cara memberi peringatan secara bertahap, memberi teguran spontan dan surat peringatan tertulis. (3) Evaluasi implementasi reward dan punishment dalam membentuk karakter kedisiplinan peserta didik adalah menggunakan evaluasi proses, yaitu penilaian yang dilakukan di saat proses pembelajaran berlangsung dengan mengamati dari sikap peserta didik sehari-hari ketika berada di lingkungan madrasah.

EDUCARE: Journal of Primary Education Educare: journal of primary education

Using microsoft excel in formulating poultry rations by linear programming

Formulation of the least cost rations that provides the nutrient requirements of birds is an important goal in poultry production . The aim of the present study was to create an application in the Excel program for formulation of low-cost poultry diets that provide adequate nutritional requirements using linear programming based on the Solver function of the Excel program and composition of common feed ingredients used in poultry diets (yellow corn, wheat, soybean meal , barley, wheat bran, protein concentrate, limestone, table salt, di-calcium phosphate, vitamins and minerals premix ,and vegetable oil), if their default prices are 500, 450, 750, 350, 250,1750, 250, 100, 500, 4500,and 1500) Iraqi Dinar / kg, respectively. The results showed that the Solver function in - Excel can be used to solve linear programming models such as those used for formulation of least cost poultry rations. This Microsoft Excel application is ready to use and can be used to assist researchers and students in formulating poultry rations that provide the desired nutritional requirements of poultry at the lowest cost. Key words : Application

RAFEA MOHAMMEDTAHER KHULEL Rafea mohammedtaher khulel

Prevalence of self-medication phenomenon with antibiotics among university pharmacy students

Self-medication with antibiotics is becoming a trend that threats the health systems worldwide through developing bacterial resistance which is associated with high health care costs and increased rate of morbidity and mortality. The main objective of this study is to assess antibiotic self-medication practice among Libyan university pharmacy students. This is a cross-sectional study conducted among pharmacy students at Sabratha University in the western region of Libya. A validated questionnaire was used to collect relevant data which were statistically analyzed. A total of 170 undergraduate Pharmacy students participated in the study during spring 2021. About 80% of the participants reported the use of antibiotics without consulting a physician. The major reason for using antibiotics was to get a quick relief of emergency conditions which was reported by 35% of the students. About 25% of the students used antibiotics to relieve their pains and aches. The most commonly used antibiotic was amoxicillin (55%). Most antibiotics were obtained over the counter from community pharmacies (85%). Half of the participants were not sure if they can advise patients to use antibiotics without a prescription, although 60% of them believed that it was good practice. In conclusion, prevalence of antibiotic self-medication among university pharmacy undergraduate students is high. Thus, serious interventions are required to ensure safe and effective use of antibiotics among the population in Libya.

Mediterranean Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences Mediterranean journal of pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences

A memetic algorithm for the inventory routing problem

In this article, we study an Inventory Routing Problem with deterministic customer demand in a two-tier supply chain. The supply chain network consists of a supplier using a single vehicle with a given capacity to deliver a single product type to multiple customers. We are interested in population-based algorithms to solve our problem. A Memetic Algorithm (MA) is developed based on the Genetic Algorithm (GA) and Variable Neighborhood Search methods. The proposed meta-heuristics are tested on small and large reference benchmarks. The results of the MA are compared to those of the classical GA and to the optimal solutions in the literature. The comparison shows the efficiency of using MA and its ability to generate high quality solutions in a reasonable computation time.

Mohamed Salim Amri Sakhri Mohamed salim amri sakhri

Evolution and significance of unmanned aerial vehicles

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are aerial systems controlled remotely or autonomously by astronauts. Massive advancements in electronics and information technology have prompted the popularity and growth of UAVs. As a result of the huge advances made in electronics and information technology, civilian tasks can now be accomplished with UAV in a more effective, efficient, and secure way. Known as a drone, UAVs are developed and operated using a variety of technologies such as machine learning, computer vision, artificial intelligence, and collision avoidance. Having become more affordable and accessible, drone technology has become more popular among civilians. Therefore, this technology is constantly evolving and can be used across a variety of fields. The application of drones makes a huge difference in the most demanding and complex industrial environments such as those in the mining industry, maritime, oil, gas, and seaports. The usage of drones is increasing among industrialists to improve and optimize processes, as well as to enhance operational efficiency in industrial process. This chapter discusses UAVs on a wide range of topics, including evolution and historical perspectives of UAV, taxonomy of UAV, significance of UAV to society and industry, and industrial and academic perspectives on UAV.

Dr H Shaheen Dr h shaheen

Effective communication is the key for healthcare professionals

During COVID-19 pandemic health professional need to develop good communication skills. Good communication skills will lead to professionalism. The information that are given to patients, their families and the community has to be transparent, true and scientifically relevant. The awareness one creates about the pandemic includes mode of infection, transmission, symptoms, vaccines, vaccination, viral heterogeneity and mutations. Such transmission of true information requires proper training of health personnel including the social media in developing good communication skills

Mediterranean Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences Mediterranean journal of pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences

Role of pharmacist in health care system

During the last few years, the pharmacy profession has expanded significantly in terms of professional services delivery and now has been recognized as an important profession in the multidisciplinary provision of health care. The paper highlights the current scenario of The Pharmacy profession in the health care system. The pharmacist is a backbone that strengthens to the health care system. Different roles of Pharmacist in different sectors of the pharmacy profession like Industrial, academics, community health, clinical research, drug design and discovery, developing NDDS etc. In nutshell, pharmacist plays an integral part in the health care system. “Physician gives medicine to the patients but life to the medicine given by pharmacist”. Role of Pharmacist in Health Care System

Kamal Singh Kamal singh

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