Visual merchandising and consumer impulse buying behavior: an empirical study of delhi & ncr

The current scenario of retailing is characterized by huge cut throat competition and almost undifferentiated merchandise on sales. Today retailers are utilizing visual merchandising to differentiate their offerings from others’ as well as to improve the visibility and desirability of products. Too many researches have been performed for defining and measuring the concept. The various factors which affect impulse buying have not been determined much. The purpose of this research is to examine the relationship between consumer impulse buying behaviors and visual merchandising. Efforts have also been employed to understand the visual merchandising technique that influences the consumers at most. This study also intends to provide information on why visual merchandising should be considered an important component of a strategic marketing plan in support of sales increase and positive store/company image.The finding of the current study reveals that there is a very strong association between consumer impulse buying behaviors and two types of visual merchandising practices: in-store form/mannequin display and promotional signage.This study also provides insights to retailers about types of visual merchandising that can influence consumers’ impulse buying behaviors

Abu Bashar Abu bashar

Pseudomonas aeruginosa strains obtained from hospital infections with various resistances in tehran, iran

Objectives: Improper and inappropriate use of antibiotics is one of the possible factors affecting the transmission of antibiotic resistance is Because Pseudomonas aeruginosa is one of the most serious pathogenic bacteria in hospital environments and resistant It is an antibiotic that causes problems in treatment. This study aims to determine multiple resistances Pseudomonas has been treated with antibiotics, arsenic and metals. Materials and Methods: In this study, 23 strains of Pseudomonas aeruginosa were isolated from clinical specimens. for review Resistance of these bacteria to penicillin antibiotics was used by Kirby-Bauer method. The minimum concentration C.I.M. (and minimum lethal concentrations (C.B.M.) of antibiotics and heavy metals (cadmium, mercury) and arsenate Tubal dilution, agar and growth were performed in agar plate, respectively. Results: In this study, the highest and lowest MIC values obtained in Pseudomonas aeruginosa for metals, respectively. * 8 and 3 cadmiums (0.6 and 4.9 μg / ml), mercury (<0.12 and 4 μg / ml) and arsenate (10 × were 256 μg / ml). Of 23 strains, 84% to the antibiotic carbonicillin, 63% to piperacillin and 100% to 103 Arsenic and cadmium were resistant. Also, 82.6% of the strains were resistant to mercury. Conclusion: The results of this study showed that Pseudomonas aeruginosa strains have multiple resistance to arsenic, metals and the antibiotics are car penicillin and piperacillin.

Amirhossein jahromi Amirhossein jahromi

Implementasi metode role playing pada pembelajaran tematik di madrasah ibtidaiyah darul ulum sukorambi jember tahun pelajaran 2018/2019

Kegiatan belajar mengajar siswa disekolah yang berpusat pada guru mengakibatkan siswa hanya menerima mata pelajaran secara pasif pembelajaran yang seperti ini mengakibatkan siswa kurang berminat dalam mengikuti pembelajaran tematik,proses pembelajaran yaitukurang maksimal pelaksanaan proses pembelajaran yang diterapkan sehingga peserta didik kurang menarik dengan pembelajaran dan metode yang sebelumnya, Sehingga berpengaruh kepada pemahaman siswa. Berdasarkan latar belakang Fokus dalam penelitian ini adalah 1)Bagaimana Perencanaan metode Rol Playing pada pembelajaran tematik di Madrasah IbidaiyahDarul Ulum Sukorambi Jember tahun pelajaran 2018/2019? 2)Bagaimana Pelaksanaanmetode Rol Playing pada pembelajaran tematik di Madrasah Ibidaiyah Darul Ulum Sukorambi Jember tahun pelajaran 2018/2019? 3) Bagaimna evalusai Metode Role Playingpada pembelajaran tematik di Madrasah Ibidaiyah Darul Ulum Sukorambi Jember tahun pelajaran 2018/2019? Hasil dari penelitian ini adalah: Perencanaan metode Role Playing pada pembelajaran tematik di kelas IV yaitu: dengan menyusun Program tahunan, program semester, silabus dan RPP(Rencana Pelaksanaan Pembelajaran) dan dikembangkan dalam RPP dengan menggunakan metode Role Playing sehingga setiap siswa dapat memahami materi yang telah dipelajarinya.

EDUCARE: Journal of Primary Education Educare: journal of primary education

Role of women in sustainable agriculture and biodiversity conservation

Women, who constitute the largest group of farmers and who have conserved and improved ago-biodiversity, often have no property rights to land. They also tend to be bypassed by development schemes related to biodiversity. Women’s universities, home science colleges and other educational institutions catering to women’s needs rarely include biodiversity as a field of study. Women can ensure sustainable development and biodiversity conservation/enhancement. Structural obstacles to the advancement of indigenous women need to be addressed, by facilitating and redefining of gender roles and relations in the family and society. Increased involvement of women in decision making structures can contribute to biodiversity: If women are left out of the planning and implementation of local initiatives, valuable input is lost. As well, there tends to be very unequal participation among women and men in official biodiversity initiatives. Given educational biases, cultural obstacles and gender stereotypes, women often find it difficult to enter into relevant professional fields and gain specific expertise. The challenge sustainable agriculture is the safeguarding of agro-biodiversity by paying greater attention to diverse and integrated agricultural systems, especially those managed by women that provide food and livelihood security

Shobha rani

Does active social media use improve subjective well-being? - a mediation model

Social media use is inherently linked to everyday life in the digital world, from professional contexts to leisure time. Prior research focused on antecedents of social media use such as personality traits, age, gender, social skills, and also on broad range of its various effects. Positive effects include extension of friendship network, diminishing anxiety in social interaction, and improving exercise motivation. Problematic social media use and addiction are related to stress, depression, suicidal thoughts, loneliness, and scarce school engagement. Less attention has been paid to the relationship between social media use and well-being. Inconsistent results were obtained; being emphasized either small relationship between time spent using social media and psychological well-being, or absence of significant correlation. Aims: Therefore, we analyzed in this research what degree and how active social media use and self-esteem would lead to subjective well-being. Starting from the necessary distinction between the passive and active social media use, the aim of this study was to analyze the direct and indirect effects of active use and self-esteem on subjective well-being. Method: Based on a cross-sectional design, the survey data was collected from a sample consisted of 653 participants (male = 274; M age = 21.52; SD = 4.33). To verify the hypothesized direct and indirect effects included in the multiple mediation model, a path analysis was performed. Results: The findings showed positive association between active social media use, self-esteem, affective engagement in social media use, sense to belong to online community, number of friends/followers, and subjective well-being, The path analysis revealed excellent fit between proposed mediation model and sample data. Active social media use has directly effect on subjective well-being, and indirectly via sense to belong to online community. Interaction between active social media use and self-esteem significantly predicts subjective well-being. The relationship between affective engagement in social media use and sense to belong to online community is mediated by number of friends or followers on social media platforms. Conclusion: The findings of this study extend the previous research, providing support for the relationship between active social media use and subjective well-being. Keywords: active social media use; number of friends/followers; affective engagement in social media use; sense to belong to online community; subjective well-being; mediation analysis.

Elena stănculescu

Computer fundamentals pdf

Computer as a revolution left no area of life untouched in the present world. It is of tremendous help in all field of life. Hence, the knowledge of computer is a necessity for existence of everybody in this global village. The invention of computer has transformed our simple manual works to sophisticated life of automated works to meet the global demand for the higher productivity and increased efficiency with high precision. Computer is increasingly becoming compulsory in nearly all fields of studies, not because of anything but its accuracy and versatility in processing data. Many tasks at home or office are being automated rapidly with computer. Thus it is becoming apparent that in whatever discipline or working sector, the computer is now a very vital tool for efficiency improvement and precision of job or task execution. This is designed to meet the prerequisite need of everybody that are interested and wish to know about computers science and computing in general. A computer is an electronic device, operating under the control of instructions stored in its own memory. These instructions tell the achine what to do. The computer is capable of accepting data (input), processing data arithmetically and logically, producing output from the processing, and storing the results for future use. Most computers that sit on a desktop are called Personal Computers (PCs). The "computer" is an ensemble of different machines that you will be using to get your job done. A computer is primarily made of the Central Processing Unit (usually referred to as the computer), the monitor, the keyboard, and the mouse. Other pieces of hardware are commonly referred to as peripherals. In everyday life activities, we process data or encounter cases of data processing. A typical example of data processing is the generation of statement of student result from the marks score in an examination and continuous assessment. It is essential to know that information is as good as the data from which it is derived, and the transformation process which they are subjected to. Meaningless data or inappropriate processing produces wrong information. Thus computer gives you results corresponding to what data you supply and how you process it (i.e. ëgabbage- in, gabbage-outí) Summarily, the intelligent performance of a computer depends on correctness of input data and the intelligence performance of the human being that drives it.

Kamal Singh Kamal singh

Effects of industrial wastewater on vegetative growth and pigmentation of oil yielding and vegetable crops

When we tested various industrial wastewater samples collected from different industries they shown high amount of toxic chemical components, and the samples are unfit for irrigation or for any kind of activity. Irrigation of untreated wastewater for long time leads to soil pollution by accumulating toxic salts in the soil. The regular growth of plant get effected by this water like improper growth, low chlorophyll content, low carotenoids content, low yield, etc. Three different types of oil yielding plants (Mustard, Ground nut and Sunflower) and three different types of vegetable crops (Tomato, Chilly and Brinjal) has grown by using different industrial wastewater samples. The primitive parameters of vegetative growth (imbibition, seed germination and vigour index) and nutritional components (chlorophyll a, b and carotenoids) have been observed in all the samples after growing for a particular time period. The imbibition test of seed samples in industrial wastewater samples have not shown significant variation compared to imbibition in distilled water sample. All the seeds in all wastewater samples absorbed almost negligible difference but in the percentage of germination there is significant difference. The tests for nutritional compositions have also shown significant decrease in chlorophyll a, b and carotenoids in all varieties.

Veerabhadraswamy AL Veerabhadraswamy al

Homogenous generation of dopaminergic neurons from multiple hipsc lines by transient expression of transcription factors

A major hallmark of Parkinson's disease is loss of dopaminergic neurons in the substantia nigra pars compacta (SNpc). The pathophysiological mechanisms causing this relatively selective neurodegeneration are poorly understood, and thus experimental systems allowing to study dopaminergic neuron dysfunction are needed. Induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) differentiated toward a dopaminergic neuronal phenotype offer a valuable source to generate human dopaminergic neurons. However, currently available protocols result in a highly variable yield of dopaminergic neurons depending on the source of hiPSCs. We have now developed a protocol based on HBA promoter-driven transient expression of transcription factors by means of adeno-associated viral (AAV) vectors, that allowed to generate very consistent numbers of dopaminergic neurons from four different human iPSC lines. We also demonstrate that AAV vectors expressing reporter genes from a neuron-specific hSyn1 promoter can serve as surrogate markers for maturation of hiPSC-derived dopaminergic neurons. Dopaminergic neurons differentiated by transcription factor expression showed aggravated neurodegeneration through α-synuclein overexpression, but were not sensitive to γ-synuclein overexpression, suggesting that these neurons are well suited to study neurodegeneration in the context of Parkinson’s disease.

Sameehan mahajani

Novel grading system for horizontal fissure of right lung based on cadaveric study of north indian population

Introduction: The right lung has two fissures, an oblique and a horizontal, dividing it into three lobes namely the upper, middle, and lower. The nature of the fissure is of great importance in planning operative strategy for thoracoscopic pulmonary resection where an the incomplete fissure may contribute to post-operative air leakage Aim: To assess the gross morphological features of the right lung with special emphasis on the completeness of horizontal fissure. Material & Method: Material for the present study comprised of right lungs obtained from 50 well-embalmed adult human cadavers of both the sexes dissected as a part of 1 MBBS curriculum in the Department of Anatomy, Govt. Medical College, Amritsar. Results: Horizontal fissure was found to be complete in only 10% of the lungs while in rest 90% it was either incomplete or absent. Conclusion: Inferable from the huge variation in nonappearance or partial appearance of horizontal fissure in the right lung and to the absence of an acceptable classification of fissures, an endeavor has been made to give one such classification. In like manner, the horizontal fissure is evaluated from Grade zero to IV contingent on its absence and profundity from coastal surface to the hilum. Each evaluation is additionally divided into 3 subgrades relying on the culmination or incompleteness of these fissures with respect to their length.

Dr kulbir kaur

Weaving teaching and leading: a systematic literature review on pedagogical leadership contributions

Pedagogical leadership has become an emerging and essential debate in the field of educational administration and leadership. This was a result of the shift from the hierarchical type in the past to a more inclusive, collaborative, and participative leadership. Previous studies indicate the furtherance of the inquiry into pedagogical leadership since it is a work in progress. For this reason, a systematic literature review mapped the literature relevant to pedagogical leadership. The review drew the lines between the empirical and theoretical-conceptual contributions, including the methodologies considered in both contributions. The results have implications for a more robust theoretical-empirical model or framework of pedagogical leadership applicable to specific levels of education, especially higher education contexts. The study also implies applying pedagogical leadership in the team, at departmental and organizational levels. Results imply promoting the culture of pedagogical leadership.

Manuel Caingcoy Manuel caingcoy

Library knowledge: the nigerian student perspective

This paper examines Nigerian students’ perception or approach to libraries. It cuts across the primary, secondary and tertiary institutions. The reason for the laxity in library real time usage is the primary driving force that led to the research. The research method adopted for this study was longitudinal method to get the right place of the actual issues without official cover-ups where necessary. Secondary data were also used to buttress the position of the research. The population approached for the longitudinal method was randomly picked at the different levels of schools. Parents were also in place at some point to drive home the true intent they have about their children and the use of libraries. Findings revealed that seeming laxity of both undergraduate and graduate students’ perception and attitude about the library is primarily because of the lacuna in their other levels of education before coming to the university. This served as a useful yard stick for the researchers developing workable recommendations that in their opinion will be of immense help to solving it. Index Terms— Library Knowledge, Nigerian Student, Primary School Library, Secondary School Library, Tertiary Library.

Emmanuel Musa Emmanuel musa

Objective: pyrazolopyrimidines are heterocyclic molecules containing nitrogen as the main composition, and hence, they exhibit pharmacological efficacy. they are analogs of purines so that possessing wide applications in the field of medicinal chemi

Objective: Pyrazolopyrimidines are heterocyclic molecules containing nitrogen as the main composition, and hence, they exhibit pharmacological efficacy. They are analogs of purines so that possessing wide applications in the field of medicinal chemistry. The main objective of this study is to synthesize different derivatives of pyrazole-pyrimidine classes by adopting simple methodology as well as by employing green chemistry. The purpose of the synthesis of these molecules is to study the antitumor activity against Ehrlich ascites carcinoma (EAC) cell lines. Methods: After literature studies, it makes us to involve in the research of synthetic organic chemistry, especially to synthesize new compounds of pyrazolopyrimidines. We are reported solvent-free synthesis of pyrazolo [3,4-d]-pyrimidine-thiones through ethyl acetoacetate, hydrazine hydrate, thiourea, and different benzaldehydes. An ionic liquid 2-methyl-imidazolium-oxalate catalyzed the reactions under ultrasonication bath. Both conventional and ultrasonic methods were employed and comparison studies have been made. It was found that ultrasonic method completed the reaction quicker than the conventional method. All the synthesized compounds were confirmed their structures by 1 HNMR, Fourier transform infrared, 13C-NMR, and elemental analysis spectra. The compounds were tested for in vitro anticancer activity against EAC cell lines. Most compounds revealed significant anticancer activity relative to doxorubicin as a positive control with inhibitory concentration (IC50) values. Results: Ultrasonication method is a simple method under which all the reactions were completed at faster time (<7 min) compared to the convention method. Among eight molecules, 8a and 8d completed the reactions at a faster rate. We reported IC50 values of all the molecules, in which 8e and 8g were exhibited excellent potency against EAC cell lines at different concentrations .

Dr Ganesh N Yallappa Dr ganesh n yallappa

Effect of cadmium on structure and optical properties of zno nanopowders by sol-gel method

Zn1-xCdxO (x=0, 0.04, 0.06, 0.08) ternary alloys were successfully synthesized by Sol–gel method. The prepared powders were sintered at 800°C for 4hrs. The compositional, structural and optical studies were investigated by SEM equipped with EDS, XRD and UV-Visible Spectroscopy. XRD results were compared with JCPDS data and confirmed the formation of Cd doped ZnO nanoparticles with polycrystalline single phase hexagonal wurtzite structure. The crystallite size was found to decrease from 21 to 17 nm with increase in the concentration of Cd. EDS analysis revealed the existence of Cd content in ternary alloys. From Ultraviolet-visible spectral studies optical band gap vary from 3.21 eV to 3.12 eV with Cd concentration. © 2016 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved. Selection and Peer-review under responsibility of International conference on materials research and applications-2016.

MOHAN KUMAR THUMMA KOMMA Mohan kumar thumma komma

A review on the potential of remdesivir against sars cov2

Covid 19, the pandemic originated in the Chinese city of Wuhan, had the entire world conquered. The structure and transmission of the causative organism, Coronavirus is well studied. Remdesivir, the product of Gilead pharmaceuticals, was effective against many viral infections, including Ebola and SARS. It comes under the category of nucleoside prodrug and has given promising results in the early trials against SARS COV 19. In depth, research is taking place at a rapid pace, so that Remdesivir will be available to the therapeutic community as an effective remedy for the pandemic caused by SARS COV2. If this meets success, the darkest era in the modern history of mankind may become a memory in the near future.

Vinod B Vinod b

Akshaya patra model: feeding knowledge hungry children

While today, he was ready to serve 1.4 million meals for schoolchildren, Mr.CC Das, Program Director, Akshaya Patra Foundation from Bangalore also faced the challenges 15-years before its establishment like any other start-up. Similar was the case of Mr.Trilok Gautam, Executive Supervisor, who was working in a remote village called Baran in Rajasthan. On his visit during the mid-day meal preparation, he was inspecting the quality of meal, where women were busy in preparing food. They were preparing bread by rolling the dough, while few were chopping vegetables with utmost hygienic care. Cleaner, safer, quality meal was to be prepared and served for 1,500 poor students. These children earlier used to go hungry from the school. On November 28th 2001, Supreme Court of India gave a verdict and directed the State Government and Union Territories to provide mid-day meal to every child in Government and Government-assisted primary schools. The Right to Food Law emerged as a fundamental right, enforced due to constitutional amendment under Article 32 of the constitution. Hence, every State Government geared up to make the mid-day meal scheme successful in their respective States. The Karnataka government also participated and named this programme as ‘Akshara Dashoha’. Government of Karnataka took the pioneering step to involve NGOs like Akshaya Patra as an important partner of the government to run this innovative mid-day meal scheme under the Public Private Partnership (PPP) Model. Presently, Indian mid-day meal scheme considered as one of the largest mid-day meal programme in the world has a target to reach out nearly 120 million children in the country.

Nitin Mali Nitin mali

Prevalence of self-medication phenomenon with antibiotics among university pharmacy students

Self-medication with antibiotics is becoming a trend that threats the health systems worldwide through developing bacterial resistance which is associated with high health care costs and increased rate of morbidity and mortality. The main objective of this study is to assess antibiotic self-medication practice among Libyan university pharmacy students. This is a cross-sectional study conducted among pharmacy students at Sabratha University in the western region of Libya. A validated questionnaire was used to collect relevant data which were statistically analyzed. A total of 170 undergraduate Pharmacy students participated in the study during spring 2021. About 80% of the participants reported the use of antibiotics without consulting a physician. The major reason for using antibiotics was to get a quick relief of emergency conditions which was reported by 35% of the students. About 25% of the students used antibiotics to relieve their pains and aches. The most commonly used antibiotic was amoxicillin (55%). Most antibiotics were obtained over the counter from community pharmacies (85%). Half of the participants were not sure if they can advise patients to use antibiotics without a prescription, although 60% of them believed that it was good practice. In conclusion, prevalence of antibiotic self-medication among university pharmacy undergraduate students is high. Thus, serious interventions are required to ensure safe and effective use of antibiotics among the population in Libya.

Mediterranean Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences Mediterranean journal of pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences

Phytochemical evaluation and pharmacological screening of antiparkinson’s activity of allium sativum in swiss/albino mice

Abstract: Objective: To evaluate the Antiparkinson activity of Allium sativum in Haloperidol induced Parkinson‟s disease in mice. Method: Parkinson‟s disease was induced by administering haloperidol (2.0 mg/kg i.p.) Daily for a week. The mice were divided into 5 group (n=6). Group II received haloperidol (2mg/kg body weight).Group III received combination of levodopa and carbidopa (100mg+ 10mg/kg by i.p along with haloperidol) and Group IV and V received Allium sativum extract (200 and 400mg/kg by p.o), respectively for 7 days along with haloperidol. To evaluate the antiparkinson effect of Allium sativum, catalepsy bar test, rotarod test, hang test and horizontal bar test were used. One way ANOVA was used to test statistical significance followed by Bonferroni multiple comparison tests .Results: Allium sativum extract (200 and 400mg/kg by p.o) was found to decrease the duration of catalepsy significantly (P<0.001) in catalepsy bar test as compared to haloperidol group, and significantly increases (P<0.001) fall off time in, rotarod test, hang test and horizontal bar test respectively as compared to haloperidol group. Conclusion: The result of the present study conclusively shows the Antiparkinson‟s activity of Allium sativum in haloperidol induced Parkinson‟s disease in mice.

Zeenath Banu Zeenath banu

Pharmacy student’s view about covid-19 vaccination in libya

Vaccination hesitation may affect the national efforts to slow down the spread of coronavirus among the population. This study was aimed to explore the views of final year pharmacy students at Faculty of Pharmacy, Elmergib University, Al kums, Libya towards COVID-19 vaccination. The study was conducted before the vaccine becomes available in Libya. A semi-structured questionnaire was distributed on March 14, 2021 to the fourth- year pharmacy students at Elmergib ‎University, Al khums Libya. Results showed a high degree of hesitancy towards vaccination against this virus (52.6%). Student's participants who said they would take the vaccine probably have said that because of their stress that caused by COVID-19 pandemic (47.4%). With regard to the gender, the participants’ views had no significant difference between male and female students on whether to take the vaccine or not (P = 0.825). In conclusion, hesitations towards vaccination and stress caused by student fear from the virus need to be addressed to minimize public reluctant to take the vaccine and to improve the education process during the pandemic.

Mediterranean Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences Mediterranean journal of pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences

Hematological and histological effect of fractionated neem leaf extract in healthy wistar rats

Introduction: In recent years, the growing research towards new drugs has been targeted on plant-based drugs, and Neem (Azadirachta indica) is one of the plants that have been extensively researched for its diverse medicinal properties. The study aimed to determine the effects of neem on the hematological parameters (total white blood cells, neutrophil, monocyte and eosinophil counts) and histology of some organs of rats. Methods: Fifteen healthy male Wister rats divided into control (Nm0) and experimental groups (Nm11 and Nm22). Control group 1 (Nm0) was given 100mg/200g body weight of normal saline orally twice daily; experimental group 2 (Nm11), 100mg/200g body weight neem extract twice daily for 11 days and experimental group 3 (Nm22), 100mg/200g neem leaf extract twice daily for 22 days. Total number of white blood cells (WBC), lymphocytes, neutrophils, monocytes and eosinophils, packed cell volumes (PCV) and histological changes in the spleen, liver and kidneys were evaluated. Results: There were no significant differences in mean values of the hematological parameters (total WBC; PCV; neutrophils, lymphocytes, monocytes and eosinophils). We observed the central vacuolation and accumulation of lymphocytes in the spleen, hypertrophy of the central vein in the liver and shrinking of the glomeruli and accumulation of the lymphocytes in the kidney using hematoxylin and eosin staining following prolonged administration of neem extract (Nm22). Conclusion: Prolonged administration of neem affected the histology of some organs of the rats more than the hematological parameters

Emmanuel umegbolu

Mediating role of empowerment between total quality management (tqm) and service recovery performance in the hotel industry

The purpose of this research was to examine the mediating effect of empowerment on the linkage between Total Quality Management (TQM) and service recovery performance in the hotel industry. Although much has been written about TQM, empowerment and service recovery performance, but the role of empowerment as a mediator in the relationship between TQM and service recovery performance has remained a relatively unexplored research area. A 93-item questionnaire is designed to measure TQM, empowerment and service recovery amongst employees in five-star hotels in Jordan, and 254 usable questionnaires were used in this study. Principal components analysis determined the factor structure and regression analysis determined the relationships between the study’s variables. The results revealed that the TQM implementations have positive effects on empowerment and service recovery performance. Moreover, the study found the full mediating effect of empowerment in the relationship between TQM and service recovery performance. Implications, limitations and future research are discussed at the end. This study proposes model of influence of TQM in service recovery performance, whereby empowerment fully mediates this relationship.

Mukhles m. al-ababneh

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