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The United Kingdom (UK) is a constitutional monarchy where the Head of State is currently the Queen (part of the monarch) rather than the president. The roles, functions, and power are considered via convention, among them being that the monarch should be neutral politically (Bodleian Libraries 2021). The UK has three legal systems for England and Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland (Rab 2021). The former two nations use the common law system combining the approval of legislation by parliament, which includes the Monarch, House of Commons, and House of Lords, and the creation of precedents via case law (Rab 2021). The House of Commons is elected the population, with the Prime Minister being a traditional member of the House (Rab 2021). On the other hand, the judiciary is appointed to control the Court System and case law and is separate from the Parliament (Bodleian Libraries 2021). However, these systems are the UK law emanating from applicable laws to the UK, including its citizens. The UK law is summarized in the concept map highlighting the different types of laws governing the UK

Zamzam Abdelazim Zamzam abdelazim

Application of realia media in improving student learning outcomes at madrasah ibtidaiyah

Using realia media in learning activities will provide an interesting learning experience for students so that they are more active in participating in learning. This discussion aims to describe and analyze the application of realia media in improving student learning outcomes at MIMA 35 Nurul Ulum Jember. The research approach uses qualitative and case study research types. Data collection techniques using observation, interviews, and documentation. Analysis of the data used in this study using the Miles and Huberman model consisting of data condensation, data presentation, and concluding. The validity of the data was tested by using triangulation of sources and techniques. The results of this study indicate (1) Realia media planning in improving student learning outcomes at MIMA 35 Nurul Ulum Jember, namely: Identifying the needs and characteristics of students, formulating learning objectives, summarizing material, writing instructional media scripts, conducting tests and revisions. (2) The implementation of realia media in improving student learning outcomes at MIMA 35 Nurul Ulum Jember, namely: the teacher learns the instructions for using the media, and all equipment must be in a state of readiness so as not to be disturbed by technical matters, and keep students steady. conducive for learning activities to take place. (3) Evaluation of realia media in improving student learning outcomes at MIMA 35 Nurul Ulum Jember, namely: learning media according to KD and indicators, learning media according to the estimated time and assignments in the Buena book, learning media can attract students' attention, media learning is in accordance with the times/updated, thematic assessment criteria are spiritual, social, knowledge, and skillful.

EDUCARE: Journal of Primary Education Educare: journal of primary education

Medicinal plants with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory-like activity

Inflammation is a natural aspect of the immune system's response. Pain, redness, heat or warmth, and swelling are the four major symptoms of inflammation. Plants can generate a vast range of phytochemical substances as secondary metabolites, all of which have anti-inflammatory properties. Herbal medicines are significant cures for the treatment of a variety of disorders around the world. Medicinal plants are made up of roughly 7500 species, with representatives from about 17,000 higher flowering plant species. Even when synthetic chemistry has advanced beyond expectations, the utilization of natural products in the production of medications utilized in modern medicine is unrivalled. Anti-inflammatory medicines can help to reduce tissue damage and improve patient comfort by interfering with the pathophysiology of inflammation. As a result of the huge number of species available for investigation, the effective creation of new naturally occurring anti-inflammatory medications relies mostly on a multidisciplinary approach to finding new compounds. Despite the fact that many review articles have been written in this area, the vast majority of them only looked at the subject from a regional perspective. Various non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medicines have been proven to alleviate pain and inflammation by inhibiting the isoform of cyclooxygenase enzyme's digestion of arachidonic acid, hence lowering prostaglandin synthesis. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medicines come with a slew of negative side effects. Thus, there are, however, medicinal herbs that have anti-inflammatory therapeutic properties with a little or no negative side effects.

Mediterranean Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences Mediterranean journal of pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences

In-vitro evaluation of chromium tolerant plant growth promoting bacteria from tannery sludge sample, dindugal, tamil nadu, india

Industrial waste is one of the most essential sources of contamination in the environment. Chromium (Cr) is a toxic heavy metal, a major contaminant in tannery wastes and its accumulation in soil and water is a major environmental concern today. In the present study, an attempt was made and investigated the status of different beneficial microbes particularly plant growth promoting rhizobacteria (PGPR) from tannery sludge samples collected from tannery effluent treatment plant at Dindugal, Tamil Nadu, India. Experiments were conducted and evaluated their chromium heavy metal tolerance abilities and plant growth promoting activities under in-vitro. Based on molecular analysis, the PGPRs were identified as Achromobacter xylosoxidans (LK391696), Azotobacter vinelandii (LK391702) and. The production of IAA was found to be high by Achromobacter xylosoxidans (46μg/ml) followed by Azospirillum lipoferum (30μg/ml). Phosphate solublization activity was also found to be positive in all these PGPR isolates. Significance of these results revealed that there is a possibility of using these potential PGPRs for bioremediation of chromium contaminated sites and also as good plant growth promoter.

Dr. SARANYA DEVI K Dr. saranya devi k

Body size dependent rate of oxygen consumption, ammonia excretion and o:n ratio of fresh water bivalve, lamellidens marginalis during summer season.

The study of molluscan animals is called Malacology and the study of molluscan shell is called as conchology. The scaling of metabolic rates with body mass is one of the best known and most studied characteristics of aquatic animals. We studied here how body size is related to rate of oxygen consumption, ammonia excretion and O: N ratio in Freshwater Bivalve Mollusc Lamellidens marginalis species in an attempt to know how body size specific changes affect their metabolism. The freshwater bivalve molluscs with specific body size i.e. small (76-79 mm in shell-length) and large (90-94 mm in shell-length) were chosen for experimental work from Bhima River at Siddhatek on April and May during summer. The adult bivalve molluscs with small body size reported high value in rate of oxygen consumption and O: N ratio but rate of ammonia excretion was low value in small body sized bivalves compared to large ones. The results are discussed in the flush of metabolic processes in fresh-water bivalve molluscs.

Dr. Pritesh Ramanlal  Gugale Dr. pritesh ramanlal gugale

Sexual experience of women after pelvic radiotherapy for cervical cancer

OBJECTIVE Study was designed to assess sexual experience, thoughts, and problems of women who have been treated with pelvic radiotherapy for cervical cancer. METHODS Seventeen sexually active patients who received minimum 3-month course of pelvic radiotherapy between March 20, 2014 and June 20, 2014 gave consent to participate in the study. Sexual life before cancer diagnosis and effects of treatment on sexual life were assessed with semi-configured score scale created by research group. RESULTS Main diagnostic finding was post-coital and post-menopausal bleeding, and vaginal stricture, vaginal dryness, and decreased sexual desire in partner or patient were primary sexual problems reported. CONCLUSION Health professionals should be aware of these effects and should encourage patients to express their problems and provide effective, individual counsel to each patient.

Reyhan Aydin Doğan Reyhan aydin doğan

دراسة تأثیر ألمیثیونین المضاف إلى كسبة فول الصویا بدیلا عن المركز البروتیني في علائق فروج اللحم البادئة في بعض الصفات الإنتاجیة

This Experiment was conducted on 120 day old unsexed Ross broiler chicks to study the effect of added methionine to soybean meal as substitute for protein concentrate in the starter ration on some productive traits . The chicks were raised on floor were distributed to three treatments with four replicates each ( 10 birds) . The three experimental starter rations (1-28) day contained 2800 kcal/kg ME and 22% cp . The first supplemented with 5% protein concentrate , while the second and third were with out protein concentrate but supplemented with 0.1 and 0.2% methionine respectively . The Finisher ration (29-49) day contained 3047 kcal/kg ME and 19.19% cp. At 49 day of age 2 birds from each replicate were slaughtered for carcass traits . Statistic analysis of data showed a significant increase (P ≤ 0.05) in body weight , weight gain , feed and protein efficiency ratio for third treatment during (1-28) day , No significant difference in all studied traits during (29-49)day, and the third treatment showed best economic efficiency .

RAFEA MOHAMMEDTAHER KHULEL Rafea mohammedtaher khulel

Assessment of health-related quality of life and medication adherence in tuberculosis patients

Tuberculosis (TB) is an infectious disease caused by bacteria called Mycobacterium tuberculosis. The disease mainly affects lungs and causes pulmonary tuberculosis. It can also affect intestine, meninges, skin, bones and other tissues of the body. Although the drugs alone can cure TB, it still remains a major public health problem worldwide. The aim of the study was to assess the quality of life and medication adherence in TB patients. The Quality of life was assessed using SF-36 in patients receiving DOTS treatment in initial or continuous phase while the medication adherence was analyzed using Morisky Green Levine Scale. Subjects were also counselled about their disease during their first visit and a follow up was done after a month. A total of 152 subjects were enrolled in the study of which majority of the subjects had Pulmonary TB (55.26%). Diabetes was found to be the most common comorbidity followed by HTN. The average Physical Component Summary (PCS) and Mental component summary (MCS) were found to be 44.34 and 39.60 respectively. Females had a better quality of life scores compared to males. High adherence was seen in 32.24% of patients while 28.29% had low adherence. Follow up was done for 135 subjects. 15 subjects defaulted and 2 of them died. There was a significant increase in the QoL scores and medication adherence after one month. A significant association was found between the Physical functioning (p=0.001) and emotional wellbeing (p=0.01) with Duration of treatment indicating that subjects who had completed more than one month of their treatment had marked improvement in Physical functioning and emotional well-being scores

Dr mahendrakumar r

Challenges experienced by students at stellenbosch university that hinder their ability successfully to learn online during the covid-19 era: a demographic and spatial analysis

The purpose of this meta-methods study (i.e., involving the full[er] integration of multiple methods research approaches and mixed methods research approaches) was to examine challenges experienced by students at Stellenbosch University that hinder their ability successfully to learn online during the emergency remote teaching that began in April 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Specifically, 1,932 students completed an online questionnaire. Analyses of the open-ended responses via WordStat 8.0.29 topic modeling (i.e., crossover mixed analysis) led to the identification of seven (challenge) themes that categorised the students’ challenges. In turn, via a principal component analysis of the themes (i.e., crossover mixed analysis), these seven themes were collapsed into four dimensions (i.e., meta-themes). A latent class analysis (i.e., qualitizing) yielded seven profiles of students. Disaggregating the themes by demographic and location variables led to the identification of subgroups who are most at risk for experiencing each challenge type. Implications of these and other findings are discussed.

Dr Emmanuel Ojo Dr emmanuel ojo

An assessment of pertinent social circumstances on childhood cancer

Progress in treating young cancer has increased the survival rate of the disease in recent years. Their accomplishment has brought the survivors a new challenge: to cope with their ordeal's physical, psychological and social ramifications that may limit their social integration and growth. If a child is affected by cancer, people face a double vulnerability: they are young and they are unwell, exacerbated by the existence of a society that equates cancer with death and promotes its classification as a tabuous subject. The overarching purpose of the study is to look at social-health relationships and the need to integrate both points of view to foster the social development of survivors of paediatric cancer after therapy. A list of societal contexts, including families, schools, peer groups and associations, will be presented in this respect. The connections of the participants are transformed by overcoming oncological conditions in different circumstances, which lead to changes in their subjective well-being and the social pathways.

Dr. Amarjeet Singh Dr. amarjeet singh

Effect of educational intervention on osteoporosis among tribal premenopausal women

Background:- Tribals are weaker section which holds in outstanding number of tribal population in our country. They are not having proper knowledge on osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is a significant problem in aging population especially in females, it impacts structural and social burden on health care services in tribals. Objective:- Aim of this study is to determine the knowledge regarding osteoporosis among tribal premenopausal women in tribal area of Guntur Dist. Andhra Pradesh Methods:- This study is descriptive quantitative study conducted among 177 Sugali women & 23 Chenchu women of tribal area in Guntur Dist. Andhra Pradesh from 2015 November to December 2015. A self-administered questionnaire was used to assess the knowledge on osteoporosis by conducting Pre-Tests on this group of people. After Educational Intervention was given with the help of self-instructional module and also conducted a Post Test on these same Group of people Results:- The mean age was 40 to 50 years. Majority of the participants are 177 (100%) Sugali women and 23 Chenchu women in these 177 in which n.150 (84%) women are having poor knowledge and remaining 27 (16%) women have average knowledge. In Chenchu women 20 (86%) women were having poor knowledge and remaining 3 (14%) women have average knowledge on all five aspects of questions regarding Osteoporosis, Menopause, Diet, Exercises and Preventive Methods. After Educational Intervention was given their knowledge was improved by a fraction on Osteoporosis. In the Post-Test 101 (57%) women gained average knowledge but remaining 76 (43%) women remained with poor knowledge among Sugali Women. Out of 23 (100%) women of Chenchu tribe 7 (30%) women got average knowledge and the remaining 16 (70%) women remained with poor Knowledge on Osteoporosis Conclusion:- Although majority of participants had low level of knowledge on Osteoporosis in all aspects regarding Menopause, Diet, Exercises and Preventive methods of Osteoporosis. They perceived a little knowledge on Osteoporosis in all aspects towards preventing Osteoporosis. Comparitively Sugali women are having better knowledge than Chenchu women in all aspects of Osteoporosis. Key words:- Osteoporosis, Knowledge, Effect, Pre-Menopausal, Tribal Women.

Mangeswari K Mangeswari k

Are patients on cyclophosphamide at higher risk of covid-19 complications?

Coronaviruses are closely related virus causing several types of respiratory tract infections ranging from common cold to more severe diseases such as Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) and severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS). There are many other ways in which Covid-19 will impact the existing public health issues. With the rising number of covid19 cases, it has been reported that people with the weaker immune system are at higher risk. We identified the mechanism of action of cyclophosphamide and its impact on the lung. Pulmonary side effects associated with cyclophosphamide are rare and dose-related. They manifest as early-onset pneumonitis, in patients with symptoms especially like cough and dyspnea. Acrolein in cyclophosphamide is the main component linked with the toxic effect. We hypothesize that use of cyclophosphamide, an antineoplastic agent and immunosuppressive agent used in treating many cancers and autoimmune disorders (like rheumatoid arthritis and ANCA vasculitis), induces severe lung toxicity which can be one of the contributing factors for the increased risk of COVID 19 complication. These factors are to be recognized to improve prevention and control of the disease.

Ankul singh

Effect of ephedra altissima stems extract on behaviour in the mouse

Herbal products are being paid particular attention by people around the world since they are natural, effective, and without side effects. In modern medicine, some drugs prescribed to the patients are derived from medicinal plants. Thus, the aim of this study is to investigate the central nervous effects of methanol extract of Ephedra altissima stems, in Albino mice. Doses of 500, 1500, and 3000 mg/kg of the methanol extract were administered in sub-acute doses (three doses), intraperitoneally at 24, 5.0, and 1.0 hours before scoring. General locomotor behavior profile, antidepressant activity, and anxiolytic activity were studied. The results revealed that the methanol extract of Ephedra altissima at 500, 1500, and 3000 mg/kg produced central nervous system depression, a remarkable decrease in the immobility time (forced swimming maze test), no anxiolytic-like effect by using elevated plus-maze model of anxiety. These results suggest that methanol extract of Ephedra altissima exhibits a central depressant activity, antidepressant-like activity, and mild antipsychotic activity without anxiolytic-like effect in tested experimental animal models with the doses used. Therefore, it can be concluded that Ephedra altissima extract may have a central depression, antidepressant-like activity with no effect as anxiolytic-like mood.

Mediterranean Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences Mediterranean journal of pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences

Compressive strength and durability properties of m35 grade concrete by replacing sand partially with vermiculite and granite powder and coarse aggregate by re-cycled aggregate

The Construction Industry is one of the industries contributing highest GDP in Indian economy. The material that is most chosen in construction Industry is concrete. Concrete is a material made with Cement, Fine aggregate in the form of sand, Coarse aggregate in the form of gravel and water. With increasing scarcity of sand, construction works are coming to jolt and thereby increasing the need for choosing an alternative material. Vermiculite is a material which after exfoliation can be used as a filler material replacing sand partially without affecting strength much. One more material Granite (by product which is a waste is causing lot of environmental Issues), produced from granite industry, is available in India in several million tons. Coarse aggregate generally used is a crushed aggregate obtained from rocks like granite, basalt and soon. Recycled aggregate is an aggregate which is obtained after demolishing of an existing building, which is a waste causing economical in balance and which if put into use can not only decrease the construction cost but also make this waste into a better use. In the present study, for a M35 grade of concrete, Vermiculite (0, 5%, 10% and 15% of weight of sand) and granite powder (fixed at 10% of weight of sand used) is used to replace sand partially and in the place of normal coarse aggregate, recycled aggregate is used which is 20 mm passing and 12 mm retained After preparation of Mix-Design(1:1.83:2.69 with w/c ratio of 0.38) the concrete cubes are casted to test for compressive strength after curing for 28 days, 56 days and 90 days. Forsec brand super plasticizer is used to take care of workability requirements. Durability test in the form of resistance to attack of sulphuric acid was conducted along with compressive strength. The test results were promising at 10% replacement levels of Vermiculite.

Kiran kumar narasimhan

Strain improvement studies for the production of l-asparaginase by beauveria bassiana ss18/41

Strain improvement studies were conducted for the production of L-asparaginase from a marine fungus Beauveriabassiana SS18/14 by employing physical and chemical mutagens, in a systemic manner to obtain mutants that have higher L-asparaginase production. The wild strain produced 6.32 IU/mL of L-asparaginase activity while the UV mutant UVF-4 yielded 8.34 IU/mL and nitrous acid mutant UVF4-N-2 exhibited 10.44 IU/mL enzyme activity. The overall strain improvement programme increased L-asparaginase activity 1.65 times with respect to the parent wild strain.

Dr.P.V.Kamala Kumari Dr.p.v.kamala kumari

An application of modified path matrix approach for detection of isomorphism among epicyclic gear trains

The identification of isomorphism in epicyclic gear trains has been found a lot of attention by researchers for the last few years. Various methods have been suggested by different authors for the detection of isomorphism in planer kinematic chains and epicyclic gear trains (EGTs), but everyone has found some difficulties to address new issues. In this paper, a modified path matrix approach was presented in order to compare all the distinct geared kinematic mechanisms. A new method based on the matrix approach and corresponding train values is required to identify isomorphism among epicyclic gear trains and their mechanisms. The proposed method was examined on the basis of various examples from four-link, five-link, six links, and eight-link one-degree-of-freedom EGTs and six links two-degree-of-freedom EGTs. All the examples have been found satisfactory results with existing literature.

Jiyaul mustafa

Dr.ismath shameem

Background: Unexplained infertility is a frustrating diagnosis both for the patient and the clinician, with a prevalence of 16%-37%. It commonly refers to a ‘diagnosis’ made when tubal, ovulatory and husband factors are ruled out. A couple is usually referred for evaluation after 1 year of unsuccessful trials of conception with unprotected intercourse in the fertile phase of the menstrual cycle. Unani formulation comprises of baikh asgand (Withania somnifera Dunal), baikh piyabansa (Barleria prionitis Linn), gule dhawa (Anogeissus latifolia) and gule nilofar (Nymphaea alba Linn) were used for the treatment of uqr, possessing the properties of muqawwi rahim, moaene hamal, moallide mani, etc. Case presentation: A married couple (22 years female partner & 26 years male partner) presented to NIUM Hospital OPD, with chief complaint of failure to conceive since 5 years. The couple report a high degree of stress related to their lack of success. Investigations were carried to check for tubal patency, ovulatory function and semen analysis. Diagnosis of unexplained infertility was made after thorough evaluation of the case. The powder of above mentioned formulation was given 6g twice a day orally with milk from 5th day of cycle for 5 days. Patient got conceived after taking treatment for two consecutive cycles. Discussion: Here we report evidence based management with Unani medicine to help combat the significant physical, psychosocial and economic toll on couples. Keywords: Unexplained infertility; Primary infertility; Uqr; Muqawwi rahim; Moaene hamal; Moallide mani; Unani medicin

Dr ismath shameem

Obsessive compulsive disorder symptom exacerbation during covid-19 related lockdown managed with homoeopathy: a case report

Background: Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) is one of the most personally distressing, and disabling psychiatric condition. COVID 19 pandemic and country wide lockdown are likely to exacerbate the symptoms in diagnosed cases of OCD. Homoeopathy, an established system of medicine with potential relevance to mental health issues has a sparse literature in management of OCD. Objectives: The primary purpose of this case report is to point out the usefulness of Individualized homoeopathic medicine in treatment of OCD. The secondary purpose is to highlight the utility of similimum in the management of exacerbation of psychiatric conditions due to stressful life situations. Methods: A case of OCD reported in Psychiatry out Patient Unit treated by Classical Homoeopathy is presented in this case report. The case was assessed at baseline and follow up visits with Yale Brown Obsessive Compulsive Scale (Y-BOCS). Results: Baseline Y-BOCS score of 24 (Severe OCD) turned gradually to subclinical range of seven within 6 months. Patient had excellent relief for next six months and was functionally well. A comparatively milder exacerbation of symptoms (Y-BOCS-17) during lockdown could be managed effectively with the repetition of similimum resulting in subclinical score of five quickly within a month. Conclusion: Homoeopathic medicine is useful in the management of OCD and also symptom exacerbation due to stressful life events like lockdown.

Dr deepthi gilla

L’expression de la solitude à travers les chansons funéraires dans l’aire culturelle ajatado

Dans toute société, l’homme nait, grandit et meurt. Ces étapes marquant la vie de l’être humain sont des passages obligés dans le parcours existentiel de tout être vivant. Si le premier et le deuxième éléments sont des moments de réjouissance pour les parents, les amis et la famille, le troisième par contre attriste, alite et est parfois source de discorde et de séparation des membres d’une même communauté. A la mort d’un parent, des soutiens de toutes natures viennent de toute part. Ces soutiens sont la manifestation de la solidarité au sein de nos communautés. Des chansons sont scandées avant, au cours et après l’inhumation. Comme on le constate dans plusieurs communautés linguistiques, ces chansons funéraires assument, dans la société, des fonctions diverses. Cette étude qui analyse quelques chansons aussi bien sur le plan social que linguistique, vise à montrer la valeur de la chanson et le sens qu’elle véhicule dans la communauté ajatado prenant en compte le Bénin, le Togo, le Ghana et le Nigéria sans oublier ses différentes fonctions dans la société.


Antagonistic potential and plant growth promoting traits of achromobacter xylosoxidans isolated from tannery sludge sample

In the present study, the bacterium Achromobacter xylosoxidans was isolated from tannery effluent sludge sample in Dindugal, Tamil Nadu, India and screened for its bio-control efficacy against selected plant pathogens viz., Alternaria solani, Curvularia lunata and Fusarium oxysporum under in vitro. It was observed that maximum percent inhibition of mycelial growth of C. lunata (95%), followed by A. solani (85%) and F. oxysporum (80%). An attempt was also made for testing its plant growth promoting traits such as production of Indole acetic acid (IAA), phosphate solubilization efficacy, Hydrogen cyanide (HCN), ammonia and catalase production. Significant amount of plant growth promoting traits were noticed. Further studies on mechanism of bio-control against plant pathogens and plant growth promoting activities of Achromobacter xylosoxidans need to be conformed under in-vivo condition.

Dr. SARANYA DEVI K Dr. saranya devi k

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