Knowledge and practice on covid-19 among general public

COVID-19 is associate communicable disease caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus. It's currently a virulent disease unfold moving several countries globally. The aim of this study is to assess the knowledge and practices of COVID-19 among general public at the selected setting, Chennai. The main objective was to assess the knowledge and practice on COVID-19, correlate the knowledge with practice on COVID-19, and associate the knowledge and practice on COVID-19 with the demographic variables among the public. A Quantitative non-experimental analysis style was used to assess the knowledge and practice of COVID-19. Sixty individuals were chosen through the non-probability convenience sampling technique. The findings of the analysis disclosed that the majority (40%) of the samples had a high level of knowledge and 43.3% of them had a good practice, 33.3% of them had a moderate level of knowledge and 30% of them had moderate practice, whereas 26.7% of them had a low level of knowledge and 26.7% of them had poor practice on COVID 19. Keywords:- COVID-19, Knowledge, Practice, Pandemic, General Public.

Elsi Queen Elsi queen

India's modern educational system

The phrase, "The world is ageing, but India has youth on her side," has been a soothing phrase. The average age of the Indian population will be 29 at the conclusion of this decade. As a result of this "demographic dividend," India is expected to account for a quarter of the world's additional increase in working population by 2040. There are 430 million people in our current workforce (ages 15 to 64). India will add 480 million people to its current workforce of 430 million in the next 20 years. Education is the most important tool for converting this demographic dividend into a sustainable economic resource and unlocking human capital's hidden potential. The suggested article attempts to identify gaps and loopholes in the education system utilising the basics of the Capability Approach as a comprehensive mechanism of evaluation and strategies to solve the aforementioned problems, allowing us to take advantage of our country's large demographic dividend.

Dr. Amarjeet Singh Dr. amarjeet singh

A review on prevention of diseases through homoeopathy

Homoeopathy is one of the latest systems of medicine discovered at the latter part of 18th century, first rose to prominence in the 19th century due to its success in treating epidemics and is currently second largely utilized system of medicine globally. Prophylaxis through Homoeopathy has been strongly promulgated by stalwarts and popular among the general public in the recent times, but still controversy revolves around it. Aim of the study is to review the available literature for analyzing the usefulness of Homoeopathy in prophylaxis of human, animal as well as plant diseases. A comprehensive search has been made in electronic database aimed to target the available literature of various levels of evidence. Examples are summarized under different areas of applicability of homeopathic medicine as prophylactic. Currently there is convincing evidence to support effectiveness of Homoeopathy in prophylaxis, though sparse. More rigorous research studies are warranted to enlarge the horizon of its application.

Dr deepthi gilla

Organization behavior - tesco case

The chosen organisation for this research work is Tesco. Founded in 1919, Tesco is one of the most renowned retailing brands operating in the global market (Azad, 2018). It focuses on selling a wide variety of products to its customers at low prices. Since its inception, the organisation has focused on maintaining high efficiency in its internal management. This is done with the help of effective human resource practices and organisational behaviour. The organisation always seeks to maintain good relations with its employees to work hard to attain the organisational objectives. This research work will focus on understanding and analysing the concept of organizational behaviour. This will be done by applying the different concepts and theories of organisational behaviour in reference to Tesco. Concepts such as motivation, leadership, teamwork, change management, and many more will be discussed in this research work.

Zamzam Abdelazim Zamzam abdelazim

Secured data transmission in vanet using vehicular digital hash gen model

Vehicular adhoc structures (VANETs) handle the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and Certificate Revocation Lists (CRLs) for their security. In any PKI structure, the check of a got message is performed by checking if the check of the sender is joined into the current CRL, Verifying the reliability of the certification and standard for the sender. In this paper, it has been propose a Vehicular Digital Hash Gen show up (VDHG) for VANETs, which replaces the dull CRL checking process by a profitable revoking checking process. The renouncing check process in VDHG uses a Private Key Infrastructure (PKI), where the key used in finding the VDHG is shared particularly between On-Board Units (OBUs). In like manner, VDHG uses a novel probabilistic key stream, which extras with OBUs to trade and revive an issue key. VDHG can on a very basic level lessen the data torment in light of the message declaration deferral pulled back and the standard assistance structures using CRL

Dr H Shaheen Dr h shaheen

Phytochemical evaluation & pharmacological screening of didymocarpus pedicellata and ashwagandha for antiurolithiatic activity

The kidney stones are one of the most widely spreading disorders in the world. The present study was undertaken to evaluate the efficacy of ethanolic extract of Didymocarpuspedicellata and Ashwagandha for its antiurolithiatic activity in rats. Urolithiasis was induced in adult male albino wistar rats by 0.75% of ethylene glycol for 28 days. The effect of the oral administration of the ethanolicextracts has been studied and is compared with the effect of oral administration of Cystone(Himalaya) as a standard on Wistar rat. Ethylene glycol feeding resulted in hyperoxaluria as well as increased renal excretion of calciumand phosphate. Supplementation with ethanolic extract of the plants significantly reduced the elevated urinary oxalate, showing a regulatory action on endogenous oxalate synthesis. Both the plant extract showed significant antiurolithiatic activity

Zeenath Banu Zeenath banu

Competencies and professional development needs of kindergarten teachers

The study identified the level of competencies and the extent of professional development needs of kindergarten teachers in the Sultan Kudarat Division, during the school year 2019 - 2020. The study employed a descriptive method. The study involved 54 kindergarten teachers in the division in accomplishing the 12-item self-assessment instrument. Data were analyzed using descriptive statistics. The results revealed that kindergarten teachers have a high level of competencies in content knowledge and pedagogy, learning environment and diversity of learners, curriculum and planning, and assessment and reporting. These indicate that they possess almost all of the competencies of efficient teachers. Results further revealed a very high extent of professional needs in content knowledge and pedagogy and the learning environment and diversity of learners, while they had a high extent of professional needs in the remaining domains. Since they reported very high priorities in content knowledge and pedagogy and the learning environment and diversity of learners, these areas would be the main considerations in the crafting of a professional development plan.

Manuel Caingcoy Manuel caingcoy

Human resource management - mind map on traditional functions of hrm

Human resource management refers to the process of employing people, training them, compensating, and developing policies and strategies to keep them (Storey, 2016). Personnel management is an administrative specialisation that focuses on hiring and developing employees to become valuable to the organisation (Bondarouk, Trullen, and Valverde, 2016). Management of personnel can be characterised as a satisfied workforce being achieved, used, and maintained (Sheehan, Garavan & Carbery, 2014). It constitutes an essential aspect of the management of employees in the organisation and their connection. According to Schroeder (2012, p.4), personnel management is achieved to help organisational, individual, and social goals, as the planning, organisation, offsetting, and maintaining of people. Vargas et al. (2018, p. 3052) add that personnel management is the element that primarily deals with human organisational resources. Management of personnel covers job, development, and compensation functions. In consultation with other departments, the personnel management performs these functions principally (Vargas et al., 2018, p. 3053)

Zamzam Abdelazim Zamzam abdelazim

Importance of action research

Action research is such a process by which B.Ed. pupil teacher attempt to study their problems scientifically in order to guide, correct and evaluate their decision andaction There are two important components of action research:(1) the consumer are the researches and (2) the research take place where there is a felt need of a solutionof a problem and when the results can be put in practice.The steps in action research are – identification of a problem area, the selection of a specific problem and the formulation of a hypothesis, the accumulation of evidence,the inference from this evidence and the continuous retesting.The importance of action research that its lies in the fact that this helps in finding quick solutions of immediate problems which search by b.ed. Students , administratorand teacher. Action research is a way to find problems and their solution S.M. Corey has developed this research technique. Objectives of action research are – processin school practice, progress of a teacher, improvement or curriculum, increase in knowledge of administrator or inspector. Need, interest, discipline, social problems,learning problem, curriculum and teachers are the field of action research. There are various steps of action research such as specific problem .Causes, hypotheses,experiment and conclusion. Outline the action research is also mentioned. Action research has been proven most beneficial in the field of diagnostic education

Kamal Singh Kamal singh

Focus groups

A focus group is an investigative tool for social research based on a structured and focused discussion with a small group of people, run by a facilitator (moderator) to generate qualitative data through a set of open-ended questions. The focus group technique is a qualitative research methodology popularly used in social research in a wide range of sectors. A researcher uses a set of open-ended questions on a specific topic to generate qualitative data. The focus group is an efficient way of gathering data about particular opinions or attitudes by covering a large number of people in the same group. This entry explores the methodology and processes of focus groups as well as the analysis of data from focus group research.

Mukhles m. al-ababneh

Iot based system on chip for multiple applications

The rapid growth of wireless devices introduces a diverse range of applications and requires intelligent hardware platforms that integrate computing, sensing, and wireless connectivity in a compact systemon- chip (SoC). This paper presents a low-power, high-performance SoC platform that supports dynamic power management and secure communication. The SoC platform consists of 16-/32-bit programmable ARM9 cores, a power management unit with multiple low-power modes, analog and digital peripherals, and security engines. A complete tool-chain with an automatic platform generator has also been developed to ease and accelerate the application development. Fabricated in a 65 nm CMOS technology, an implementation of the proposed platform occupies an area of 1.0 × 1.7 mm2.

Dr H Shaheen Dr h shaheen

A case report on young adult with wilsons disease

Wilsons disease is a rare inherited disorder which is characterized by impaired copper excretion which leads to excessive deposition of copper in many tissues and organs like brain, liver, and eye. This is also characterized by Kaiser-Fleischer ring, low serum ceruloplasmin levels and elevated urinary copper excretion [1]. A 26year male patient came to the neurology department with chief complaints of involuntary tremors of both hands and difficulty in walking in the last one month associated with swaying to one side in the last 20 days. On examination the patient is having Kaiser-Fleisher ring positive and upon further investigation Magnetic resonance imaging brain was performed which revealed the features in favor of Wilson’s disease. And for this condition the patient is treated with chelating agents and benzodiazepines. Key words: Wilson’s Disease, Kaiser- Fleisher ring, Chelating agents

Dr VENKATA RAMA RAO NALLANI Dr venkata rama rao nallani

Indian advertising demand in terms of cultural society

Simply put, advertising is an important marketing strategy that works in conjunction with information and persuasion channels. Every single person is exposed to commercials on a daily basis. They've become an inseparable part of the print medium, whether it's newspapers or magazines, over time. This is also true in the case of broadcast media, where ad-commercials predominate. The Indian advertising industry has grown tremendously from a small business to a full-fledged industry. The purpose of this study is to determine the advertising attractions and the influence they have on Indian culture. Advertisements in India are not only used to sell products. It sells dreams, visions, and the ideal way of life, while also reinforcing stereotyped values. The longer an individual is exposed to an advertisement, the more likely it is that it will effect them. The appeals' goal is to change how people think about themselves and how they decide whether or not to buy certain things will benefit them. Because India has such a large population and cultural diversity, the advertising industry has created a wide range of advertisements to capture people's attention and persuade them to buy products. The appeals are written in such a way that they have an impact on people's purchasing decisions.

Dr. Amarjeet Singh Dr. amarjeet singh

University students’ fear of success from the perspective of positive psychology

The aim of this study was to examine university students’ fear of success from the perspective of positive psychology. Two objectives were addressed: first, analyzing the relation between fear of success, optimism, self-esteem, self-efficacy, and search for meaning in life; second, exploring the variance of the fear of success, taking into account the affective dimension of the self (self-esteem) and search for meaning in life. The results confirmed that fear of success was positively related to search for meaning, and negatively to optimism, self-esteem, and self-efficacy. The variance of the fear of success was explained by the self-esteem and search for meaning in life. Implications for school psychologists were discussed.

Elena stănculescu

Study on dietary habits and activity pattern of selected adults in tirupati

Recently studies showed that globally, more than 1.8 billion adults are overweight and in that around 650 million are obese. India is one among the most widely recognised countries which are identified with way of life today as being overweight. Obesity or overweight leads to heart diseases, Diabetes Mellitus, Hypertension etc. Objectives: Adulthood is a period where we have to pay at most attention tohealthy nutritional diet. Preventive measures through assuring the nutritional status of adults such as anthropometric, dietary survey, food consumption pattern, nutritional awareness, physical activity and alertness about diseases will assist the community from being overweight and thus the occurrences of metabolic disorders. Methods: zone chosen for the conduct of the study was Tirupati and based on the number of subjects required, their age profile; willingness to participate in the study; their health condition etc,. a private company which was willing was selected. The subjects chosen were in the age group of over 30-40 years. The selection was carried out using the purposive sampling technique. Results: The data indicates that some adults are in the border line of non-communicable diseases such as overweight or obesity, cardio vascular diseases, Type 2 diabetes and hypertension. Conclusion: This could be rectified through regular practice of consuming a nutritious and appropriate diet in conjunction with physical exercise routine.

Kimeera Ambati Kimeera ambati

Association of covid-19 severity with vitamin d and blood group

Vitamin D is a hormone which plays a vital role in immune response regulation, including the prevention of inflammation and autoimmunity. Insufficient vitamin D may increase the risk of infection. Vitamin D deficiency is not the only factor linked to an elevated risk of COVID-19 infection. Recent studies have discovered a link between SARS-COV-2 infection risk and blood type. This study was aimed to examine the association of vitamin D and blood groups with the severity of COVID-19. A retrospective study was conducted on 224 confirmed COVID-19 patients, aged between 18 and 89 years old. Patients were divided into three groups (asymptomatic, moderate, and severe cases), and serum 25(OH)D concentration and blood group were analyzed for all the patients. Data of the severe cases were obtained from Souq Althalath Isolation Center, Tripoli, Libya, while moderate and asymptomatic cases were obtained from Abushusha Polyclinic and Aldahmani COVID Filtration Center, during 22nd February 2021 and 28th April 2021 and serum 25(OH)D concentration and blood group were statistically analyzed for all the patients. The percentages of males and females were found to be 47.3% and 52.7%, respectively. Disease severity was distributed as follows: 12.5% asymptomatic, 44.6 % moderate and 42.9% severe. Most of the severe cases had vitamin D deficiency (88.5%). Among the severely ill patients, 39.6% had blood group A and 09.4% had group O, while 22.9%, and 28.1% had blood group B and AB, respectively. In contrast, among the asymptomatic patients, only 7.1% had group A and 85.7% had group O. Overall, the difference in the distribution pattern of blood group in the three severity categories was highly significant (p < 0.001). The prevalence of Rh positivity among asymptomatic, moderate and severe cases was 78.6%, 76.0%, and 60.4%, respectively. This study concludes that insufficient vitamin D levels might influence the severity of COVID-19. COVID-19 patients with blood group A and those who are Rh-positive could be more vulnerable to developing COVID-19 severity.

Mediterranean Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences Mediterranean journal of pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences

Knowledge and preventive practices regarding dengue fever in nepal

Dengue is an acute infection disease caused by a flavi virus (species Dengue virus of the genus Flavi virus), transmitted by female mosquito aedes mosquito, infection has globally become a major public health concern since the incidence of the dengue fever has increased more than 30-fold over the last decades. The dengue fever has been a most important public health problems since many years and the various outbreak of the dengue cases has been seen time to time. One of the reasons for the increasing and time to time outbreak of the dengue may be the reason of climate change, global warming, lack of knowledge about signs, symptoms, transmission, preventive measure and lack of ignorance or lack of the preventive practice of the dengue fever. Method: Descriptive, cross-sectional study on 192 head of household's was study population residing in Kanchan RM, Rupandehi Respondent was selected using Non probability judgmental sampling techniques by face-to-face interview was used. Result shows 58.3% good knowledge and 62% good practice. Knowledge was found to be associated with Age, Types of family, Size of family, educational level and Family suffered from dengue. Preventive practice was found to be associated with the Ever heard from health professional. Study will contribute towards development of appropriate policy strategies at local level that will tackle the problem associated with the knowledge and preventive practice of DF and provide a basis for future research on this area. Inferential analysis shows that there is significant association between the level of knowledge with age, types of family, size of family, educational level and family suffered from dengue and the level of preventive practice was associated with the ever heard from health professional.

Raju khanal

Marketing management in business

There is a close relationship between a marketing strategy and its ability to realise its mission, vision, and business strategy. A case in point is the Nike brand that focuses on creating meaningful stories for its loyal fan base. It achieves this by inducing emotions into the customer base through "emotional branding" to realise its vision of expanding human potential by creating groundbreaking sports innovations. Nike's marketing campaign strategy involves building meaningful stories and tag lines using a traditional narrative of a hero who overcomes every challenge brought forth through its slogan of "Just Do It." The brand also has a distribution strategy of using subsidiaries like Converse, Jordan, and Hurley and channels like retailers, e-commerce, and supermarkets to reach out to millions of its customers (Mahdi, Abbas, Mazar, & George, 2015). To achieve its mission of bringing innovation and inspiration to every athlete globally, the brand has invested in top-notch technologies like hyper-adapt as part of a marketing strategy.

Zamzam Abdelazim Zamzam abdelazim

Credit risk analysis- a case study of canara bank

All the people who need loan may turn to their local banks, credit unions or peer to peer lenders. Every lending institution has its own advantages and drawbacks. In this scenario credit risk management becomes increasingly important element as the same is concerned with managing the financial debts and safeguarding the interest of the banks. The purpose of credits given by banks is to earn interest and make profits. The important function of credit management is to decide how much credit should be given to the borrower and ensuring compliances with the credit terms of repayment and avoid Non-Performing Assets (NPA) to the banks. Credit risk is the biggest risk the bank faces by the virtue of nature of business, inherits. The ability of commercial banks to formulate and adhere to policies and procedures that promote credit quality and curtail non-performing loans is the means to survive in the stiff competition. Inability to create and build up quality loans and credit worthy customers leads to default risk and bankruptcy as well as hamper the economic growth of the country

Shaila Kamath Shaila kamath

Prevalence of reactogenicity of covid-19 vaccine among libyan adults: a cross-sectional study

The diversity of reactogenicity and its variation in terms of risk and prevalence among populations had raised the need to study and evaluate the reactogenicity of different COVID-19 vaccines in our region. Thus, this study aimed to estimate the prevalence of reactogenicity of COVID-19 vaccines and compare the three vaccines (AstraZeneca-Oxford, Sinovac and sputnik V). An analytical cross-sectional study was conducted using a semi-structured telephonic interview with a sample size of 430 individuals who received one of the included COVID-19 vaccines (AstraZeneca, Sinovac or sputnik V) and were recorded at one of the vaccination centers' records that were affiliated with Aljamail Department of the National Centre for Disease Control, Libya. 410 Libyan participants met the inclusion criteria and were enrolled in the final analysis. The study has shown that 57.3% (CI 52.7-62) of the participants had at least one reactogenic event. Pyrexia (40.7%), headache (27.3%) and fatigue (19.5%) were the most common reactogenic events. In conclusion: the study found that reactogenic events were mild to moderate and the COVID-19 vaccines were safe and encouraged our community to be vaccinated. However, prospective studies with larger sample sizes, longer follow-up and inclusion of important laboratory parameters such as IgG and IgM immunoglobulins are recommended to better understand the relationship between the reactogenicities of COVID-19 vaccines with immunity system development and the factors associated with it.

Mediterranean Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences Mediterranean journal of pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences

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