Antiemetic activity of some aromatic plants

The current study was conducted to explore the antiemetic activity of ten aromatic medicinal plants viz., Carissa carandus L. (fruits), Chichorium intybus L (flowers), Cinnamum tamala L (leaves), Curcuma caesia Roxb (rhizomes), Lallemantia royleana Benth (leaves), Matricaria chamomila L (flowers), Piper longum L (fruits), Piper methysticum G. Forst (fruits), Piper nigrum Linn. (fruits) and Syzygium aromaticum (Linn.) Merr. & Perry (flowering buds) was studied using a chick emetic model. The ethanol extracts of these plants were administered at 150 mg/kg body weight orally. Domperidone was given at 100 mg/kg as a reference drug. All the extracts decrease in retches induced by copper sulphate pentahydrate given orally at 50 mg/kg body weight and showed comparable antiemetic activity with domperidone. Compound targeted antiemetic activity is further suggested. Aromatic plants have tendency to relief from nausea. Alpinea offinarum,Zingiber officinale, Mentha piperita, Menthaspicata and Lavandula angustifola,are aromatic plants reported to possess antiemetic activity. So, presentinvestigation was done to evaluate more aromatic plantsregarding their antiemetic activity. Results of the antiemeticactivity of the ethanol extracts of Carissa carandus,Chichorium intybus, Cinnamum tamala, Curcuma caesia,Lallemantia royleana, Matricaria chamomila, Piper longum, Piper methysticum, Piper nigrum and Syzygium aromaticum are shown in the Table. All the extracts showed antiemeticactivity comparable with domperidone. The % inhibition was recorded as Carissa carandus (68.29), Chichorium intybus (73.86), Curcuma caesia (89.97), Cinnamum tamala (70.64), Lallemantia royleana (83.61), Matricaria chamomila (59.92), Piper longum (81.65), Piper methysticum (80.03), Piper nigrum (89.48) and Syzygium aromaticum (87.81). The highest % inhibition was shown by Curcuma caesia (89.97) and the lowest by Matricaria chamomila (59.92), whereas domperidone showed 80.18 % inhibition of emesis.

Dr. salman ahmed

The theories of corporate governance and suggested solutions to its legislation completion in vietnam

Currently, there are three popular theories of corporate governance widely applied in the field of jurisprudence worldwide. They are Agency Theory, Stewardship Theory, and Stakeholder Theory. Based on these theories, the article focuses on clarifying legal issues about corporate governance, thereby suggesting solutions to the improvement of corporate governance legislation in Vietnam at present time


Cross-sectional inquiry on employability and employment status of bachelor of secondary education graduates (2016-2018): a tracer study

Higher education institutions are expected to produce quality and competitive graduates for the job market and nation-building. In realizing this role, the Bukidnon State University needs to ensure that graduates may land a job-relevant and aligned with their education and training. With this, a tracer study was conducted to verify whether the three batches of graduates are employed and are employable. It ascertained their employability based on their work experience from graduation to the present job. It employed a cross-sectional method and data mining for the information of 326 graduates. The results revealed that the majority of graduates had jobs relevant to their education and training; yet, there was a significant difference in the employability of graduates across batches, except in terms of gender. Biological Science, Social Studies, and Math graduates were employable within the first six and twelve months compared to graduates from other curricula. It was claimed that the BukSU had prepared BSE graduates for employment. These results have implications for the strategic options in improving the programs. The study made some recommendations for future tracer initiatives.

Manuel Caingcoy Manuel caingcoy

Analysis of supporting and inhibiting factors in the integration of character education in akidah akhlak subjects at min 11 aceh tenggara

This paper aims to explore the supporting and inhibiting factors in the effort to integrate character education in akidah akhlak subjects at MIN 11 Aceh Tenggara. This study uses a qualitative method with a narrative approach and data collection techniques of interview, observation, and documentation; then, the data is analyzed using the methods developed by Miles and Huberman, namely data reduction, data presentation, and data verification. This study shows that the supporting factor for integrating character education in aqidah moral learning at MIN 11 Aceh Tenggara is the availability of learning media in the form of focus and Madrasah residents who work together to supervise all students, both outside and inside the Madrasah environment. The inhibiting factors are the limitations of Madrasah infrastructure in the form of no mosque or prayer room, family support, and social media and games that have an influence on student character.

EDUCARE: Journal of Primary Education Educare: journal of primary education

Service quality and its impact on tourist satisfaction

This study aims to assess tourists‟ perceptions towards quality tourism services provided at Petra historical site, and to measure tourist satisfaction by examining the impact of quality tourism product on overall tourist satisfaction. In this study, four hypotheses were developed are proposed a study model. The empirical data were collected from tourists via a survey that yielded 180 usable questionnaires, these data were analysed using a series of multiple regressions to determine the relationship between service quality and tourist satisfaction. The findings confirmed that service quality directly impacted tourist satisfaction throughout destination facilities, destination accessibility and destination attraction. As a result, this study argued that there is a significant impact of the service quality on tourist satisfaction, and therefore service quality plays an important role in tourism by increasing the level of tourist satisfaction. The results in this study supported the evidence that there are positive impacts of components of tourism product on tourist satisfaction. This study provided some theoretical and managerial implications based on the findings to academicians and tourism sector, the researcher presented recommendations for further studies and he discussed the main limitations in this study

Mukhles m. al-ababneh

Web-based academic advising system for nigerian universities

A web-based academic advising system was designed to facilitate more accurate advising sessions on campus, as well as provide a complete history of past advising sessions. Advisors may select which courses they wish a student to register in, up to several semesters into the future, as well as leave comments for the student and other campus staff. The system was designed and developed using Relational Data Model (RDM) and Data Flow Diagram (DFD) and was implemented using PHP and MySQL programming languages. The researchers have developed an interactive web-based information system that can help Nigerian universities to facilitate more accurate advising sessions on campus and make important decisions. The developed System can handle errors, updates and modification of data more efficiently and can be accessed anywhere and anytime than the manual methods of academic advising system. This paper describes an Advisement System designed to mitigate the issues of an out-of-the-box implementation in a Nigerian university to help improve retention and graduation. Successful implementation of this research study would enable the main objective of this system to assist Nigerian universities orientation camp in solving the problems associated with the manual method of the academic advising system

Ogala Justin onyarin Ogala justin onyarin

Development and validation of stability indicating analytical method for simultaneous estimation of miconazole and ornidazole in their combined marketed dosage form

A simple, precise, accurate, sensitive, specific and reliable stability indicating RP-HPLC method was developed for the simultaneous estimation of Miconazole (MIC) and Ornidazole (ORN) in pharmaceutical dosage form. The method was developed with mobile phase containing buffer (0.05M potassium dihydrogen ortho phosphate, ph3.5): Methanol in the ratio of 25:75, C18 (250 x 4.6mm, 5µm) as a stationary phase and flow rate was 1 ml/min. Detection was carried out at 236nm in UV-2000 detector. The selected chromatographic conditions were found effectively to separate Miconazole and Ornidazole at 6.58 and 3.26 min respectively. The proposed method has been validated for precision, accuracy, robustness. Thus, the statistical analysis confirms that developed methods were successfully used for analysis of formulation and thereby can be used for routine analysis of drugs in Quality Control laboratories.

Prachi Barbhaiya Prachi barbhaiya

Life skills for enhancing social competence during adolescence

Social competence is often seen as a desirable trait during adolescence as it is considered as a protective factor in resilient individuals. It promotes personal and interpersonal effectiveness by enhancing skills needed for dealing with environmental challenges in daily life situations. Poor social competence has been associated with a number of psychosocial troubles during adolescence, including mental disorders, emotional and behavioral problems. Of the many skill building programs used to enhance adolescent social competence, Life Skills Education and Training have been significant ones. The present study investigates the utility of life skills training in enhancing social competency during adolescence. A pre- and post-test experimental design was used in the study to analyze the stated objectives. Adolescent Social Competency Scale was used to select the study sample. 160 adolescent students (mean age=16.44) who scored low on social competence participated in the study. These were randomly divided into the experimental and control group (n=80), consisting of equal number of male and female adolescents (n=40). Participants in the experimental group were trained on six of the ten core life skills, based on the module prepared by the researcher. The training lasted for 10 sessions following which post-test assessments were done. Data obtained was analyzed using descriptive statistics like mean, standard deviation and inferential statistics including independent sample t-test and repeated measures of ANOVA. The results of the study indicate a significant effect of life skills training in enhancing adolescent social competence, irrespective of gender.

Hita claudia rao

Knowledge and preventive practices regarding dengue fever in nepal

Dengue is an acute infection disease caused by a flavi virus (species Dengue virus of the genus Flavi virus), transmitted by female mosquito aedes mosquito, infection has globally become a major public health concern since the incidence of the dengue fever has increased more than 30-fold over the last decades. The dengue fever has been a most important public health problems since many years and the various outbreak of the dengue cases has been seen time to time. One of the reasons for the increasing and time to time outbreak of the dengue may be the reason of climate change, global warming, lack of knowledge about signs, symptoms, transmission, preventive measure and lack of ignorance or lack of the preventive practice of the dengue fever. Method: Descriptive, cross-sectional study on 192 head of household's was study population residing in Kanchan RM, Rupandehi Respondent was selected using Non probability judgmental sampling techniques by face-to-face interview was used. Result shows 58.3% good knowledge and 62% good practice. Knowledge was found to be associated with Age, Types of family, Size of family, educational level and Family suffered from dengue. Preventive practice was found to be associated with the Ever heard from health professional. Study will contribute towards development of appropriate policy strategies at local level that will tackle the problem associated with the knowledge and preventive practice of DF and provide a basis for future research on this area. Inferential analysis shows that there is significant association between the level of knowledge with age, types of family, size of family, educational level and family suffered from dengue and the level of preventive practice was associated with the ever heard from health professional.

Raju khanal

Legitimate-path formation for aodv under black hole attack in manets

Mobile Ad-hoc Network (MANET) owing to their very open characteristics are being very attractive and adaptive. With the openness comes security issues to be dealt. The most usual attack in mobile ad-hoc network is the black-hole attack. It advertises false path as shortest and newest to the destined node. On gathering packets containing data will drop them and does not send it to the destination. This paper proposes an algorithm to overcome such an attack under Ad-hoc On-demand Distance Vector (AODV) routing protocol in MANETs. The proposal aims to detect and avoid black-hole attack by using the parameters of AODV routing protocol in its enhanced form of route recovery. The proposed algorithm has two different scenarios, where first comes the detection then the avoidance. The simulation results are obtained from NS -2 to authenticate the effectiveness of proposed technique in comparison with the existing protocols in the existence of black-hole attack with respect to change in simulation end time and active number of attackers. The implementation is assessed based on delay, delivery ratio, drop, overhead, throughput and packet forwarding ratio. The results obtained from network simulator are mapped to form a dataset, which is then validated on a modelled fuzzy inference system using MatLab software.

Fahmina Taranum Fahmina taranum

A screening of obsessive compulsive disorder in pharmacy students

Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is a mental disorder that causes repeated unwanted thoughts or sensations, or do something over and over again. It is affecting all ages in the world. It is unusual for symptoms to begin after the age of 35 and half of people develop problems before 20. This making university students a target of OCD. This study investigates the prevalence of symptoms of OCD and identifies possible risk factors among pharmacy students of University of Tripoli, Libya. 80 pharmacy students registered in the final academic year 2019/2020 were enrolled in this study. All the participants were females ranging of 22 to 24 years old of a same environmental background. This study is based on a validated questionnaire for screening of OCD as mentioned by the American Psychiatric Association without modification. A total of 63 students have returned the questionnaire (response rate, 78.8%). The study shows that OCD symptom is relatively common among pharmacy students. The most common symptoms are losing something of importance (71%) and checking things over and over or repeat actions many times to be sure they are done properly (63%). Among OCD symptoms, the most common associated trigger factors were stress and phobia which representing 62% of the participated students. This study indicates that pharmacy students are at risk of being susceptible to getting OCD. OCD affects academic performance and quality of student life, therefore, a psychological and health services for university students should be implanted.

Mediterranean Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences Mediterranean journal of pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences

Development of an online nysc orientation camp information system

The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) is an organization set up by the Nigerian government to involve the country’s graduate yearly in the development of the country. The one year service period has three weeks orientation period when the corps members are trained in paramilitary training. During this period, the corps members use the manual approach to supply their personal information. The manual method of information system used by the corps members is very tedious, time-consuming, prone to errors, and information modification and retrieval are practically impossible. To solve these problems, an online NYSC orientation camp information system is proposed. The proposed system is analyzed, designed and developed using Entity-Relationship Model (ERM) with an entity-relationship diagram as a defector. The architecture model is implemented using PHP and MySQL programming languages. The results showed that the researchers have developed an interactive online NYSC orientation camp information that can handle updates and modification of data more efficiently and can be accessed anywhere and anytime than the manual methods of information system. The researchers hereby recommended the developed software to the National Youth Services Corps headquarters for efficient database analysis of the corps members’ information system

Ogala Justin onyarin Ogala justin onyarin

Effects of management competence, firm-level institutions and hrm bundles on the performance of private universities in ghana

The market for tertiary educational institutions, most especially for private universities, is highly competitive. The competitive nature of the market requires that Private Universities (PUs) step up their performance so as to remain competitive despite the major structural and market differences between them and public universities in the provision of tertiary education. The need for private universities to remain competitive in this turbulent market, calls for some careful examination of the factors that would enable private universities to enhance their performance. In this respect, this study sought to examine the effects of management competence, firm-level institutions, and human resource management (HRM) bundles on the performance of private universities in Ghana. Underpinned by the RBV and AMO theories, the study tested four hypotheses that sought to explain the relationships between the key variables of the study. The study was implemented using a quantitative research design. Out of the sixteen private universities sampled, thirteen private universities responded. The main research instrument was a structured questionnaire. Out of 230 questionnaires administered, 127 completed questionnaires were received and used for analysis. Collected data was analyzed using descriptive and inferential statistics (regression analysis) with the aid of SPSS software version 20 and AMOS version 23. Research findings from the tests of hypotheses established that management competence positively and significantly affected performance of private universities in Ghana. Though the study found that the composite variables of firm-level institutions and HRM bundles did not moderate the relationship between management competence and PU performance, the skills bundles (which is a component of the HRM bundles) significantly moderated the management competence – PU performance relationship in such a way that at high levels of skills bundle, management competence influences PU performance more than at low levels of skills bundle. Based on the findings of the study, it is recommended that PUs in Ghana institute competence acquisition and utilization policies, maintain appropriate firm-level institutions and HRM bundles and match these to their competence development strategies.

Cyril domeyelle dery

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