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Liposomes as carriers in skin ageing

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Ageing is an inevitable phenomenon. Similar to other organs, skin is also subject to an intrinsic ageing process. Additionally, skin ageing is also influenced by various environmental factors. Existing conventional formulations have limited efficacy because skin serves as a rate limiting barrier for percutaneous absorption of drugs. This has led to the evolution of various novel drug delivery systems. Among these liposomes have received considerable attention due to the numerous advantages they offer. Liposomes, submicroscopic spherical vesicles, were discovered in 1960’s. Since then, they have gained popularity as potential carriers for drugs, diagnostics, nutrients, vaccines and other bioactive agents. Liposomes find applications in pharmaceutical, cosmetics and other industrial fields. Various topical actives that have been found to be efficacious in delaying the signs of ageing have been formulated as liposomes resulting in enhanced delivery, biocompatibility, and reduced toxicity. This review focusses on therapeutic use of liposomes in skin ageing.

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