International Journal Of Computing And Digital Systems

pISSN : 2210-142X

Publisher : Deanship of Scientific Research

P2pcpm: point to point critical path monitoring based denial of service attack detection for vehicular communication network resource management

Various types of security attacks are normal in vehicular communication networks. The current study uses a support vector machine to implement a Point to Point Critical Path Monitoring (P2PCPM) based Denial of Service (DOS) Attack detection technique for Vehicular Communication Network (VCN) resource management. Greatest quality of P2PCPM is that more...

Analysis on digital implementation of sigma-delta adc with passive analog components

Sigma-Delta (SD) analog to digital converters (ADCs) have several advantages over the nyquist rate type ADCs. The linearity over high dynamic range makes the SD ADCs an ideal choice for voice and precise instrumentation applications. The SD-ADC architecture is well established and analyzed [5, 6]. It is heavily more...