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Off-label use of misoprostol in obstetric-gynecology patients at a private hospital in banyumas

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  • Much Ilham Novalisa Aji Wibowo,  
  • Michelia Prastika Sugiri,  
  • Bella Arrista,  
  • Didik Setiawan

Journal title : Jurnal Sains Farmasi & Klinis

Publisher : Universitas Andalas

Print ISSN : 2407-7062

Page Number : 9

Journal volume : 8

Journal issue : 1

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Using off-label drugs in obstetric-gynecology patients requires caution because of the high risk of pregnancy. Although there is still debate, data profiling its use in clinical practice is lacking. This study aims to observe the use of off-label drugs in obstetrics and gynecology patients in private hospitals, especially the pill Misoprostol. This study used a descriptive observational approach to hospital medical record data. Retrieval of research data retrospectively at Bunda General Hospital (X Hospital) for July 2017 – December 2017 and Sinar Kasih Hospital (Y Hospital) for January 2018 – December 2018. The number of samples was determined using the Slovin formula, with a systematic random sampling technique at X Hospital and total sampling at Y Hospital. The samples were 220 RM at X 130 Hospital and Y 90 Hospital. The research was conducted in the period January 2019 - March 2019. The results were analyzed univariately using several related references. The results showed 26.92% of misoprostol off-label use in X Hospital and 4% in Y Hospital. The off-label drug found was Misoprostol which belongs to the category of off-label indications (Missed Abortion, Incomplete Abortion, Blighted Ovum, and Induction of labor in cases of Serotinus, KPD, and IUFD), off-label doses (50 µg, 100 µg, and 400 µg), and off-label routes of administration (sublingual and vaginal). ​

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