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3. a cross sectional study to determine the prevalence of premenstrual syndrome and effect of jaggery tea to combat the premenstrual symptoms on students of al –ameen medical college, vijayapur.

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The prevalence of PMS (prevalence of pre most common disorder among the women’s. It has high impact on women’s health, emotions and behaviours during certain days of menstrual cycle. Aim: To determine the symptoms of PMS. Material and methods: PMS.The sampling frame is comprised individual aged 18 was used. Then respondents were given information regarding benefits of jaggery tea consumption to over PMS. Preparation of jaggery tea: add the one cup of water for boiling, and then add the requirement amount jaggery. Add filter to discard the solids. Study subjects were asked to consume jaggery tea five days prior and after the date of menstrual cycle continuously for 3 months. Study subjects were ask premenstrual syndrome screening toll before and after jaggery tea consumption. The data was analysed using descriptive statistics and effect of jaggery tea was evaluated using paired t Result: from PMS, 120(61.5%) of them had mild PMS, 55(28.2%) had moderate PMS and only few 20(10.3%) of then had sever PMS. Conclusion: role in curing PMS

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