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Credit risk analysis- a case study of canara bank

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All the people who need loan may turn to their local banks, credit unions or peer to peer lenders. Every lending institution has its own advantages and drawbacks. In this scenario credit risk management becomes increasingly important element as the same is concerned with managing the financial debts and safeguarding the interest of the banks. The purpose of credits given by banks is to earn interest and make profits. The important function of credit management is to decide how much credit should be given to the borrower and ensuring compliances with the credit terms of repayment and avoid Non-Performing Assets (NPA) to the banks. Credit risk is the biggest risk the bank faces by the virtue of nature of business, inherits. The ability of commercial banks to formulate and adhere to policies and procedures that promote credit quality and curtail non-performing loans is the means to survive in the stiff competition. Inability to create and build up quality loans and credit worthy customers leads to default risk and bankruptcy as well as hamper the economic growth of the country

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