Canice Erunke

Insecurity in a democratic state: towards reformulating roles of traditional institutions for enhanced national security in nigeria

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The main focus of this paper is to examine the relationship between insecurity in Nigeria and how traditional institutions such as traditional monarchical system can be used as veritable tool to curtail increasing insecurity in a democratic system such as Nigeria. The pervasive nature of insecurity,though,not an entirely Nigerian problem, has been trending of late, andhence, become a huge source of worry for scholars,experts,public commentators and the international community at large.The menace of insecurity finds expression in wanton killings, kidnapping,farmers-herders conflicts, rape, communal clashes, militia activities, ethnic secessionist agitations and many other strands of violence. The multiplier effects of all these challenges have been very devastating in terms of the recent attacks witnessed all over the country in recent times. This study observes that most of the people engaged in some of these atrocities might be well known to traditional rulers in the communities where they come from. This is because traditional rulers are closest to the people. The work is an exploratory study and relies solely on literature and works of experts in the broader field of security studies for investigation. The paper sums up a conclusion and recommends that there is a need for the adoption of both vertical and horizontal approaches to tackle the menace of insecurity, particularly, using the instrumentality of traditional institutions as a point of departure.

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