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Weaving teaching and leading: a systematic literature review on pedagogical leadership contributions

Pedagogical leadership has become an emerging and essential debate in the field of educational administration and leadership. This was a result of the shift from the hierarchical type in the past to a more inclusive, collaborative, and participative leadership. Previous studies indicate the furtherance of the inquiry into pedagogical leadership since it is a work in progress. For this reason, a systematic literature review mapped the literature relevant to pedagogical leadership. The review drew the lines between the empirical and theoretical-conceptual contributions, including the methodologies considered in both contributions. The results have implications for a more robust theoretical-empirical model or framework of pedagogical leadership applicable to specific levels of education, especially higher education contexts. The study also implies applying pedagogical leadership in the team, at departmental and organizational levels. Results imply promoting the culture of pedagogical leadership.

Manuel Caingcoy

Feedback mechanisms of school heads on teacher performance

The use of performance feedback in the workplace has gained popularity over the years, yet school heads have been challenged in providing it to teachers. In the initial interview, they shared that evaluation results can impact teachers’ motivation, and that feedback should be done carefully. However, they failed to clearly articulate a specific mechanism that had been applied in this vital role. Also, no studies have provided clear detail on the feedback mechanism used by school heads in the past. For this reason, a study explored the feedback mechanisms employed by school heads in conveying the performance evaluation results to teachers. This study employed a narrative inquiry, and interviews were conducted with five school heads and five teachers who were chosen purposively for this research. Responses were recorded using a voice recorder. These responses were transcribed and analyzed using thematic narrative analysis. Based on transcripts, the study identified six emergent themes, such as conversational (one-on-one), relational, reflective, technical, reinforcing, and properly situated mechanisms in conveying performance evaluation results to teachers. Thus, a new feedback mechanism framework was developed.

Manuel Caingcoy

Cross-sectional inquiry on employability and employment status of bachelor of secondary education graduates (2016-2018): a tracer study

Higher education institutions are expected to produce quality and competitive graduates for the job market and nation-building. In realizing this role, the Bukidnon State University needs to ensure that graduates may land a job-relevant and aligned with their education and training. With this, a tracer study was conducted to verify whether the three batches of graduates are employed and are employable. It ascertained their employability based on their work experience from graduation to the present job. It employed a cross-sectional method and data mining for the information of 326 graduates. The results revealed that the majority of graduates had jobs relevant to their education and training; yet, there was a significant difference in the employability of graduates across batches, except in terms of gender. Biological Science, Social Studies, and Math graduates were employable within the first six and twelve months compared to graduates from other curricula. It was claimed that the BukSU had prepared BSE graduates for employment. These results have implications for the strategic options in improving the programs. The study made some recommendations for future tracer initiatives.

Manuel Caingcoy

Analysis of poverty and poverty alleviation measures and information technology: the case of jordan

This study reviews indicators of poverty and the government policies and strategies to reduce and alleviate poverty in Jordan and investigate the effects of information technologies (ITC) on the poverty in Jordan, Population growth rate, GDP at current prices, consumer price index, and human development index in addition to percentage of population use internet, percentage of export and import of ITC of the total trade are used as dependent variables. Data from different resource is collected from 1999 in which the internet started in Jordan till 2018 on the abovementioned variables. The results show that there are negative impacts of the percentage of population using internet on the poverty rate while there are positive effects of human development index and consumer price index on poverty


Evolution and significance of unmanned aerial vehicles

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are aerial systems controlled remotely or autonomously by astronauts. Massive advancements in electronics and information technology have prompted the popularity and growth of UAVs. As a result of the huge advances made in electronics and information technology, civilian tasks can now be accomplished with UAV in a more effective, efficient, and secure way. Known as a drone, UAVs are developed and operated using a variety of technologies such as machine learning, computer vision, artificial intelligence, and collision avoidance. Having become more affordable and accessible, drone technology has become more popular among civilians. Therefore, this technology is constantly evolving and can be used across a variety of fields. The application of drones makes a huge difference in the most demanding and complex industrial environments such as those in the mining industry, maritime, oil, gas, and seaports. The usage of drones is increasing among industrialists to improve and optimize processes, as well as to enhance operational efficiency in industrial process. This chapter discusses UAVs on a wide range of topics, including evolution and historical perspectives of UAV, taxonomy of UAV, significance of UAV to society and industry, and industrial and academic perspectives on UAV.

Dr H Shaheen

“recession affects many factors”

Recession affects many factors; it affects the export, Slowdown of the industrial production, which result into slowdown of growth. Human resource management is responsible for how people are treated in organizations. It is responsible for bringing people into the organization, helping them perform their work, compensating them for their labours, and solving problems that arise. Recession presents a very difficult time for any existing organization in today’s corporate world and no company is exempted from this truth. The biggest challenge for companies and especially Human Resource in this economy downturn is to survive and to remain competitive, companies reorganized and reengineered to reduce waste. Recession poses unique challenges to the HR department. HRM strategies & innovations providing a wide selection of employees, employers, customers, suppliers etc. in all ranges This paper outlines the transformation of HRM strategies and innovations in Asia. Beginning with its inception, the paper is progresses towards its various HRM functions like recruitment and selection of employee, training and development, compensation and benefits, growth of Human communication, This paper also highlights HRM strategies to counter intensified competition and external conditions like global economic recession, the resultant credit crunch and its impact on employee performance.

Dr. Pankaj Shyamlalji Vishwakarma

Attention is all you need

The dominant sequence transduction models are based on complex recurrent or convolutional neural networks that include an encoder and a decoder. The best-performing models also connect the encoder and decoder through an attention mechanism. We propose a new simple network architecture, the Transformer, based solely on attention mechanisms, dispensing with recurrence and convolutions entirely. Experiments on two machine translation tasks show these models to be superior in quality while being more parallelizable and requiring significantly less time to train. Our model achieves 28.4 BLEU on the WMT 2014 Englishto-German translation task, improving over the existing best results, including ensembles, by over 2 BLEU. On the WMT 2014 English-to-French translation task, our model establishes a new single-model state-of-the-art BLEU score of 41.0 after training for 3.5 days on eight GPUs, a small fraction of the training costs of the best models from the literature.

Kamal Singh

Operations and information management - music project

Chris and Clive have decided to keep up with the requirements of their company, to comply with the requirements of work and to keep up with the modern times by moving to a full-time business. All the shareholders have agreed to introduce advanced technology and move to a higher step to keep up with the requirements of modern times and work. We will be in this document critically analyse current existed CC MUSIC operation and information management and demonstrate an understanding of the strategic importance of information management. Evaluate the fundamental principles of information systems and the significance of a socio-technical approach to their use in CC MUSIC critically. Select and apply appropriate problem-solving and improvement approaches for information systems in CC MUSIC

Mohamed Sorogy

Enabling authenticity and integrity with information hiding for secure communication in internet of things

Internet of Things (IoT) enhances the global connectivity to all the remote sensing devices. It enables the connectivity of communication and processing the real-time data that has been collected from an enormous number of connected sensing devices. There is an increase in the IoT technology that leads to various malicious attacks. It is more important to overcome the malicious attacks, mainly to stop attackers or intruders from taking all the control of devices. Ensuring the safety and accuracy of the sensing devices is a serious task. It is very much important to enabling the authenticity and integrity to obtain the safety of the devices. Dynamic tree chaining, Geometric star chaining and Onion encryption are the three solutions that has been proposed in this project for in order to enable authenticity and integrity with information hiding for secure communication. The simulation results are driven displays that the proposed system is very stable and much better than other existing solution in means of security, space and time.

Jebin Bose S

Religion and ethical standards; the nexus in nigeria's democratic system and social -entrepreneurship perspectives

Nigeria is well known as a religious country where practically the citizens belong to one form of religion or the other unfortunately, the degrees of religious practces have not transformed into quality social, political, and economic lives for the people in terms of good governance, better standard of living, high ethical standards among others. It is descriptive research done as an exploratory paper in a mixed-method approach where some research questions were answered. Since ethical standards are predicated on simply knowing and doing what is good in doing to others what you will want done to you, people who claim to be religious as Nigerians should do better in this regard and many more given their faith. The effort to achieve this social rebirth can be achieved through social- entrepreneurship efforts this paper is advocating.

Olaosebikan Johnson Olusola (PhD)

The influence of online distance learning and digital skills on digital literacy among university students post covid-19

Online distance learning policies were formulated and implemented among some Malaysian universities long ago, but their value emerged since COVID- 19. Emanating from the diffusion of innovation theory, this study examined the perception of higher education students on the influence and relationship between six independent variables (compatibility, observability, relative advantage, complexity, trialability, and digital skills) and one dependent variable (digital literacy). A total of 524 respondents were sampled, comprising students from six public and private Malaysian universities. The findings from the correlation analysis show a significant positive relationship between the six independent variables and the dependent variable. Meanwhile, in the regression analysis, three of the independent variables (observability, trialability, and digital skill) have a significant and positive effect on digital literacy. This study placed the diffusion of innovation in a specific context that supports designing online distance learning and digital literacy policies

Mohammed Fadel Arandas