Thrombolytic therapy versus primary percutaneous coronary intervention: role of clinical pharmacist

Cardiovascular drugs constitute one of the largest and most widely used among other diseases and cardiovascular drug market has largely been exploded . Although these drugs have the potential to significantly improve the treatment of various cardiac diseases. They are potent agents with potential for serious adverse effects, toxicity and drug interactions. Newer agents are considerably costly than older drugs and, therefore, cost-effective strategies must be developed. Thrombolytics are pharmacological agents come from bacterial origin as streptokinase and staphylokinase or from human origin as urokinase or t-PA. Thrombolytics are used to restore blood flow to infracted artery quickly. Only streptokinase, alteplase, reteplase and tenecteplase are approved by US-FDA for treatment of ST-elevation myocardial infraction (ST-EMI) [3]. This reopens blood vessels after their occlusion and prevents tissue necrosis. Although, the safe and effective use of each of these drugs requires a thorough understanding of appropriate patient selection, drug timing, dosing regimens and monitoring parameters. The greatest benefit to risk ratio for specific drugs is seen in certain subsets of patients the complexities of cardiovascular drug therapy illustrate the need for an in depth current knowledge of clinical trial evidence.

Mediterranean Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences Mediterranean journal of pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences

Automated result management system for students results processing

This study was carried out to verify all the manual process involved in generating Students Examination Result and to seek a way of automating the system for effective operations. Computer and its appreciations have become vital tools in the economic, industrial and social development of advanced countries of the world. Most educational institutions in Nigeria, such as Universities, Polytechnics and Colleges of Education still operate on the manual method of record keeping and computation of students’ grade point averages (GPA) which is time-consuming and error-prone especially when the number of students is large. This paper examines the inadequacies involved in the manual method of calculating Students CGPA (cumulative grade point average) and proposes a solution by developing a software application to facilitate the automated processing of the results. The software was developed using the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet program. The developed software was tested and found to performed well and produced expected results on completion. With it, it was possible to compute Grade Point Average (GPA) and Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) for each student based on examination scores entered. The new system has some qualities such as reduction in the cost of processing of information, reduction in time spent in computing GPA and generating transcripts, increase in accuracy and efficiency, and elimination of duplication of effort which makes it superior to the manual system of student record keeping. This new system is flexible and can be modified to suit any kind of student’s record-keeping and data processing.

Ogala Justin onyarin Ogala justin onyarin

Management of teachers’ soft skills development and flexible learning environment as a correlate of teachers’ effectiveness in unity schools in south-eastern states, nigeria

This study investigated the management of teachers’ soft skills development and flexible learning environment as a correlate of teachers’ effectiveness in Unity schools in South- Eastern states of Nigeria. The correlational research design was adopted for the study. Two research questions were answered while two hypotheses were tested. The population of the study comprised all the 901 teachers of the 14 Unity schools in the 5 South-Eastern states of Nigeria. Stratified and disproportionate sampling techniques were used to select 399 sample size that was determined from the population using the Taro Yamane formula. Two sets of instruments titled; “Management of Seamless Technology Integration Questionnaire” and “Teachers’ Effectiveness Questionnaire” were used for data collection. Face and content validity was ensured by five experts including the researcher’s supervisors. The reliability coefficients of the two instruments were calculated to be 0.79 and 0.81 using Cronbach Alpha method. Multiple and simple regressions were used to answer the research questions. Analysis of variance associated with multiple regression and t-test associated with simple regression was used to test the null hypotheses at 0.05 alpha level. It was found that management of teachers’ soft skills development and flexible learning environment positively correlate (0.92 and 0.86 respectively) to teachers’ effectiveness in Unity schools in the South-Eastern states of Nigeria. Based on the findings, it was concluded that the management of seamless technology integration is positively and highly significant to teachers’ effectiveness in Unity schools in the South-Eastern states of Nigeria. It was therefore recommended among others that school administrators in the 14 Unity schools in the South-Eastern states should immediately embark on self-development in the management of seamless technology integration

FXintegrity Publishing Fxintegrity publishing

A comparative study of social and economic aspect of migration

India is a country of immense diversity. It is home to people of many different racial, languages, ethnic, religious, and national backgrounds. Groups of people in India differ from each other not only in physical or demographic characteristics but also in distinctive patterns of behavior and these patterns are determined by social and cultural factors like language, region, religion, and caste. Apart from behaviour, economic development, level of education and political culture of the people in various social segments differ from region to region. More you can say that economy and cultures have been enriched by the contributions of migrants from round the globe. In an increasingly globalised world, migratory movements is continuously shaping the countries all over the world. Some countries like India and Ireland, which set the example of economic development and social integration, have the positive impact of the migration by globalisation and some countries like USA, which recently witness racism, xenophobia and discrimination have the negative impact on the migrants. It does not mean India do not face fragmentation and USA do not have cohesion. USA have many stories which show successful integration process, that facilitated the lives of immigrant communities, but being a developed country it still suffers from cultural alienation. In these countries, borders are built within borders to create cultural divides that do not allow people to integrate. Recently, this problem has become more prominent due to the rise of terrorism, clash of cultures in the world, leading to the glorification of stereotypes. People are becoming less accepting towards anyone who does not belong to their region. Migration does not stop after people move from one place to another place. The main question start after that ‘now what’ they will do. That is why this topic needs to be discussed thoroughly in order to find better solutions. This paper will begin with an analysis of different approaches to Migration, discuss the target groups for integration policies, provide indicators of the current situation of migrants and proceed to an analysis of integration tools: legislation, social policies and participatory processes. It will focus not only on the impact of migration but also on social integration, mix culture like indo-western culture in a comparative basis.

Ekta Meena Ekta meena

Legitimate-path formation for aodv under black hole attack in manets

Mobile Ad-hoc Network (MANET) owing to their very open characteristics are being very attractive and adaptive. With the openness comes security issues to be dealt. The most usual attack in mobile ad-hoc network is the black-hole attack. It advertises false path as shortest and newest to the destined node. On gathering packets containing data will drop them and does not send it to the destination. This paper proposes an algorithm to overcome such an attack under Ad-hoc On-demand Distance Vector (AODV) routing protocol in MANETs. The proposal aims to detect and avoid black-hole attack by using the parameters of AODV routing protocol in its enhanced form of route recovery. The proposed algorithm has two different scenarios, where first comes the detection then the avoidance. The simulation results are obtained from NS -2 to authenticate the effectiveness of proposed technique in comparison with the existing protocols in the existence of black-hole attack with respect to change in simulation end time and active number of attackers. The implementation is assessed based on delay, delivery ratio, drop, overhead, throughput and packet forwarding ratio. The results obtained from network simulator are mapped to form a dataset, which is then validated on a modelled fuzzy inference system using MatLab software.

Fahmina Taranum Fahmina taranum

A critical review on mode of action of ayurvedic formulations on jwara

Rasa aushadhis are known for their uniqueness in curing the diseases with a very low dosage. These formulations are divided into two types based on their mode of preparation i.e., Single drug and Compound drug formulations. Based on their origin, the drugs are divided into three types, Herbal, Mineral and Animal. Any of these two or three together is combined to make a compound formulation. Apart from these, the other major factor which is needed for a formulation is the Rasa Panchaka of a Drug. Many of the formulations are being prepared based on their availability, keeping their Rasa Panchaka and Samprapti vighatana in mind. These formulations are designed in such a way that two or more drugs will be having one common quality, or Opposite Qualities or an Antidote of a particular Vishadravya, which can help in curing the disease. So an attempt is made to Review Tribhuvanakeerti Rasa with its Probable mode of action.

Suri abhiram

Spatial distribution pattern of lower basic schools for the implementation of lower basic education in rivers state, nigeria

This study examined the spatial distribution pattern of public lower basic schools for the implementation of lower basic education in Rivers State. One research question guided the study. The descriptive survey design was used. The population for the study was the 942 public lower basic schools in Rivers State. Stratified random sampling technique was used to draw the sample size of 289 schools. A handheld Global Positioning System receiver was the instrument used for the study. Nearest neighbour analysis was used to answer the research question. Findings revealed that the overall pattern of distribution of existing public lower basic schools in Rivers State is clustered. Specifically the distribution of schools in Degema and Akuku-Toru Local Government Areas is dispersed with Rn of 1.72 and 1.36 respectively. The pattern of distribution of Bonny, Opobo/Nkoro, Abua/Odual, Port Harcourt, Obio/Akpor and Ikwerre indicates a clustered pattern with Rn of 0.91, 0.83 0.84, 0.74, 0.72 and 0.24 respectively. The study therefore recommended among other things that the state governments should make policies that guide school mapping and ensure their strict compliance. Since school mapping is an integral aspect of micro-planning, every local government should be statutorily required to have a comprehensive school map of its area that should be updated at least every decade. The services of professional planners should be utilized by the Ministry of Education and should also ensure that modern mapping equipment are deployed for this very important exercise.

FXintegrity Publishing Fxintegrity publishing

Dynamics of leadership

The construct of Leadership entails the process of influencing other people to accomplish specific objectives. However, like love, the construct of Leadership is a universal desire that is virtually difficult to define explicitly (Klingborg, Moore and Varea-Hammond, 2006, p.280). It is characterised by the idea of an individual charisma capable of recruiting followers towards his or her path, promoting team-based problem-solving. Conversely, the concept of Leadership is based on many factors such as; "leaders are made not born", "he was a leader since he was a kid" and "if you have the will power, you can become an effective leader" (Klingborg, Moore and Varea-Hammond, 2006, p.280). However, scholars and organisations tend to focus on Leadership and how leaders impact an organisation. The leadership process entails how an individual influences other(s) to achieve a common goal or mission.

Zamzam Abdelazim Zamzam abdelazim

Effect of initial weight of chicks on performance of iraqi local chickens

The objective of this research was to investigate the effect of initial chick weight at the first day of the hatch on subsequent performance of Iraqi local chickens. 150 unsexed chicks of local chickens weighted at first day of hatch then divided to five groups (A, B, C, D, E) according to the initial weight (26.4, 31.89, 36.38, 41.09, 46.91) gm, the birds were reared in a wooden cage consist of individual compartments with dimensions (30×30×40) cm, The feed and water was available adlibitum, The birds and feed weighted weekly by sensitive balance. The result shows that initial weight had a significant effect on body weight, weight gain, feed and protein consumption, and growth rate but not significant on feed and protein conversion, where group E showed the best results, The relationship between initial body weight and productive traits were studied and the prediction equation of productive traits depending on initial weight shows highly significant

RAFEA MOHAMMEDTAHER KHULEL Rafea mohammedtaher khulel

Deep artificial neural network based blind color image watermarking

Digital data is growing enormously as the year passes and therefore there is a need of mechanism to protect the digital contents. Image watermarking is one of the important tools for the human to provide copyright protection and authorship. For achieving the ideal balance between imperceptibility and robustness, a robust blind color image watermarking employing deep artificial neural networks (DANN), LWT and the YIQ color model has been presented. In the suggested watermarking method, an original 512-bit watermark is applied for testing and a randomly generated watermark of the same length is used for training. PCA is used to extract 10 statistical features with significant values out of 18 statistical features, and binary classification is used to extract watermarks here. For the four images Lena, Peppers, Mandril, and Jet, it displays an average imperceptibility of 52.48 dB. For the threshold value of 0.3, it does an excellent job of achieving good balance between robustness and imperceptibility. Except for the gaussian noise, rotation, and average filtering attacks, it also demonstrates good robustness against common image attacks. The results of the experiment demonstrate that the suggested watermarking method outperforms competing methods.

Manoj Kumar Pandey Manoj kumar pandey

Use of over the counter medications among adolescents

Improper use of medicines may carry possible health dangers and more evidence continues to stand that adverse drug reactions to medicines are common but often preventable. Self-medication phenomena with over the counter medicines is common among people. It is regarded as essential issue of self-care. Over the counter medicines use such as analgesics among children and adolescents is continuously increasing in Libya. This constitutes an important public health concern. The aim of this study is to focus on adolescent's self-medication phenomena about the over the counter medicines that teens frequently used to treat minor and serious diseases. This work collected information throughout survey-comprised number of questions for the teenagers bought medicines from private pharmacies at two different secondary schools in Benghazi city, Libya, without prescription. The sample size was 120 students, 58 males and 62 females in age range of 15-18 years. Data collected from questionnaire were analyzed for pattern of medicine use. Male adolescents bought toothache and muscle-spasm medicines more frequently than female adolescents. On the other hand, female adolescents administered more over the counter medications monthly than males. The use of over the counter medicines has been found highly rated and exaggerated among secondary school teenagers. In conclusion, adolescents have to be educated regarding over the counter medicine use in Libya. The need for promoting the appropriate use of medicines healthcare system is an important issue. This can be achieved through an educational strategy involved different public sectors such as health and education authorities.

Mediterranean Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences Mediterranean journal of pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences

Le ventre de l’atlantique de fatou diome : entre oralité et transmission des valeurs identitaires africaines à travers la figure de la femme

La lecture de toute production romanesque signée d’une Africaine, laisse souvent transparaître a priori l’idée qu’elle évoque la victimisation de la femme par la gent masculine. Mais, à certain niveau, l’univers de sa fiction n’affiche pas de façon catégorique ou formelle cette question. Tel est le cas de Fatou Diome avec son roman en cours de décryptage. Le but de cet article est de montrer que l’auteure construit son texte autour de plusieurs facettes pour assurer la transmission des valeurs identitaires et que le choix de certains genres oraux et l’évocation de la problématique de genre (homme-femme) offrent des concepts qui servent à exprimer des faits propres à l’identité culturelle africaine. À partir d’une analyse thématique et sociocritique, nous comprenons qu’elle adosse insidieusement à ce thème la problématique de l’identité. Ce, à partir de plusieurs artifices littéraires qui sont entre autres le potentiel oral traditionnel du terroir et le discours revalorisant la femme, par ricochet l’identité africaine.


Keterampilan menulis karangan persuasi siswa dalam pembelajaran think talk write dengan media poster

Writing is a complex skill and is difficult for students to master well. This study aims to determine the effect of the application of Think Talk Write learning models with poster media on the writing skills of persuasion essay from fifth grade elementary school students. This type of research is a quasi-experimental design with a pre-test post-test control group. The sample in this study was VA and V class students of SDN Rambigundam 01 Jember. Collecting data in this study using interviews, tests, and documentation. The data analysis technique of student learning outcomes uses t-test. Based on the results of the t-test on the learning outcomes of students' persuasive essay writing skills, it is known that the value of tcount> ttable, (2.208> 2.0180), so it can be concluded that the hypothesis is accepted that the Think Talk Write learning model through poster media influences the writing skills of persuasion writing in the fifth grade students of SDN Rambigundam Jember 1. The results of the pretest and posttest activities also showed that the increase in the value of writing skills written by students in the experimental class was higher than the increase experienced by the control class. Difference in the increase in the average value experienced by the experimental class and control class by 3,7. Menulis merupakan salah satu keterampilan yang kompleks dan sulit dikuasai siswa dengan baik. Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mengetahui pengaruh penerapan model pembelajaran Think Talk Writedengan media poster terhadap keterampilan menulis karangan persuasi siswa kelas V SD. Jenis penelitian ini merupakan eksperimen semu dengan desainpre-test post-test control group. Sampel dalam penelitian ini adalah siswa kelas VA dan V B SDN Rambigundam 01 Jember. Pengumpulan data dalam penelitian ini menggunakan metode wawancara, tes, dan dokumentasi. Teknik analisisdata hasil belajar siswa menggunakan uji t-test. Berdasarkan hasil uji-t terhadap hasil belajar keterampilan menulis karangan persuasif siswa, diketahui bahwa nilai thitung>ttabel, (2,208>2,0180), sehingga dapat disimpulkan bahwa hipotesis diterima yaitu model pembelajaran Think Talk Write melalui media poster berpengaruh terhadap keterampilan menulis karangan persuasi pada siswa kelas V SDN Rambigundam 01 Jember. Hasil kegiatan pretest dan posttest juga menunjukan bahwa peningkatan nilai keterampilan menulis karangan siswa di kelas eksperimen lebih tinggi dari pada peningkatan yang dialami kelas kontrol. Selisih peningkatan rata-rata nilai yang dialami kelas eksperimen dan kelas kontrol sebesar 3,7.

EDUCARE: Journal of Primary Education Educare: journal of primary education

Vulnerability of food crop farmers to climate change in south eastern nigeria

Micro-level assessment of vulnerability to climate change creates basis for policy formulation. The study specifically ascertained the levels and determinants of vulnerability to climate change among selected food crop farmers. Data collected were analysed using descriptive statistics and ordinary least square regression analysis. The result revealed that 15.95%, 68.97% and 15.08% of the households were highly vulnerable, moderately vulnerable and less vulnerable to climate change respectively. This implies a varied effect on crop farmers. The result also showed that amount saved, extension contacts, household expenditure and value of crop were significant at 1% level. The study recommended the provision of basic amenities and soft loans to farmers as well as an improvement in extension services. It also advocated the introduction of effective climate change mitigation and adaptive measures to boost agricultural output in their area.

Comfort chikezie Comfort chikezie

Phytochemical screening, antibacterial and anti-diabetic activities of moringa oleifera cultivated in east region of libya

Moringa oleifera, a very important healthful plant, is one amongst the foremost wide cultivated species of the family Moringaceae. It's extremely valued from past as a result of its large healthful properties. Moringa oleifera, native to India, grows within the tropical and climatic zone regions of the globe. It's commonly called drumstick tree or horseradish tree. Moringa will face up to each severe drought and gentle frost conditions and, therefore wide, cultivated across the globe. With its high alimentary values, each part of the tree is appropriate for either nutritional or commercial purposes. The leaves are rich in minerals, vitamins and alternative essential phytochemicals. Extracts from the leaves are useful in treatment of anemia, enhance breast milk in wet mothers. It's used as a potential antioxidant, anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, anti-diabetic and antimicrobial agent. Thus, this study was aim to investigate the phytoconstituents from ethanolic and aqueous extracts of the Moringa oleifera cultivated in Libya and to assess its anti-bacterial and anti-diabetics activity. The phytochemical investigations of these extracts of Moringa oleifera revealed the presence of alkaloids, carbohydrates, flavonoids, saponins, steroids, tannins and phenolic compounds. The antibacterial activity of cold and hot extraction of methanolic and water extracts of Moringa oleifera by using the well diffusion method were assessed. Results revealed that there was a profound antibacterial activity of the studied Moringa oleifera against representatives of Gram-positive bacteria. After in vitro evaluation of anti-hyperglycemic properties of the ethanolic extract of Moringa oleifera by testing its capacity to inhibit α-amylase activity, the methanolic extract exhibited inhibitory effect on the α-amylase enzyme.

Mediterranean Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences Mediterranean journal of pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences

Phytochemical and therapeutic effect of araucaria columnaris resin extracts on clinical pathogens

Araucaria columnaris is one of the ornamental plants of all over the world. It is commonly known as Christmas tree. In the present study tree exudates – resin from the bark of the Araucaria columnaris belonging to the family Araucariaceae were investigated for phytochemical and antibacterial activity. The resin was separately extracted with different solvents based on its polarity, water, methanol, ethyl acetate and benzene. The extracts were screened for phyto-chemical analysis, the result shows that methanolic extract involved in extraction of large number of phytochemicals when compared with other extracts and subjected to antibacterial assay against major human pathogens. Methanolic extract act as good inhibitory agent against major microorganisms. This finding revealed that methanolic resin extract of Araucaria columnaris had significant potential for the control of dreadful diseases causing human pathogens.

Dr. SARANYA DEVI K Dr. saranya devi k

The importance of employees' motivation and training on company performance in a family business

Business nowadays has no boundaries of time, place, or information, so any firm must evaluate its performance regularly to ensure long-term viability. This study aims to determine the impact of employees’ motivation and job training on company performance in a family business called PT Anugrah Mandiri. It is an automotive spare parts distribution company in Medan, Indonesia established in 2010. As a family business run by many family members, PT Anugrah Mandiri tends to undervalue the importance of providing motivation and delivering practical training to its employees. This results in most employees being overwhelmed, and the business performance is decreasing. As this study's quantitative research method shows, motivated and skilled employees are the keys to a successful firm. The instruments used to collect data are questionnaires about employees’ motivation, job training, and company performance, and then processed using SPSS. Saturation sampling is used as the sampling method by administering the questionnaires to 50 employees of PT Anugrah Mandiri. The data analysis tool in this study is a multiple linear regression by carrying out a classic assumption test continued by testing the partial hypothesis or t-test, the simultaneous hypothesis test or the F test, and the calculation of the coefficient of determination. The statistical result shows that company performance increases by 0.422 and 0.384 when employees’ motivation and job training increase by 1 unit. All hypotheses in this research are accepted, and it can be concluded that employees’ motivation and job training influence company performance.

Lila Maria Kaban Lila maria kaban

A comparative financial study on selected companies in automobile industry in india

India’s automobile industry is the fourth largest automobile industry in the world. The researcher selected the automobile companies of 2 and 3 wheelers based on group A companies listed in the Bombay Stock Exchange. The selected automobile companies are Bajaj Auto ltd, Eicher Motors ltd, Hero MotoCorp ltd and TVS Motor Company ltd. The main target of this analysis is to compare the financial positions of the selected automobile companies for the time of a long time from 2016-2020. This study proved that financial position of Eicher Motors ltd financial position is superior to other selected automobile companies. Current ratio, quick ratio, debt-equity ratio, net profit ratio, return on assets ratio of Eicher Motors ltd is better than other selected automobile companies.

Dr. Jeyalakshmi P Dr. jeyalakshmi p

Acoustic feedback cancellation in efficient hearing aids using genetic algorithm

Many people are distracted from the normal lifestyle, because of the hearing loss they have. Most of them do not use the hearing aids due to various discomforts in wearing them. The main and the foremost problem available in it is; the device introduces unpleasant whistling sounds, caused by the changing environmental noise, which is faced by the user daily. This paper describes the development of an algorithm, which focuses on the adaptive feedback cancellation, that improves the listening effort of the user. The genetic algorithm is one of the computational techniques, that is used in enhancing the above features. The performance can also be compared with other comprehensive analysis methods, to evaluate its standards.

Jayanthi G Jayanthi g

Physico-chemical analysis of rhizospheric soil of maize (zea mays l.) and its effects on maize disease incidence (in vivo) in karnataka


Veerabhadraswamy AL Veerabhadraswamy al

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