Comparative growth of jipe tilapia, oreochromis jipe and nile tilapia, oreochromis niloticus using regression modeling

Regression modeling analyses the relationship between two or more variables and can be used to predict the response variable from one or more independent variables. The present study uses linear regression analysis to evaluate the growth in the two fish species of genus Oreochromis, Nile tilapia and Jipe tilapia, under aquaculture conditions. The models were fitted using a collection of functions in the R-software library. The final models were selected using the goodness of fit criteria based on the coefficient of differentiation, the model p- values and Akaike information criteria. The significance of the linear relationship between predictor variables and the mean response was tested by comparing the computed standardized parameter estimates, whereas the confidence intervals were constructed to assess the uncertainty of predicting the response variable and determine outliers in the model. Generally, both species exhibited good condition during growth and all the measured water quality variables significantly afffected growth (p<0.05). However, only temperature and dissolved oxygen produced the most important linear relationship with fish weight. The study recommends that data from a controlled experiment should be used the determine the interactions between the two growth variables.

Omweno job Omweno job

Analysis of online purchase intention using scarcity and liking as the persuasion marketing strategies

Customers shopping behaviors have altered because of technological advancement and widespread of internet access. The rise in online sales presents both opportunities and challenges for many e-commerce companies. To successfully increase the customers’ purchase intention, it is important to implement persuasion marketing strategies especially in the online environment, together with other traditional marketing techniques available. The goal of this study is to determine which technique, between Scarcity Tactics and Liking Tactics, has more impact on customers’ Purchase Intention. Zalora Indonesia, as one of the leaders in fashion, beauty, home and lifestyle e-commerce, is chosen to be the research object. Scarcity Tactics and Liking Tactics are the independent variables used in this study, with customers’ Purchase Intention as the dependent variable. Quantitative method using a causal strategy, with an online questionnaire has been delivered to 120 Zalora Indonesia buyers. According to the findings of this research, customers who buy online have the tendency to do purchases when Zalora Indonesia uses Scarcity Tactics and Liking Tactics in its marketing approach. Scarcity Tactics, however, has more influence on online Purchase Intention, whereas Liking Tactics has a promising but insignificant impact. Both Scarcity Tactics and Liking Tactics show influences in customers’ Purchase Intention as much as 60.2%.

Lila Maria Kaban Lila maria kaban

Blind taste test of soft-drinks – a comparison study on coke and pepsi

Blind Taste Test of Soft-drinks – A Comparison Study on Coke and PBrand equity is “The differential effect that brand knowledge has on consumer response to the marketing of that brand” (Keller-1993).Brand equity is the added value a product acquires as a result of past investments in the marketing activity for the brand.This marketing activity resides in the mind of customers and as a result customer shapes a perception about the brand, biggest challenge here is creating positive perceptions by ensuring that customers have right type of experiences with product so that both functional experiences as well as emotional experiences become associated with the product.Thus Brand perception is the imagewhich a brand creates in the mind of the customers due to the various associations linked with the brand. The simplest way tounderstand what brand equity is to understand the typical results of product sampling and comparison tests. One such test is blind taste test in which consumers sample a product without knowing the brand what they consume and consuming the same product knowing brand i.e., open test. When consumers report different opinions about branded and unbranded versions of identical products, it must be the case that knowledge about the brand has changed their perceptions. Thus, consumers’ perceptions of product performance are highly dependent on their impressions of the brand that goes along with it Pepsi

N ramanjaneyalu

Effects of industrial wastewater on vegetative growth and pigmentation of oil yielding and vegetable crops

When we tested various industrial wastewater samples collected from different industries they shown high amount of toxic chemical components, and the samples are unfit for irrigation or for any kind of activity. Irrigation of untreated wastewater for long time leads to soil pollution by accumulating toxic salts in the soil. The regular growth of plant get effected by this water like improper growth, low chlorophyll content, low carotenoids content, low yield, etc. Three different types of oil yielding plants (Mustard, Ground nut and Sunflower) and three different types of vegetable crops (Tomato, Chilly and Brinjal) has grown by using different industrial wastewater samples. The primitive parameters of vegetative growth (imbibition, seed germination and vigour index) and nutritional components (chlorophyll a, b and carotenoids) have been observed in all the samples after growing for a particular time period. The imbibition test of seed samples in industrial wastewater samples have not shown significant variation compared to imbibition in distilled water sample. All the seeds in all wastewater samples absorbed almost negligible difference but in the percentage of germination there is significant difference. The tests for nutritional compositions have also shown significant decrease in chlorophyll a, b and carotenoids in all varieties.

Veerabhadraswamy AL Veerabhadraswamy al

Environmental social and governance performance in banking sector: a bibliometric study

Financial sector needs special attention pertaining to incorporation of the ESG criteria. Economic and financial issues coupled with climate change would have negative impact on the stability of financial institutions. This research paper attempts to synthesize and summarise scholarly articles published in Scopus database on ESG domain with reference to banking sector using bibliometric analysis. The objective of this review paper is to understand from past literature the trajectory of studies in the domain of ESG. There is a substantial growth in frequency of publication in the year 2022 along with annual growth of around 30 percent during 2015-2023. Bibliometric with MS-Excel, R-Studio and VOS-viewer were used to identify and analyze research trends related to the number of studies, research fields, authors, nations, institutions, and keywords. The important keywords identified in the bibliometric analysis were sustainability, corporate social responsibility, sustainable finance, banks performance.

Dr. Mohammed Nizamuddin Dr. mohammed nizamuddin

The new toraja destination: adding value 'toraja coffee' of the sustainable tourism development

This research will discuss the new destination of Toraja coffee as a tourism development strategy. Questions that will be answered is what is the attraction of Toraja coffee tourism as a new tourist destination. Methods of research conducted are field observation and interviews with coffee stakeholders as an informant and foreign tourists as respondents. The results of this study concluded that the appeal of Toraja coffee as a tourism destination is Toraja coffee has characteristic (taste) differently based on the planting area Toraja coffee. There are 15 names of coffee products based on the region and the name of Toraja coffee products taken from the region. E.g. coffee Toraja Sapan, derived from the Sapan area, and coffee Sesean derived from the village of Sesean. Perception of foreign tourists to Toraja coffee is that the taste of Toraja coffee is different based on the height of the coffee planting area to be a tourism identity Toraja Agritourism.

Muhammad hasyim

Pseudomonas aeruginosa strains obtained from hospital infections with various resistances in tehran, iran

Objectives: Improper and inappropriate use of antibiotics is one of the possible factors affecting the transmission of antibiotic resistance is Because Pseudomonas aeruginosa is one of the most serious pathogenic bacteria in hospital environments and resistant It is an antibiotic that causes problems in treatment. This study aims to determine multiple resistances Pseudomonas has been treated with antibiotics, arsenic and metals. Materials and Methods: In this study, 23 strains of Pseudomonas aeruginosa were isolated from clinical specimens. for review Resistance of these bacteria to penicillin antibiotics was used by Kirby-Bauer method. The minimum concentration C.I.M. (and minimum lethal concentrations (C.B.M.) of antibiotics and heavy metals (cadmium, mercury) and arsenate Tubal dilution, agar and growth were performed in agar plate, respectively. Results: In this study, the highest and lowest MIC values obtained in Pseudomonas aeruginosa for metals, respectively. * 8 and 3 cadmiums (0.6 and 4.9 μg / ml), mercury (<0.12 and 4 μg / ml) and arsenate (10 × were 256 μg / ml). Of 23 strains, 84% to the antibiotic carbonicillin, 63% to piperacillin and 100% to 103 Arsenic and cadmium were resistant. Also, 82.6% of the strains were resistant to mercury. Conclusion: The results of this study showed that Pseudomonas aeruginosa strains have multiple resistance to arsenic, metals and the antibiotics are car penicillin and piperacillin.

Amirhossein jahromi Amirhossein jahromi

Variation diachronique complexe des formes du présent de l’indicatif du français

Étudier les phénomènes grammaticaux actuels sans s’interroger sur la longue trajectoire historique qui a servi de support et de canal au français moderne manquerait de pertinence. En effet, une telle étude permet une meilleure compréhension des phénomènes linguistiques contemporains. Ainsi, notre domaine de recherche, la linguistique diachronique, met l’accent sur les connaissances étymologiques de la langue. Il s’agira, pour les besoins de l’article, de rendre compte de l’évolution morphologique du présent de l’indicatif depuis le latin jusqu’au français moderne. Notre curiosité nous poussera à nous interroger sur les raisons qui expliquent l’écart morphologique du présent de l’indicatif entre le latin et le français moderne. En sus, l’étude des variations diachroniques du présent de l’indicatif renseigne sur les formes actuelles de ce temps verbal. Du latin au français moderne, le présent de l’indicatif subit des flottements aussi bien dans ses radicaux que dans ses désinences. Ceci met en chef l’écart formel existant entre le présent latin et celui du français actuel. Toutefois, les phonèmes subirent des transformations selon qu’ils étaient toniques ou atones, radicaux ou désinentiels. Certaines formes se sont maintenues avec modification ou non de sons; d’autres ont complètement disparues du système. Suivant un ordre chronologique et des lois phonétiques cohérentes, nous montrerons que les formes actuelles du temps le plus usuel du système, le présent, ne sont pas le fruit du hasard. De ce fait, la langue moderne gagnerait à revisiter la morphologie des temps verbaux depuis leur origine pour mieux asseoir les difficultés liées à la conjugaison et fournir une explication authentique sur les variations de forme jusque-là ignorées par certains.


Nano fabrics in the 21st century: a review

Nano technology refers to enhancing the function and delivering the upcoming smart solutions to products at the nanoscale level. It relates to organizing the molecules for altering in dimension and characteristic for improvement like smart fabric. These fabrics could assist producers with the added prominence on a standard of living, visual attraction, and system wanted technological produces. Nanosize particles can unveil unpredicted characteristics dissimilar from the bulk matter. The fundamental principle is that the features could radically be altered after the material is decreased to the nanometer scale. Nanotechnology has multipurpose functions in fabric manufacturing in producing the stain and wrinkles defiance, flame retardant, antimicrobial and antistatic properties, moisture control, ultraviolet protection, and release features. The nanomaterials inside the fabric could influence numerous qualities, comprising reduction, electrical conductivity, flammability, and strength. Nanotechnology has additionally created a significant impression on various application and implementation. Nano-doctored fabrics may advance numerous fabrications as the nano-science progresses further.

Munima haque

Anti-inflammatory potential of medicinal plants

Inflammation is said to be a healthy component of the body immune system's reaction. Inflammation is characterised by four key symptoms: pain, redness, heat or warmth and swelling. As secondary metabolites, plants may produce a wide range of phytochemical compounds, which possess anti-inflammatory characteristics. Herbal remedies are important therapies for a wide range of ailments all over the world. There are around 7 500 species of medicinal plants, including representatives from over 17 000 flowering plant species. Even when synthetic chemistry has developed out their expectations, the use of natural ingredients in the manufacture of drugs used in contemporary medicine is unparalleled. By interfering with the biology of inflammation, anti-inflammatory medications may assist to minimise tissue damaging and increase patient’s comfort. Because of the bulky figure of species reachable for study, the effective development of novel naturally taking place anti-inflammatory drugs is mostly dependent on a multidisciplinary approach to discovering new chemicals. Despite the statistic that many review papers have been produced in this field, the conventional of them simply examined the issue from an area perspective. Several non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs have been shown to reduce inflammation and pain by decreasing the isoform of the cyclooxygenase enzyme's digestion of arachidonic acid, hence lowering prostaglandin production. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs have a host of harmful effects. There are, however, medicinal herbs with anti-inflammatory pharmacological properties that have few or no negative effects.

Mediterranean Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences Mediterranean journal of pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences

Comparison of broiler performance under two rearing systems (floor vs cages).

Abstract: This study was conducted on two groups of broiler , the first consists of 4 replicates of 10 birds and the second of 10 birds as each bird is a replicate in individual cages. The first group were reared on floor during the entire period ,while the second was reared in cages during the period from 2-7 weeks of age. All birds received the same ration with 2859 Kcal/ kg ME and 22% CP as a starter ration, 2995 Kcal/kg ME and 19.19% CP as a finisher ration. The results showed that cage birds had a significantly (P≤0.01) higher body weight , total and daily weight gain at all ages , significantly(P≤0.01) higher total and daily feed and protein consumption , at 2- 4 , 0-4 weeks , feed and protein conversion ratio at 4- 7, 0- 7 weeks. Also cage birds showed a significantly better growth rate at 2- 4 , 0- 7 weeks and less dressing percentage, higher wing percentage while other carcass parts did not differ significantly. The cage birds showed better economic efficiency by 27% comparing to floor birds.

RAFEA MOHAMMEDTAHER KHULEL Rafea mohammedtaher khulel

Determination of the rich structural wave dynamic solutions to the caudrey–dodd–gibbon equation and the lax equation

This article addresses the implementation of the new generalized (G'∕G)-expansion method to the Caudrey–Dodd–Gibbon (CDG) equation and the Lax equation which are associated with the fifth-order KdV (fKdV) equation. The method works well to derive a variety of standard and functional closed-form wave solutions with distinct physical structures, such as, soliton, kink, periodic soliton, and bell-shaped soliton solutions. The solutions obtained using this method are useful and adequate than other methods. In order to understand the physical aspects and importance of the method, the attained solutions have been simulated graphically. The extracted results definitely establish that the new generalized(G'∕G)-expansion method is an effective mathematical tool to work out new solutions to different types of local nonlinear evolution equations emerging in applied science and engineering, but this method is not effective in solving nonlocal equations.

Md khorshed alam

Potential risk factors for mortality in patients with covid-19: a retrospective study

Although severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) infection caused more than five million deaths throughout the world and more than five thousand deaths in Libya, a little is known about the mortality rate and the risk factors for death from this serious infectious disease in Libya. Thus, it is aimed in this study to identify the potential risk factors for mortality from SARS-CoV-2 infections among 176 Libyan COVID-19 patients in Zawia city. This research is a retrospective cohort study that was conducted on 176 randomly selected volunteers who had been infected with SARS-CoV-2 during a period of December 2020 to February 2021 in Zawia city, Libya. Following filling the prepared validated questionnaire by COVID-19 patients, the data was analyzed to determine the previously mentioned risk factors. The mean age (SD) of the total 176 participated COVID-19 patients was 45.06 (± 17.7) and the mortality rate among these total involved cases (mild to severe cases) was 10.8%. It is found that the mortality among the severe COVID-19 cases was 41.3% and the mean age (SD) of COVID-19 deaths was 69.1 years (13.8) and 73.7% of them were 60 years old or older. In addition, it is found that 63.2% of the SARS-CoV-2 deaths were females and 78.9% of them had a positive history of chronic diseases. Moreover, it was found that the most common chronic diseases among COVID-19 deaths are diabetes mellitus and hypertension (73.3% and 53.3%, respectively). Collectively, it is concluded that COVID-19 elderly female patients aging 60 years or older with a positive history of chronic disease are more likely at high risk for death from SARS-CoV-2 infection among the participated COVID cases.

Mediterranean Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences Mediterranean journal of pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences

Public perception and behavior on the disposal of unused and expired drugs

Evidence demonstrates that inappropriate drug disposal creates a significant risk to global environmental safety. Study participants' knowledge, attitude and practice regarding the disposal of unwanted and expired medications were assessed. The study was carried out at Sebha city, in southwestern Libya, from October 2021 to April 2022. A self-administered questionnaire designed explicitly to be completed by a respondent without an interviewer's assistance was used. Out of 650, only 500 completed questionnaires was returned. The majority of the respondents admitted they have at least one medication stored at home (71.6%). Keeping expired drugs were reported by 28.2% of the respondents compared with unused medications in their house (51.2%). Almost half of the respondents (47.4%) declared that their medication were taking from the private pharmacies. “I’ll need it in the future” (48.8%), "Medicines change" (37.2%) and "Symptoms improve and recover" (32.6%) were the top three explanations given by participants. The majority of drugs reported were antibiotics (41.0%). This is followed by antipyretic and analgesic drugs, which were used by 29.8% and 27.8% of respondents, respectively. 52.2% of the respondents agreed that disposing of medicines in the garbage is the most appropriate method. Concordantly, the majority of them indicated they discarded unused or expired medicines whether they were solid (82.6%), liquid (58.4%), or semisolid (79.6%). The majority of participants indicated they were aware of the negative impact of drug waste on the environment (80.6%). More than three quarters of the participants said they had never been given instructions on how to properly dispose of medications and 60.8% thought a medical team would be the best source of knowledge. Despite acknowledging being aware of the harmful effects on the environment, the majority of participants admitted to keeping unneeded pharmaceuticals in their homes and throwing them out in the trash. The government should support the pharmacists' role in educating the public about how to properly dispose of their medications and establish the Return Unwanted Medicines Project in order to raise awareness and create cost-effective medication waste management programs.

Mediterranean Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences Mediterranean journal of pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences

Follow-up regularity in eye-care among disease conscious population in delhi-ncr: a gender-based retrospective study

Abstract---In contemporary society, most females are deprived of proper education, healthcare, job opportunities, etc., to uphold family customs, patriarchal dominance, and occasionally negligence towards the feminine gender. According to researchers, gender inequalities in health care, especially in eye care, are evident between accessing the care and getting treatment in developing countries. Therefore, we aim to measure the gender-wise eye-care follow-up regularity in accessing long-term glaucoma consultation among various age groups with a sample size of 564 in Delhi-NCR, India. The age groups (in years) are 15-29 (Group I), 30-44 (Group II), 45-59 (Group III), 60-74 (Group IV), and 75 and above (Group V). Groups I to V show, intragroup males have higher odds of getting regular eyecare by 20% (OR 1.20, 95% CI 0.413 to 3.4871), 2.08% (OR 1.0208, 95% CI 0.4637 to 2.2472), 3.4% (OR 1.034, 95% CI 0.6369 to 1.6787), 8.46% (OR 1.0846, 95% CI 0.6783 to 1.7344), and 45.83% (OR 1.4583, 95% CI 0.4575 to 4.6484) respectively. The probable causes of gender-wise irregularity are lack of seriousness, financial limitations, dependency, loneliness due to widowhood, etc. To make eye-care services equally accessible to everyone, healthcare agencies should first take various progressive policies to overcome gender-wise socio-economic barriers.

Dr. Ashwani Kumar Ghai Dr. ashwani kumar ghai

Antiemetic activity of some aromatic plants

The current study was conducted to explore the antiemetic activity of ten aromatic medicinal plants viz., Carissa carandus L. (fruits), Chichorium intybus L (flowers), Cinnamum tamala L (leaves), Curcuma caesia Roxb (rhizomes), Lallemantia royleana Benth (leaves), Matricaria chamomila L (flowers), Piper longum L (fruits), Piper methysticum G. Forst (fruits), Piper nigrum Linn. (fruits) and Syzygium aromaticum (Linn.) Merr. & Perry (flowering buds) was studied using a chick emetic model. The ethanol extracts of these plants were administered at 150 mg/kg body weight orally. Domperidone was given at 100 mg/kg as a reference drug. All the extracts decrease in retches induced by copper sulphate pentahydrate given orally at 50 mg/kg body weight and showed comparable antiemetic activity with domperidone. Compound targeted antiemetic activity is further suggested. Aromatic plants have tendency to relief from nausea. Alpinea offinarum,Zingiber officinale, Mentha piperita, Menthaspicata and Lavandula angustifola,are aromatic plants reported to possess antiemetic activity. So, presentinvestigation was done to evaluate more aromatic plantsregarding their antiemetic activity. Results of the antiemeticactivity of the ethanol extracts of Carissa carandus,Chichorium intybus, Cinnamum tamala, Curcuma caesia,Lallemantia royleana, Matricaria chamomila, Piper longum, Piper methysticum, Piper nigrum and Syzygium aromaticum are shown in the Table. All the extracts showed antiemeticactivity comparable with domperidone. The % inhibition was recorded as Carissa carandus (68.29), Chichorium intybus (73.86), Curcuma caesia (89.97), Cinnamum tamala (70.64), Lallemantia royleana (83.61), Matricaria chamomila (59.92), Piper longum (81.65), Piper methysticum (80.03), Piper nigrum (89.48) and Syzygium aromaticum (87.81). The highest % inhibition was shown by Curcuma caesia (89.97) and the lowest by Matricaria chamomila (59.92), whereas domperidone showed 80.18 % inhibition of emesis.

Dr. salman ahmed

The effect of free senior high school policy on the lives of parents and wards in ghana

The free senior high school policy is one of the best social and economic intervention policies that openly affect both parents and their wards in senior high school. This realisation is reached on the backdrop of the policy’s role in redeeming parents from their economic and financial burden. This study, therefore, looks at the effect of introducing the free senior high school policy on the economic and social lives of parents and students respectively. A correlational cross-sectional descriptive design was used. Questionnaires were administered to three hundred and thirty-six (336) parents of wards in three senior high schools in the North East and Upper East Regions of Ghana. The study confirms that the introduction of the free senior high school policy relieved the financial burden of parents, especially guardians from rural settlements. Besides, there was a lack of adequate stakeholder consultation, hence saddled with implementation challenges. Delay in disbursement of funds for feeding and learning materials presented yet another problem. It is important that governments find sustainable sources of funding for the educational system and also ensure the double-track system is regularised into a single-track system by expanding academic user facilities and increasing the numerical strength of both teaching and non-teaching staff in various senior high schools.

Juabin matey

Impact of pharmaceutical care intervention on health-related quality of life in hemodialysis patients in benghazi

Hemodialysis patients suffer from poor health-related quality of life which results in a higher risk of hospitalization and mortality. This study investigates the importance of pharmaceutical care and role of pharmacist for hemodialysis patients to optimize drug therapy, minimize drug related problems and thereby improving their health-related quality of life. The study was conducted to evaluate the impact of pharmaceutical care interventions on health-related quality of life of hemodialysis patients in Benghazi, Libya. Randomized control study was carried out after getting an ethical approval from the committee of the hospital. Health-related quality of life was assessed using SF-36 instrument for all the patients (n = 80). Among them, 40 patients were received the normal care along with brief medication review and counselled by pharmacists for two months. Then, health-related quality of life was assessed again for those 40 patients who received the pharmaceutical care. Data was analyzed using an appropriate methods. The results showed that the quality of life for hemodialysis patients was poor in both physical and emotional aspects. After implementation of appropriate pharmaceutical care to the patients, their quality of life improved significantly. Health-related quality of life is an important determinant of treatment effectiveness in dialysis patients

Mediterranean Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences Mediterranean journal of pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences

Implementasi strategi cooperative learning tipe jigsaw dalam pembelajaran akidah akhlak kelas v min bangka belitung pontianak

Penelitian ini dilatar belakangi oleh adanya permasalahan yang terjadi pada MIN Bangka Belitung Pontianak seperti guru kurang melibatkan siswa dalam materi pembelajaran, guru cenderung menyampaikan materi dengan menggunakan metode ceramah tanpa adanya variasi sehingga menyebabkan kejenuhan dalam belajar, guru kurang memahami dalam tentang memilih dan menentukan strategi cooperative learning tife jigsawyang tepat sehingga berdampak pada terciptanya proses pembelajara yang lebih baik. Penelitian bertujuan untukmengetahui: perencanaan, langkah-langkah, dan evaluasi dalam pembelajaran Materi Aqidah dengan Strategi Cooperative Tipe Jigsaw dalam pembelajaran Akidah Akhlak Materi Sikap pada guru di Kelas V MIN Bangka Belitung Pontianak Tahun Pelajaran 2017/2018. Hasil penelitian ini dapat disimpulkan bahwa Perencanaan Strategi Cooperative Learning Tipe Jigsawdalam Pembelajaran Akidah Akhlak Pada Materi Akhlak Tercela di Kelas V MIN Bangka Belitung Pontianak dengan lebih baik dan siswa lebih aktif dalam proses pembelajaran; langkah-langkah strategi cooperative learning tipe jigsaw dalam materi sikap siswa di sekolahdi kelas V MIN dibagi menjadi 5 kelompok, setiap kelompok diksih materi pembelajaran, dan siswa mendiskusikan dengan materi tersebut; Pelaksanaan evaluasi proses dan hasil kegiatan pembelajaran yang menggunakan langkah strategi cooperative learning tipe jigsaw dalam materi sikap siswa di sekolahdi kelas V MIN Negeri Bangka Belitung Pontianak adalah menggunakan tes tertulis dan tes lisan juga mengunakan penilain proses dari observasi siswa saat proses pembelajaran atau setelah mata kuliah selesai.

EDUCARE: Journal of Primary Education Educare: journal of primary education

Motherhood and switch in her leadership styles in parenting during pandemic – with special reference to child with special needs…

A leader is a person, who influences his followers. The role of leader is often associated with managerial concepts, where a leader leads a team of employees, guides them, motivates them and influences them, in such way that the organisational productivity is honed up. A lot emphasis is on the style of leadership, exhibited by the manager, in honing the productivity of the organisation. According to (Hanvey, 2002; Janus, Kopechanski, Cameron, & Hughes, 2007; Morinaka, 2012; Reio & Fornes, 2011), most parents have dreams and hopes about their children and their lives. But, parents of children with special needs, though have, such dreams and hopes, have a harder time meeting these goals. According to Hanvey (2002), these parents need to devote more time and responsibilities, when it comes to raising a child with special needs, like caring for the child’s physical requirements due to his/ her disability, helping them with their physical and social needs and also help them in developing relationships with the others, so that they get a feeling of belongingness. Families with children having special needs undergo a higher level of stress (Gottfried & McGene, 2013). Families that have children with special needs, go through enormous stress levels, at times even financially stressed are they … (Hanvey, 2002; Moriwaka, 2012). But, Current study focusses on the effective leadership role played by a mother during the Pandemic, which is helping the kids, especially the children with special needs in combating the stress, that they are undergoing. A case of a child, diagnosed with autism(a serious behavioural disorder among young children that now occurs at epidemic rates in developing countries like India), since she turned two and how her mother has been helping her adapt to the new normal of staying home for all her activities and coping up with the increased stress levels.

Nandini Nandini

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