Liquid isoprene rubber as a safe processing aid in natural rubber compounds

In order to overcome the carcinogenic ‘polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon’ emission from aromatic oils, which are restricted in European countries since 2010, various efforts have been made to replace the aromatic oil in rubber-based compounds either fully or partially. The authors in the present work have used liquid isoprene rubber (LIR50 or LIR) as a reactive plasticizer in natural rubber (NR) compound at different loadings (2, 4, 6 and 8 phr) and have studied its effect on viscosity, curing characteristics and physico-mechanical properties. These results were compared with the control compound containing conventional aromatic oil as plasticizer. From the experimental data, it was noticed that, the minimum torque for control compound was 0.33 dNm and that for LIR based compounds ranged between 0.16 to 0.56 dNm. The LIR based compounds exhibited slightly higher Mooney viscosity but offers the same scorch safety. The study supports the utility of LIR as a promising alternative, as revealed by the comparable rheological and physico-mechanical properties attained with the usage of appropriate quantity of LIR, unlike the other alternatives of the previous investigations that usually showed a property difference. Keywords: aromatic oil, liquid rubber, reactive plasticizer, safe processing oil.

Chandresh m. p.

An iot based system to detect a person/wheelchair fall

Keeping an in depth tab of recent folks or folks on chair with bound health conditions for his or her health and safety is a very important task. With maturity, weak bones and weakness because of alternative health connected problems could lead to will increase risk of falling. A supervisor might not continually be on the market with them and if correct assistance is not provided at the correct time it should cause larger health considerations which will need extra resources for treatment. For this purpose we've projected a wise IOT Fall Detection System exploitation acceptable sensors that square measure integrated facilitate|to assist} report these incidents to assist avail help at the correct time to forestall additional injury to health. The same system uses sensors like associate degree measuring system to live the speed of the person, a rotating mechanism to live the person’s orientation so as to live their stability, a load sensing element once the system is employed by an individual employing a chair to live their weight, a Wi-Fi module and a microcontroller that sends the general readings to alert the involvedthose that shall give with the right suggests that to assist the person in want. The microcontroller receives all the info from the sensors and perpetually transmits and monitors the acceleration and also the orientation of the person. Any fast abrupt modification within the system which will result from a fall is taken into account as a ‘fall’ and is reported . a serious concern would be that not all fast movement may end up from a fall and be thought of as a matter of concern. To avoid this warning a napbutton is provided to snooze the system. This button will be ironed before a definite time say 15-30 seconds to prevent the system from causation the alert, thus avoiding any confusion and panic. this method will be mounted to the person’s chair or will be created compact to be created into a wearable device which will be worn on the hand.

Dr H Shaheen Dr h shaheen

Parental perception about western cartoon on child’s mental health in pakistan

The purpose of this study is to explore the impacts of foreign cartoons programs on the social behavior and attitude of Pakistani Children. It is forecasting different cartoon programs 24/7; hence, children spend most of their leisure in front of the television. All these cartoon characters affect the social life and psyche of the children and induce positive and negative mannerism in their daily lifestyles. It has found that one of the most disturbing factor is that the ferocity in children today is increasing rapidly due to following their favorite violent cartoon characters which are even different from their culture and societal norms. The issue is violence is what they see in every cartoon program in one or the other way. Their Guardians are unaware that these cartoons they let their children watch are destroying their parenting as negative forces are attacking the innocent minds of this generation. The study gives the insight of why and what is happening with non-parametric statistics studied and used for thorough analysis. The behavioral outcome of the kids like, imitating their preferred animation character, utilizing various dialects, watching the TV as opposed to deciding on outdoor games and being difficult about getting precisely the same outfits and embellishments as their adored character. This contextual analysis features the disturbing circumstance that guardians are uninformed of. There is something other than mimicking the particular character. The only traits of watching these foreign cartoon characters is that it might damage their own customs and they wildly become to believe these characters as their role models.

Zaki hasan

Creative tourism

Creative tourism has been stimulated as new form of tourism by more skilled forms of tourism activities, by the growth of new consumption patterns, and by changes in the production of tourism products. It can solve that problems experienced by tourists in the conventional tourism. Creativity has many definitions and that based on the function of creativity, it was historically related to creative person, but the recent research in creativity focused on creative product. However, creativity can be located in four areas, and they are: creative person, creative product, creative process, and creative environment. Creativity means “the production of novel and useful ideas in any domain”, which refers to the generation of ideas. Today, creativity becomes as a strategy that promoting individual skill development and innovation, this strategy has been followed by many cities and regions around the world in order to obtain the growth throughout commodification, knowledge development, globalization and increasing competition. Creativity can play a significant role in the mainstream tourism experiences that can be added to the places’ atmosphere, creativity is considered as an attractive policy for stimulating other creative activities and outcomes of social, economic and cultural through spilling knowledge and networking. Indeed, creativity can impact tourism in many ways such as: tourism itself as a creative area, tourism products, skills development and performance development. Thus, the important role of creativity in tourism has been incarcerated in many trends

Mukhles m. al-ababneh

Social big data: a twitter text mining approach to the communication of universities during the lebanese protests

Since October 17, 2019, Lebanon has experienced unprecedented popular protests, demanding the departure of the entire political class, accused of being gangrened by corruption. Country paralyzed, institutions closed for more than two weeks, the eyes are turned to universities that have closed their doors but whose community (teachers and students) actively participate in the national jump. This study explores the use of social media by universities in Lebanon during the national revolution using social big data technology on Twitter in comparison to the national usage of twitter. Important information was collected, analyzed and visualized using the R language.

Katia raya

Phytochemical evaluation & pharmacological screening of didymocarpus pedicellata and ashwagandha for antiurolithiatic activity

The kidney stones are one of the most widely spreading disorders in the world. The present study was undertaken to evaluate the efficacy of ethanolic extract of Didymocarpuspedicellata and Ashwagandha for its antiurolithiatic activity in rats. Urolithiasis was induced in adult male albino wistar rats by 0.75% of ethylene glycol for 28 days. The effect of the oral administration of the ethanolicextracts has been studied and is compared with the effect of oral administration of Cystone(Himalaya) as a standard on Wistar rat. Ethylene glycol feeding resulted in hyperoxaluria as well as increased renal excretion of calciumand phosphate. Supplementation with ethanolic extract of the plants significantly reduced the elevated urinary oxalate, showing a regulatory action on endogenous oxalate synthesis. Both the plant extract showed significant antiurolithiatic activity

Zeenath Banu Zeenath banu

Surface modification of anhydrous borax with stearic acid by wet coating method

The wet coating of anhydrous borax powders with stearic acid (SA) to reverse their inherent hydrophilic surface properties was investigated. The coating procedure was based on the results from a previous study that revealed that the stearic acid solution (2 wt. % SA) mixed for 60 minute at 750 rpm on the magnetic stirrer was sufficient for the surface modification of anhydrous borax. For the experiments, stearic acid powders were first dissolved in water at 80 °C. The mixture obtained by adding anhydrous borax powders to this solution was vigorously mixed on a magnetic stirrer to initiation and completion the surface modification. Each of these solutions was then filtered using a filter paper to separate the undissolved particles, and the residue on paper was dried at 50 °C for 48 h until constant weighing was obtained. Wettability has been accepted as a key parameter for success in wet coating treatment. This parameter gained via the experimental characterization technique was used for an evaluation of the powder properties. The degree of wettability of anhydrous borax powders was measured and compared both after their surfaces were coated with stearic acid and after they were treated with water for a certain period of time in an aqueous environment. The stearic acid coating made the powder hydrophobic and this property was highly preserved after washing.

Journal of Characterization Journal of characterization

Intersection of caste and gender based subjugation

One of the unique features of Indian society is prevalence of caste system which was originated thousands of years back to demarcate the people engaged in different occupation or jobs. Initially it was not much rigid but gradually people belonging to upper castes for their own selfish means to maintain their monopoly made this arrangement hereditary and started treating people of lower castes disgracefully. For preservation of this system, people started controlling their women to prevent inter-caste marriages and the concept of endogamy came up. This robbed away many types of freedom from women. For women belonging to lower castes, this situation is worse as they are doubly subjugated on the basis on caste as well as gender. Men belonging to their own caste treat them as secondary beings. This paper throws light on this intersection. How intersection of these two kinds of inequalities place them at the lowest position in Indian society. Dr. B.R. Ambedkar rises as their leader who all his life worked for empowerment of downtrodden section of society. He argues that education is the primary tool for evading these differences among people. He further emphasizes to adopt the concept of exogamy to break the backbone of Indian caste system and to immediately leave a religion or culture which legitimizes such system of inequality among people of the same land.

Swati sharma

Evaluating the effect of covid-19 on community pharmacist’s practice

Pharmacists stand alongside with other professionals in representing essential healthcare during health emergencies such as COVID-19 pandemic. The present study seeks to explore the behavior and attitude of community pharmacists across various pharmacies throughout this pandemic towards the safety of workplace environment for staff and patients. An online questionnaire has been prepared and distributed to 145 community pharmacies during March to May, 2020. The collected results and data showed that community pharmacists in Libya have a good knowledge and adherence to preventive and protective measures published by FIP, WHO and other health-related organizations to protect themselves and society from infection. The pharmacist role in educating and information provision of the current disease and its management is still going on regardless the pandemic. A negative evaluation to the government support during the pandemic is clear from participant's replies. In Conclusion, this study looks forward to disclosing the current activities undertaken across various community pharmacy settings concerning safety of the workplace environment for both staff and patients. A clear and relatively realistic picture of the extent of commitment and knowledge of pharmacists of the necessary aspects needed to deal with this pandemic within community pharmacies is suggested. The extent of community pharmacist's knowledge, readiness and speed of their response to such a pandemic have been identified.

Mediterranean Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences Mediterranean journal of pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences

Effect of life skills training on emotional distress: a comparative study between adolescent boys and girls

Adolescence is considered as a crucial stage for emotional development. It is also seen as a time of hyper-emotionality, emotional conflict, and volatile mood states. Given that adolescents lack skills for emotional management, emotional distress during these years can hamper their immediate growth and adversely affect their transition to the next stage of life. Interventions that promote positive emotional development during adolescence are the need of the hour. Keeping this in focus, the present study investigated the Effect of Life Skills Training on Adolescent boys and girls with high Emotional Distress. The study used pre- and post-test experimental design with a control group to examine the stated objectives. 160 adolescent boys and girls (n=80), with a mean age of 16.44 years, were selected for the study using Positive and Negative Affect Schedule. Of these, 80 in the experimental group (boys=40, girls=40) were trained in life skills. Descriptive statistics, independent sample ttest and repeated measures of ANOVA were used to analyze obtained results. Major findings of the study indicate that Life Skills training has significant effect in reducing emotional distress and improving emotional health in adolescents. And the significance of it was found to be higher in girls compared to boys.

Hita claudia rao

A memetic algorithm for the inventory routing problem

In this article, we study an Inventory Routing Problem with deterministic customer demand in a two-tier supply chain. The supply chain network consists of a supplier using a single vehicle with a given capacity to deliver a single product type to multiple customers. We are interested in population-based algorithms to solve our problem. A Memetic Algorithm (MA) is developed based on the Genetic Algorithm (GA) and Variable Neighborhood Search methods. The proposed meta-heuristics are tested on small and large reference benchmarks. The results of the MA are compared to those of the classical GA and to the optimal solutions in the literature. The comparison shows the efficiency of using MA and its ability to generate high quality solutions in a reasonable computation time.

Mohamed Salim Amri Sakhri Mohamed salim amri sakhri

دراسة تأثیر ألمیثیونین المضاف إلى كسبة فول الصویا بدیلا عن المركز البروتیني في علائق فروج اللحم البادئة في بعض الصفات الإنتاجیة

This Experiment was conducted on 120 day old unsexed Ross broiler chicks to study the effect of added methionine to soybean meal as substitute for protein concentrate in the starter ration on some productive traits . The chicks were raised on floor were distributed to three treatments with four replicates each ( 10 birds) . The three experimental starter rations (1-28) day contained 2800 kcal/kg ME and 22% cp . The first supplemented with 5% protein concentrate , while the second and third were with out protein concentrate but supplemented with 0.1 and 0.2% methionine respectively . The Finisher ration (29-49) day contained 3047 kcal/kg ME and 19.19% cp. At 49 day of age 2 birds from each replicate were slaughtered for carcass traits . Statistic analysis of data showed a significant increase (P ≤ 0.05) in body weight , weight gain , feed and protein efficiency ratio for third treatment during (1-28) day , No significant difference in all studied traits during (29-49)day, and the third treatment showed best economic efficiency .

RAFEA MOHAMMEDTAHER KHULEL Rafea mohammedtaher khulel

Employment status of persons living with mental illness in india: ground reality

The main aim of rehabilitation is vocational independence and community integration. Rehabilitation is complete with the person being a productive member within the community. But this is quite a challenging task as can be vouched by any of the professionals working in this field. What are the barriers and facilitators towards employment or return to work in case of persons living with mental illness? Literature shows that multiple factors are governing the ability to take up gainful employment. Most of this literature is about the western world where the social fabric is more supportive of individual autonomy. India lags in its rehabilitation efforts for mental illness. There is still stigma and lack of awareness about mental illnesses. This increases the problem of unemployment within persons living with mental illness manifold. There are very few detailed investigations into the vocational status of persons with mental illness and almost negligent literature existing in the Indian context. Hence, the current review article tries to examine the factors prevailing in the Indian scenario that influences the employment status.


Incidence of gestational hypertension among pregnant women (2006-2015) in enugu state, southeast nigeria: a retrospective study

Background: Gestational hypertension (GHTN) is defined as a new rise in blood pressure (BP) ≥140/90 mm Hg, presenting at 20 weeks gestation without significant proteinuria. Worldwide, 4.4%-15% of all pregnancies are complicated by HTN. The aim of this study was to determine the incidence of GHTN among pregnant women in Enugu State, Southeast Nigeria with a view to improving and strengthening antenatal services in the State to help reduce the proportion of maternal mortality and fetal outcomes attributable to GHTN and reduce the overall prevalence of HTN in the country. Methods: Records of BP, biodata and laboratory investigations (urinalysis, full blood count) of women who attended antenatal clinics in six selected state hospitals (2006-2015) were examined. Data were analyzed as proportions, t-test, ANOVA and Pearson product moment correlations using Maxstat (version 3.60) statistical software. Results: The overall incidence of GHTN was 5.9% with annual fluctuations with peaks in 2010 and 2014. There were significant differences in incidence among the age groups (<20>35 years) (p<0 p=0.0016).>35 years) and GHTN (r=0.932, p=0.0069). Between parity and GHTN, there was also positive, strong and significant correlation (r=0.813, p=0.0491). Conclusions: With an incidence of GHTN at 5.9%, there is need to improve and sustain adequate antenatal services in order to help reduce the proportion of the country’s maternal mortality attributable to hypertensive disorders of pregnancy.

Emmanuel umegbolu

Analyse des erreurs dans la production écrite des étudiants de fle à l’université du ghana

Cet article montre l’analyse des erreurs dans l’enseignement/apprentissage du Français Langue Étrangère au Ghana. Il a pour objectif principal d’analyser les erreurs commises en production écrite par les étudiants de Français Langue Étrangère (FLE) à l’Université du Ghana. Le corpus a été constitué du lexique de 100 apprenants. Les instruments de collecte des données ont été les questionnaires et les rédactions/compositions. Ces derniers ont été rédigés par les étudiants des niveaux 300 et 400. Etant donné la nature de l’étude, l’approche quantitative et l’approche qualitative ont été utilisées comme mode d’investigation. L’approche qualitative porte sur le modèle de l’analyse des erreurs proposé par Corder (1967) et l’approche quantitative met en évidence des données observables et quantifiables. Les principales erreurs rencontrées dans les productions écrites des étudiants ont été celles de la morphosyntaxe. Ces erreurs commises ont été analysés. Les recommandations de notre étude ont pour but d’améliorer la production écrite en Français Langue Étrangère.


Life skills for enhancing social competence during adolescence

Social competence is often seen as a desirable trait during adolescence as it is considered as a protective factor in resilient individuals. It promotes personal and interpersonal effectiveness by enhancing skills needed for dealing with environmental challenges in daily life situations. Poor social competence has been associated with a number of psychosocial troubles during adolescence, including mental disorders, emotional and behavioral problems. Of the many skill building programs used to enhance adolescent social competence, Life Skills Education and Training have been significant ones. The present study investigates the utility of life skills training in enhancing social competency during adolescence. A pre- and post-test experimental design was used in the study to analyze the stated objectives. Adolescent Social Competency Scale was used to select the study sample. 160 adolescent students (mean age=16.44) who scored low on social competence participated in the study. These were randomly divided into the experimental and control group (n=80), consisting of equal number of male and female adolescents (n=40). Participants in the experimental group were trained on six of the ten core life skills, based on the module prepared by the researcher. The training lasted for 10 sessions following which post-test assessments were done. Data obtained was analyzed using descriptive statistics like mean, standard deviation and inferential statistics including independent sample t-test and repeated measures of ANOVA. The results of the study indicate a significant effect of life skills training in enhancing adolescent social competence, irrespective of gender.

Hita claudia rao

Implementation of big data analytics for simulating, predicting and optimizing the solar energy production

The notable developments in renewable energy facilities and resources help reduce the cost of production and increase production capacity. Therefore, developers in renewable energy evaluate the overall performance of the various equipment, methods, and structure and then determine the optimal variables for the design of energy production systems. Variables include equipment characteristics and quality, geographical location, and climatic variables such as solar irradiance, temperature, humidity, dust, etc. This paper investigated and reviewed the current big data methods and tools in solar energy production. It discusses the comprehensive two-stage design and evaluation for examining the optimal structure for renewable energy systems. In the design stage, technical and economic aspects are discussed based on a robust analysis of all input/output variables for determining the highest performance. Next, assess and evaluate the effectiveness of each method under different circumstances conditions. Then convert each qualitative indicator into a quantitative measure using extensive data analysis methods to determine the overall performance of the various qualitative variables. The paper also provides an in-depth analysis of the mathematical techniques used in measuring the efficiency of the renewable energy production system and discussing future axes of work in the field of specific energy.

ACAA PUB Acaa pub

Weaving teaching and leading: a systematic literature review on pedagogical leadership contributions

Pedagogical leadership has become an emerging and essential debate in the field of educational administration and leadership. This was a result of the shift from the hierarchical type in the past to a more inclusive, collaborative, and participative leadership. Previous studies indicate the furtherance of the inquiry into pedagogical leadership since it is a work in progress. For this reason, a systematic literature review mapped the literature relevant to pedagogical leadership. The review drew the lines between the empirical and theoretical-conceptual contributions, including the methodologies considered in both contributions. The results have implications for a more robust theoretical-empirical model or framework of pedagogical leadership applicable to specific levels of education, especially higher education contexts. The study also implies applying pedagogical leadership in the team, at departmental and organizational levels. Results imply promoting the culture of pedagogical leadership.

Manuel Caingcoy Manuel caingcoy

A pervasive multi-distribution perceptron and hidden markov model for context aware systems

Fueled by the recent advancements in pervasive environment, affluent context aware systems is among the rousing in computing today, including embedded environment, different wireless network technology, electronic communication and so on. Context-Aware Collaborative Filtering using Genetic Algorithm approach resulted in an improved mobile business model by determining optimal similarities between contexts. In this work, we plan to devise a hybrid framework called Multi-distribution Perceptron and Hidden Markov Model to smoothen the mobile networks with different degrees of context- confidence. Initially, Multi-distribution Layer Perceptron Model is designed aiming at improving the precision rate with the aid of Multi-distribution Bayesian Posterior measure. Experimental analysis shows that the M-PHMM framework is able to reduce the computational complexity for obtaining user patterns by 26.05% and improve the precision rate by 18.90% compared to the state-of-the- art works.

Dr H Shaheen Dr h shaheen

Hr analytics in business: role, opportunities, and challenges of using it

With the emergence of HR Analytics in organizations; gathering, interpreting, and measuring of HR data has become easy. HR Analytics act as a tool which is a combination of statistical techniques that enable collection, interpretation, measurement, and forecasting of data. HR analytics enlightens solution to the organizational problems and make accurate decisions. HR analytics hence aligns HR strategy with overall business strategy to obtain a competitive advantage. HR analytics has passed through phases of measuring the Sub HR functions. HR Analytics provides various opportunities to business as it forecasts workforce requirements, enables HR to achieve corporate goals, and improve organizational performance which helps businesses in finding success. Despite the success, the business faces some big challenges like data governance, skill gap among employees, top management support, and many other such challenges in implementing and using the HR Analytics tool in business. Various research scholars have discussed HR analytics from so many years. So many papers have come focusing on the conceptual part of HR analytics, past present and future scenario of HR analytics, acceptance of HR analytics in organizations, the extent of its utility, rise of HR analytics, and various other related studies. This paper aims to find out the challenges and opportunities faced by the business firm in implementing HR analytics as a tool in organizations. This study also gives the theoretical concept of HR analytics based on secondary data collected from previous research papers, journal of the year 2016- 2019 given by various research scholars, blogs, and websites that provide HR analytics recent data. The study will provide the pros and cons of implementing and using HR analytics.

mamta gaur Mamta gaur

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