The community radio in kashmir, a way forward

In India, the campaign to legitimise community radio began in mid-1990s, soon after the Supreme Court of India ruled in its judgment of February 1995 that “airwaves are public property. Though the approval for setting up of Community radio stations in India was granted in 2002, it is yet to develop in the valley of Kashmir. Till now, the valley has not established any community radio station, but the first effort to use radio for the development of the community was made in 2009 when Panos South Asia, in collaboration with the Islamic University of Science and Technology (IUST), a rural University in Awantipora (Kashmir) started a community radio program in the Awantipora community. The program named “Pesh Kadam” meaning “Step Forward” started in 2009 and completed 350 episodes in 2018. This paper is aimed to study the reasons for absence of community radio stations in Kashmir. It also documents the efforts made to bring this medium to Kashmir and understand the evolution and challenges of first ever community radio program in Kashmir, study its content, analyse its popularity and efficacy. Both qualitative and quantitative research techniques are deployed in this study.

Ruheela hassan

Behavior of small states from the perspective of international relations theory: an analysis of south china sea

Territorial disputes in the South China Sea have long been one of the most critical and complex issues of security between south-east Asian states and China. The competition for maritime rights has emerged as the most important security issue in the east Asia. The powerful states have a tendency for domination. The smaller states may not show their dominating behavior over other states, but they have tendency to maximize their relative power by making alliance with great power or by other means. Since the smaller states are not capable enough individually to ensure their own security or to use military force against threatening power, they have tendencies to join in alliances or in other words to create balance of power to ensure their own security. This study attempts to analyze the behavior of small states and to find out which theory matches with the behavior. The behavior of small states like Vietnam and the Philippines cannot be well-explained by the realist approach. They behave to make their existent clear and safeguard themselves only. Making allies with great powers as well as economic ties simultaneously with other economic powers render their behavior of having peaceful coexistent with everyone.

Muhammad faruq-uz-zaman

Classifying jordanian hotels based on their tqm implementations

This study aims at classifing hotels in Jordan into groups based on their Total Quality Management (TQM) implementation. Using a survey methodology, the TQM questionnaire was designed to measure the level of TQM implementation throughout Critical Success Factors (CSFs) which are necessary for TQM implementation. A total of 345 TQM questionnaires were distributed to managers, working in 17 four- and five-star Jordanian hotels. The researcher obtained 227 usable TQM questionnaires. The results classified Jordanian hotels based on the CSFs for TQM implementation. More specifically, using cluster analysis on the CSFs of TQM resulted in two groups of hotels: ‘low TQM adopters’ and ‘high TQM adopters’. These two groups showed significant differences across the TQM CSFs

Mukhles m. al-ababneh

Dr.ismath shameem

Background: Unexplained infertility is a frustrating diagnosis both for the patient and the clinician, with a prevalence of 16%-37%. It commonly refers to a ‘diagnosis’ made when tubal, ovulatory and husband factors are ruled out. A couple is usually referred for evaluation after 1 year of unsuccessful trials of conception with unprotected intercourse in the fertile phase of the menstrual cycle. Unani formulation comprises of baikh asgand (Withania somnifera Dunal), baikh piyabansa (Barleria prionitis Linn), gule dhawa (Anogeissus latifolia) and gule nilofar (Nymphaea alba Linn) were used for the treatment of uqr, possessing the properties of muqawwi rahim, moaene hamal, moallide mani, etc. Case presentation: A married couple (22 years female partner & 26 years male partner) presented to NIUM Hospital OPD, with chief complaint of failure to conceive since 5 years. The couple report a high degree of stress related to their lack of success. Investigations were carried to check for tubal patency, ovulatory function and semen analysis. Diagnosis of unexplained infertility was made after thorough evaluation of the case. The powder of above mentioned formulation was given 6g twice a day orally with milk from 5th day of cycle for 5 days. Patient got conceived after taking treatment for two consecutive cycles. Discussion: Here we report evidence based management with Unani medicine to help combat the significant physical, psychosocial and economic toll on couples. Keywords: Unexplained infertility; Primary infertility; Uqr; Muqawwi rahim; Moaene hamal; Moallide mani; Unani medicin

Dr ismath shameem

Impact of environment due to sars-cov-2 in india

Before the start of the SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) pandemic, the whole environment around us had been deemed very toxic to breathe in due to the amount of greenhouse gases that had been emitted over the centuries. The Earth faced rising temperatures, which in turn led to the melting of glaciers and rising of sea levels. Environmental degradation was happening fast due to the depletion of resources such as air, water and soil. But after the coronavirus lockdown (Talabandi) commenced, there have been changes in the environment. The lockdown still has a huge impact on people in India too. The halt of industrial production and traffic resulted in cleaner air and rivers. In India the first phase of the nationwide lockdown that began on March 24 followed by enforcement of a series of regulations had some evidences that the COVID-19 curve is flattening in the country's COVID-19 affected regions. There was a good chance Prime Minister Narendra Modi extended the lockdown (Talabandi) four times that ended on (Phase 1 (24 March-14 April)., Phase 2 (15 April-3 May)., Phase 3 (4 May-17 May) & Phase 4 (18 May-31 May). The paper focuses on different aspects of environmental impact due to SARS-CoV-2 in India.

Rina Kumari Rina kumari

Cold cook methods: an ethnographic exploration on the mythsof methamphetamine production and policy implications

Background Urban legends and myths are prevalent in drug-use environments. However, the distinction between myth and fact is not always clear. We found contradictory claims regarding the emergence of cold cook methods for producing methamphetamine when contrasting user-generated reports with official reports repudiating such methods as myths. Our aim is to open the topic for more academic discussion. Methods We examine cold cook methods of methamphetamine production revealed in our ethnographic study and interviews with former (n = 50) and current (n = 48) methamphetamine users. Data were collected in the suburbs of a large southeastern city in the United States. We compare the data with reports from law enforcement professionals and public health officials. Results Official reports claim the cold cook method described by users in our study is a myth and does not produce methamphetamine. Small-scale producers sell it as methamphetamine and users claim it has the same effect as methamphetamine. They are charged for possession and distribution of methamphetamine when caught with this drug. It appears the unintended consequences of recent policy aimed to reduce production and use of methamphetamine may be a user-friendly production method. We do not know the health implications at this time. Conclusion We do not make any definitive conclusions on the legitimacy of the stories or myths discussed here but instead suggest that labelling drug stories as myths might lead to dismissing facts that hold partial truth. The subsequent dismissal of cold cook methods among policy and public health officials risks a range of unintended consequences among vulnerable populations. We present our case for more research attention on the myths of methamphetamine production. Keywords: Cold Cook Methods, Cold Cook Methods step by step, Cold Cook Methods steps, Methamphetamine, Cold Cook Methods list

Kamal Singh Kamal singh

Detection of rotavirus and enteric adenovirus frequency in children with acute gastroenteritis attending to our hospital: a sivas-scale retrospective study

Objectives: Viral gastroenteritis is a major health problem that is common worldwide, especially in developing countries, and is responsible for the majority of childhood diarrhea disease. The aim of this study was to determine prevalence of rotavirus and enteric adenovirus frequency and the age and seasonal distribution of viral agents in children with acute gastroenteritis attending to our hospital. Materials and Methods: In this study, 6999 stool specimens were investigated for the presence of rotavirus and adenovirus. The samples were obtained between January 2013 and August 2019 from children age 0-17 suffering from acute gastroenteritis attending to our hospital. Frequency of rotavirus and adenovirus were retrospectively evaluated with regard to seasonal distribution, gender and age of patients. Results: Viral antigens were detected in 1341 (19.1 %) of the specimens examined in the study. Among the positive results, rotaviruses and adenoviruses frequency were detected in 14.7 %, 4.4 %respectively. Rota-adenovirus co-infection was 8.4 %(n=113). Whereas rotavirus antigen was determined in all age groups, the highest was found in children age 0-2 with a rate of 57.9 %. Moreover, considering the seasonal distribution of the cases, it can be said that rotavirus infections are mostly observed in winter and spring, while adenovirus infections are frequently detected in summer and autumn. Conclusion: Rotavirus and enteric adenovirus infections are important public health problems that caused hospitalization, morbidity and mortality among children <5 years children in our country. As well as an approach to prevention of acute gastroenteritis, it is very important to detect the agent correctly and quickly for the treatment approach.

Sağlık Bilimleri Enstitüsü Dergisi YYÜ Sağlık bilimleri enstitüsü dergisi yyÜ

Intersection of caste and gender based subjugation

One of the unique features of Indian society is prevalence of caste system which was originated thousands of years back to demarcate the people engaged in different occupation or jobs. Initially it was not much rigid but gradually people belonging to upper castes for their own selfish means to maintain their monopoly made this arrangement hereditary and started treating people of lower castes disgracefully. For preservation of this system, people started controlling their women to prevent inter-caste marriages and the concept of endogamy came up. This robbed away many types of freedom from women. For women belonging to lower castes, this situation is worse as they are doubly subjugated on the basis on caste as well as gender. Men belonging to their own caste treat them as secondary beings. This paper throws light on this intersection. How intersection of these two kinds of inequalities place them at the lowest position in Indian society. Dr. B.R. Ambedkar rises as their leader who all his life worked for empowerment of downtrodden section of society. He argues that education is the primary tool for evading these differences among people. He further emphasizes to adopt the concept of exogamy to break the backbone of Indian caste system and to immediately leave a religion or culture which legitimizes such system of inequality among people of the same land.

Swati sharma

Assess the premenstrual symptoms and coping strategies among adolescent girls

Menstruation is a normal physiological impact on each girl’s life. Menstruation is monthly uterine bleeding for 3-5 days after every 28 days from puberty till menopause. A change in mood, behaviour, appearance of some abnormal vague symptoms is often noticed in the second half of the cycle. Symptoms are severe enough to disturb the life cycle of a woman called premenstrual syndrome (PMS). The study aimed to assess the premenstrual symptoms and coping strategies among adolescent girls. The majority of the students suffered from premenstrual syndrome. Objective: to assess the premenstrual symptoms and coping strategies among adolescent girls. Methodology: A nonexperimental descriptive research design was adopted in this study. Non probability convenient sampling technique was used to select the sample size of 30 adolescent girls. The assessment of premenstrual symptoms and coping strategies was carried out using a self-reported Likert’s rating scale. Data was analyzed by using descriptive and inferential statistics. Result: Majority (93.3%) of the samples sometimes had physiological and psychological problems, 90% of them had behavioural symptoms. Majority (43.3%) of the samples always followed coping strategies and 16.7% of the samples sometimes followed coping strategies and 40% never followed any coping strategies. Conclusion: PMS was common among students at 18-24 years. The most common physical symptoms experienced by adolescent girls were headache, backache and lower abdominal pain. Adolescent girls used coping strategies as taking hot / cold drinks, do not express anger to others, and turn to study and forget things, hearing music and taking medications. Keywords: Premenstrual Symptoms, physiological, psychological & behavioural symptoms, Coping Strategies, Adolescent Girls.

Elsi Queen Elsi queen

Prescribing patterns in systemic hypertension and pharmaco-economics (cost effectiveness and cost minimisation analyses) of the commonly prescribed antihypertensives in a district hospital in enugu state, southeast nigeria

Background: Prescribing patterns in systemic hypertension vary from place to place. Studies have shown that cost could be one of the factors responsible for non-adherence to treatment among hypertensive patients. Nigerian pharmacoeconomics studies have not provided a general guide on cost-effective prescribing for hypertensive patients in the country. The aim of the study was to examine the prescribing patterns, do cost effectiveness and cost minimisation analyses of the commonly prescribed antihypertensives, and determine if cost is a major reason many of the hypertensive patients of the District Hospital are usually lost to follow up. Methods: 5267 adult (≥18 years) non-antenatal patients’ cards of 2016 were reviewed for hypertension. Examination of the prescriptions, cost-effectiveness and cost-minimisation analyses of the commonly prescribed antihypertensives were done. Results: 12.6% of the patients were hypertensive. 73% of these hypertensive patients were treated pharmacologically. 40.8% adhered to treatment. 73% of the adherent ones responded to treatment. Amlodipine was the most expensive prescribed antihypertensive (N22). Amiloride-hydrochlorothiazide with the largest cost effectiveness ratio (CER) (9) was the most cost effective of all the combinations. Lisinopril- hydrochlorothiazide (N17) was preferable to the triple combination of lisinopril-amlodipine-hydrochlorothiazide (N39), and amlodipine-hydrochlorothiazide (N32) in cost minimisation. Conclusions: Cost of drugs probably had played a significant role in non-adherence to treatment among hypertensive patients in the District Hospital in 2016, since moduretic with the largest CER (9) and nifedipine with the greatest BP reduction when combined with hydrochlorothiazide (56/22 mm Hg) were rarely prescribed.

Emmanuel umegbolu

The implementation of total quality management (tqm) in the hotel industry

This study sets out to explore the Critical Success Factors (CSFs) necessary for Total Quality Management (TQM) implementation in hotels. It also aims to classify participating hotels into groups based on their TQM adoption by using cluster analysis. A quantitative survey method was applied. Data were collected from a sample of managers from four- and five-star hotels in Jordan, 170 questionnaires were distributed to managers and 104 usable questionnaires were returned. The findings revealed that TQM is existed and implemented in the hotel industry. The researcher then confirmed that four- and five-star hotels can be classified into two groups, namely, “high TQM adopters” and “low TQM adopters”.

Mukhles m. al-ababneh

3. a cross sectional study to determine the prevalence of premenstrual syndrome and effect of jaggery tea to combat the premenstrual symptoms on students of al –ameen medical college, vijayapur.

The prevalence of PMS (prevalence of pre most common disorder among the women’s. It has high impact on women’s health, emotions and behaviours during certain days of menstrual cycle. Aim: To determine the symptoms of PMS. Material and methods: PMS.The sampling frame is comprised individual aged 18 was used. Then respondents were given information regarding benefits of jaggery tea consumption to over PMS. Preparation of jaggery tea: add the one cup of water for boiling, and then add the requirement amount jaggery. Add filter to discard the solids. Study subjects were asked to consume jaggery tea five days prior and after the date of menstrual cycle continuously for 3 months. Study subjects were ask premenstrual syndrome screening toll before and after jaggery tea consumption. The data was analysed using descriptive statistics and effect of jaggery tea was evaluated using paired t Result: from PMS, 120(61.5%) of them had mild PMS, 55(28.2%) had moderate PMS and only few 20(10.3%) of then had sever PMS. Conclusion: role in curing PMS

Shwetha hitnal Shwetha hitnal

Pyrazole carbaldehyes as antiinflammatory agents-synthesis and in vitro membrane stabilization method

Pyrazole is a nitrogen containing 5-membered heterocyclic compound containing 3 carbons& 2 nitrogen atoms in the adjacent position of ring structure and is chemically known as 1, 2- diazole. Pyrazole nucleus is present in many pharmaceutically important compounds and intermediates . Majority of anti-inflammatory agents currently employed have GI irritation and enhanced acidity as side effects. As part of our efforts to develop newer and effective anti-inflammatory agents , ten newer pyrazole carbaldehydes were synthesized and evaluated for their anti-inflammatory activity using Diclofenac was the standard. Out of ten compounds synthesized, all compounds exhibited comparable activity with that of the standard.Highest percentage of haemolysis was observed for Pyrazole carbaldehydes with methoxy phenyl groups as substituents. These compounds should be considered for developing as leads for newer & safer anti-inflammatory agents.

Vinod B Vinod b

Surface modification of anhydrous borax with stearic acid by wet coating method

The wet coating of anhydrous borax powders with stearic acid (SA) to reverse their inherent hydrophilic surface properties was investigated. The coating procedure was based on the results from a previous study that revealed that the stearic acid solution (2 wt. % SA) mixed for 60 minute at 750 rpm on the magnetic stirrer was sufficient for the surface modification of anhydrous borax. For the experiments, stearic acid powders were first dissolved in water at 80 °C. The mixture obtained by adding anhydrous borax powders to this solution was vigorously mixed on a magnetic stirrer to initiation and completion the surface modification. Each of these solutions was then filtered using a filter paper to separate the undissolved particles, and the residue on paper was dried at 50 °C for 48 h until constant weighing was obtained. Wettability has been accepted as a key parameter for success in wet coating treatment. This parameter gained via the experimental characterization technique was used for an evaluation of the powder properties. The degree of wettability of anhydrous borax powders was measured and compared both after their surfaces were coated with stearic acid and after they were treated with water for a certain period of time in an aqueous environment. The stearic acid coating made the powder hydrophobic and this property was highly preserved after washing.

Journal of Characterization Journal of characterization

Oxygen consumption, ammonia excretion and o: n ratio of freshwater bivalve, lamellidens marginalis during winter season with special reference to body size

The scaling of metabolic rates with body mass is one of the best known and most studied characteristics of aquatic animals. We studied here how size is related to oxygen consumption, ammonia excretion and O: N ratio in Freshwater Bivalve Mollusc Lamellidens marginalis species in an attempt to know how size specific changes affect their metabolism. The freshwater bivalve molluscs with specific size i.e. small (77 79 mm in shell length) and large (90 93 mm in shell length) were selected for experimental work from Bhima River at Siddhatek on December and January during winter. The adult bivalve molluscs with small size reported high value in oxygen consumption and O: N ratio but ammonia excretion was low value in small sized bivalves compared to large ones. The results are discussed in the glow of metabolic processes in fresh water bivalve molluscs.

Dr. Pritesh Ramanlal  Gugale Dr. pritesh ramanlal gugale

Management qualities in resolving collective conflicts arisen during a global pandemic

One of the most common situations in the management process is problematic situations or conflicts, where each complex situation or conflict has unique consequences, and neglect to find the best way out of such situations put the leader in a more difficult situation. Especially at a time while COVID-19 is putting the world community in a very difficult situation, difficult to resolve conflicts, universal conflicts, the role of leaders, managers are discussed, problem solutions are proposed through management theory.

Ikboljon Odashev Mashrabjonovich Ikboljon odashev mashrabjonovich

A study of influence of demographic factors on consumer impulse buying behavior.

The main purpose of the paper is to determine the correlation of consumers' demographic factors on the impulse buying behavior with respect to a number of single impulsivity indicators and one collective indicator. The paper consists of theoretical and research aspects. The first part encompasses theoretical insights into the secondary research regarding impulse buying while the practical part presents the methodology and primary research results. With respect to the subject matter, research goals as well as previous findings and primary research results, corresponding hypotheses were set and mainly confirmed. Inter variable correlation and regression analysis has been performed to test the hypothesis. The results showed that demographic factors, such as the disposable income and age, are related to most impulse buying indicators and to the impulsivity collective indicator. However, educational qualification and gender produced marginal association with impulsive buying behavior. The paper also summarizes research limitations as well as the work contribution and future research guidelines.

Abu Bashar Abu bashar

Evaluation of okra (abelmoschus esculentus l. moench) genotypes for important quantitative characters

An experiment was carried out during kharif 2017 at Zonal Research Station, Chianki using sixteen promising genotypes of okra with three replications in randomized block design. Observations on ten important quantitative characters were recorded. Analyzed data revealed that all characters showed significant effect. The genotype Ajeet-121 gave significantly highest yield with the yield of 135.12 q/ha followed by NS-862 and Super green with the yield of 134.75 q/ha and 134.02 q/ha, respectively. Average fruit weight (15.33 g) and yield of fruits per plant (245.67 g/plant) were recorded significantly highest in the genotype Ajeet-121. On the basis of these observations, it may be concluded that the genotype Ajeet-121 was found most suitable okra genotype for kharif cultivation in the western plateau region (sub zone-V) of Jharkhand.

International journal of agricultural and applied sciences (ijaas)

Analgesic and antiemetic activity of cleome viscosa l.

The seeds of Cleome viscosa are used in traditional systems of medicine for the treatment of many diseases in Asia. This study evaluated fixed oil from the seeds of Cleome viscosa for analgesic and antiemetic activity by using the acetic acid induced writhing test in mice (intraperitoneally) and chick emetic model (oral treatment) respectively. The results showed significant analgesic and antiemetic activities of Cleome viscosa fixed oil.

Dr. salman ahmed

Secured data transmission in vanet using vehicular digital hash gen model

Vehicular adhoc structures (VANETs) handle the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and Certificate Revocation Lists (CRLs) for their security. In any PKI structure, the check of a got message is performed by checking if the check of the sender is joined into the current CRL, Verifying the reliability of the certification and standard for the sender. In this paper, it has been propose a Vehicular Digital Hash Gen show up (VDHG) for VANETs, which replaces the dull CRL checking process by a profitable revoking checking process. The renouncing check process in VDHG uses a Private Key Infrastructure (PKI), where the key used in finding the VDHG is shared particularly between On-Board Units (OBUs). In like manner, VDHG uses a novel probabilistic key stream, which extras with OBUs to trade and revive an issue key. VDHG can on a very basic level lessen the data torment in light of the message declaration deferral pulled back and the standard assistance structures using CRL

Dr H Shaheen Dr h shaheen

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