The effect of transformational leadership and competence on employee performance with job satisfaction as intervening variable

This study aims to see and determine the effect of transformational leadership and competence of PT Waruna Shipyard Indonesia on employee performance through job satisfaction as intervening variable. This research was conducted at PT. Waruna Shipyard Indonesia, located on Bagan Deli Street, Medan Belawan District, North Sumatra. This research was conducted of the month of August 2019-January 2020. The data analysis tool by structural equation modeling (SEM) with smartpls program. The population is employees at PT. Waruna Shipyard Indonesia in 2019, namely as many as 134 employees. This study used slovin formula for the sampling, calculations sample were respondents is 100 permanent employees of PT. Waruna Shipyard Indonesia. Thus taken 30 respondents outside of the sample to validity and reliability test instrument for testing questionnaires. Based on structural equation modeling (SEM) analysis, transformational leadership and competence have positive and significant effect on employee performance with job satisfaction as intervening variable at PT. Waruna Shipyard Indonesia. The contribution of transformational leadership, competence, and job satisfaction explains the employee performance variable of 0.724 or 72.40%. The remaining 0.276 or 27.60% is effect by other independent variables not examined in this study.

Lila Maria Kaban Lila maria kaban

Comparative growth of jipe tilapia, oreochromis jipe and nile tilapia, oreochromis niloticus using regression modeling

Regression modeling analyses the relationship between two or more variables and can be used to predict the response variable from one or more independent variables. The present study uses linear regression analysis to evaluate the growth in the two fish species of genus Oreochromis, Nile tilapia and Jipe tilapia, under aquaculture conditions. The models were fitted using a collection of functions in the R-software library. The final models were selected using the goodness of fit criteria based on the coefficient of differentiation, the model p- values and Akaike information criteria. The significance of the linear relationship between predictor variables and the mean response was tested by comparing the computed standardized parameter estimates, whereas the confidence intervals were constructed to assess the uncertainty of predicting the response variable and determine outliers in the model. Generally, both species exhibited good condition during growth and all the measured water quality variables significantly afffected growth (p<0.05). However, only temperature and dissolved oxygen produced the most important linear relationship with fish weight. The study recommends that data from a controlled experiment should be used the determine the interactions between the two growth variables.

Omweno job Omweno job

Vc router design for power efficient network on chips

The work presented in this paper is analysis and design of power efficient Network on Chips (NoCs). NoC architecture, routers, structure of NoC, topologies and their components has been discussed in this work. The parameters likely speed, latency, static and dynamic power is analyzed. This work found better results as compared to previous works.

Ashish mulajkar

Incidence of gestational hypertension among pregnant women (2006-2015) in enugu state, southeast nigeria: a retrospective study

Background: Gestational hypertension (GHTN) is defined as a new rise in blood pressure (BP) ≥140/90 mm Hg, presenting at 20 weeks gestation without significant proteinuria. Worldwide, 4.4%-15% of all pregnancies are complicated by HTN. The aim of this study was to determine the incidence of GHTN among pregnant women in Enugu State, Southeast Nigeria with a view to improving and strengthening antenatal services in the State to help reduce the proportion of maternal mortality and fetal outcomes attributable to GHTN and reduce the overall prevalence of HTN in the country. Methods: Records of BP, biodata and laboratory investigations (urinalysis, full blood count) of women who attended antenatal clinics in six selected state hospitals (2006-2015) were examined. Data were analyzed as proportions, t-test, ANOVA and Pearson product moment correlations using Maxstat (version 3.60) statistical software. Results: The overall incidence of GHTN was 5.9% with annual fluctuations with peaks in 2010 and 2014. There were significant differences in incidence among the age groups (<20>35 years) (p<0 p=0.0016).>35 years) and GHTN (r=0.932, p=0.0069). Between parity and GHTN, there was also positive, strong and significant correlation (r=0.813, p=0.0491). Conclusions: With an incidence of GHTN at 5.9%, there is need to improve and sustain adequate antenatal services in order to help reduce the proportion of the country’s maternal mortality attributable to hypertensive disorders of pregnancy.

Emmanuel umegbolu

A review of thermal performance of solar concentrator – the future needs

Abstract Abundant solar energy is freely available almost round the year in India. As per the current scenario of global warming and climatic change, solar energy is the cleanest source in nature. Concentrated solar power (CSP)has hardly contributed to the overall installed solar power capacity in the country. CSP technologies are Parabolic Trough Collector (PTC), Linear Fresnel Reflector (LFR), Paraboloid Dish and Solar Power Tower. This paper presents a review of CSP in solar parabolic dish concentrator to understand thermal aspect like thermal efficiency, optical efficiency, useful heat gain, heat losses, solar irradiation, etc. for various applications and current development. The current scenario of global CSP is discussed to meet the future challenges and need of the society.

Pramod wadate

Creat an application in excel spreadsheet program to formulate poultry rations by a trail and error method

This study aims to creating an application in the widespread Excel spreadsheet program, using the common feed materials used in poultry rations include maize, wheat, barley, soybean meal, wheat bran, sunflower oil, protein concentrate, limestone, salt, diCalcium Phosphate, premix of vitamins and minerals, anti-coccidial, where the function property in Excel program, especially the sum - product function, can be used to create an application for formulating rations in a trial and error method until reaching the desired goal in terms of its nutrient content: (dry matter, crude protein, lysine, methionine, methionine and cysteine, calcium, available phosphorus, crude fiber, ether extract, linoleic acid, chlorine, sodium, arginine, phenylalanine, phenylalanine and tyrosine, threonine, tryptophan, leucine, Valine, histidine, glycine, glycine and Serine, as well as soluble carbohydrates, ash)%, in addition to estimate the cost of the ration

RAFEA MOHAMMEDTAHER KHULEL Rafea mohammedtaher khulel

Design and development of framework for big data based smart farming system

Improving the agricultural productivity is an imminent need to meet the food requirement of constantly growing population rate. It can be gracefully satisfied if the farming process is integrated through technologies such as big data and IoT. The integration of agricultural processes with modern technologies has emerged as the smart agriculture technology. This research work is focused on proving the suitability of the big data analytics for smart agricultural processes in terms of increasing production and quality of yields with less resources and overhead. This research paper expounds the extensive review carried out on the related works in smart agricultural farming, challenges in implementing the smart farming technologies at large scale, followed by the conceptual framework model for the effective implementation of big data together with IoT devices in smart farming.

Dr h shaheen

Melioidosis: distinctive clinico-epidemiological characteristics in southern india

As it is increasingly being reported from India, we carried out a prospective study of patients with culture-proven melioidosis from south India, examining clinical, laboratory features, epidemiological data, risk factors, treatments, outcomes at three and six months, and factors associated with mortality.Between 2014 and 2018, 31 cases were identified. Diabetes (83.9%) and alcohol abuse (58.1%) were common risk factors. Musculoskeletal, skin and soft tissue manifestations together constituted 48.4% of presentations, while 29% had pneumonia. During the intensive phase, 74.2% received one of three recommended antibiotic regimes, but 51.6% did not receive continuation treatment. Pneumonia and lack of continuation treatment were independently associated with a high mortality of 25.8%. Hot spots for melioidosis exist in India, and there is considerable diversity of presentation, including skin, soft tissue, musculoskeletal and neurological involvement. High rates of bacteraemia are shown.

Aneesh basheer

Rapid diagnostic test versus microscopy in the diagnosis of acute malaria in a district hospital in enugu state, southeast nigeria

Background: Malaria is a systemic disease caused by various species of Plasmodium, transmitted through the bite of a female Anopheles mosquito. According to the World Health Organisation, there were 214 million cases of malaria worldwide in 2015. Nigeria’s burden of malaria is about 51million cases and 207,000 deaths annually, accounting for 60% of outpatient visits to hospitals, 11% of maternal mortality, and 30% of child mortality. The study aimed to compare RDT and microscopy in malaria diagnosis in a District Hospital in Enugu state, Southeast Nigeria. Methods: Blood samples of 300 suspected cases of acute malaria were tested for malaria parasite using RDT and microscopy simultaneously. Results: In 2017, the study found a malaria prevalence of 25% (46.2% in children, and 18.1% in adults) in Awgu. RDT was positive in 38% and microscopy in 70.3% of cases. Both RDT and microscopy were positive in 36.3%, negative in 28.3%, and discordant in 35.4%. Sensitivity of RDT was 50.7% (89.4% in children, and 25.6% in adults). RDT had a specificity of 100% (both children and adults), positive predictive value of 1 (both children and adults), and negative predictive value of 0.6 (0.5 in children, 0.6 in adults). Conclusions: RDT (SD Malaria Ag P. f) had more sensitivity in children (89.4%) than adults (25.6%), and the occurrence of false negative results was more in adults (46.8%) than children (9.5%). All negative RDT results need to be examined microscopically, to rule out false negative cases.

Emmanuel umegbolu

Exploring the big data and cloud computing management in e-government services: a qualitative case study in terengganu public sector

The emergence of big data has caused various challenges to data management lifecycle including storage, processing, sharing, and applications. During the same time frame, the fast development in cloud computing provides increased efficiency in computing support that address these challenges. However, there are issues in big data and cloud computing management which include security concerns, data fragmented, and distrust in using clouds that could become the roadblock to e-government services success. Although ensuring data management has been the responsibility of providers in the public sector, this issue seems to be unavoidable. In such circumstances, initiatives from the public sector agencies are crucial to ensure data is effectively managed. This research in progress aims to investigate how the public sector agencies in Terengganu manage data to improve the e-government performance. The research uses the interpretive research paradigm and adopts the qualitative research methodology using a case study design. A single case of a public sector which utilizes big data and cloud computing within the e-government platform is selected as the case for this research. The findings of this research are expected to be used in developing a framework of big data and cloud computing management which will assist in providing reliable and accurate information to citizens within the e-government environment.

Asyraf Afthanorhan Asyraf afthanorhan

A study on corporate social responsibility – a case study with canara bank.

Creating a strong business and building a better world are not conflicting goals – they are both essential ingredients for long-term success. Canara Bank is one of the leading banks in the banking sector which is serving a lot of customers. The initiatives of the Bank under CSR have been the setting up of Trusts and Institutions which have created an impact in serving the people and society at large.Bank has been engaging employees and motivating them employees for participate in CSR activities. Bank has established a Community Development Section’ under FI Wing whose activities include organizing blood donation camps, health check up camps, career guidance and many more. The objective of this paper is to resolve the activities initiated by Canara Bank and the funds allotted in various areas.

Vidya Bhat Vidya bhat

Oxygen consumption, ammonia excretion and o: n ratio of freshwater bivalve, lamellidens marginalis during winter season with special reference to body size

The scaling of metabolic rates with body mass is one of the best known and most studied characteristics of aquatic animals. We studied here how size is related to oxygen consumption, ammonia excretion and O: N ratio in Freshwater Bivalve Mollusc Lamellidens marginalis species in an attempt to know how size specific changes affect their metabolism. The freshwater bivalve molluscs with specific size i.e. small (77 79 mm in shell length) and large (90 93 mm in shell length) were selected for experimental work from Bhima River at Siddhatek on December and January during winter. The adult bivalve molluscs with small size reported high value in oxygen consumption and O: N ratio but ammonia excretion was low value in small sized bivalves compared to large ones. The results are discussed in the glow of metabolic processes in fresh water bivalve molluscs.

Dr. Pritesh Ramanlal  Gugale Dr. pritesh ramanlal gugale

Deprivation in education amidst covid-19 pandemic crisis

The education sector is one of the most affected areas by the pandemic. It caused a huge chasm that could affect the teaching-learning industry in the future. Although it is possible to have deprivation in education, the concept must not be embraced. Instead, HEI should focus on developing new and innovative ways of delivering education constructively. This paper focuses on the importance of both research and teaching in education. The two areas are identified and analyzed respectively to adopt innovative methodologies to enhance productivity in a higher learning institute. This paper intends to propose relevant teaching and learning methods to benefit the students, the university, and society. This paper utilizes several factors involved in the pandemic crisis and suggests ways to use several methods to regenerate the learning environment without hassle.

Santosh kumar Santosh kumar

Fate of e-waste in households in enugu west senatorial district of enugu state, southeast nigeria

Background: E-waste, is the waste generated from used electrical and electronic devices that are no longer fit for their original intended use. Currently e-waste comprises more than 5% of total municipal waste flow, equivalent to 20-50 million tonnes annually worldwide. In 2014, Nigeria generated about 219 kilo tonnes of e-waste. The study aimed to increase public awareness on the need for proper management of e-waste because of its hazardous nature. Methods: This was a cross-sectional study in Enugu West Senatorial District of Enugu State comprising Oji-River, Ezeagu, Udi, Awgu and Aninri Local Government Areas with a population of 980,988. An adaptation of the UNEP, EMPA and Basel convention questionnaire, administered to 400 households was used for data collection. Results: The potential e-waste generation in the study area was 0.05 kg per inhabitant. 76% of the households were aware of the hazards of e-waste. 64% were willing to give out their e-waste to waste collectors. Only 26% of the e-waste were collected with the general waste. The correlation between awareness of the hazards of e-waste and willingness of the households to give out their e-waste was positive, moderate, and insignificant (r= 0.43, p=0.47). Conclusions: Although 76 per cent of the households were aware of the hazards of e-waste, with 64% willing to give out their e-waste, only 26% of the e-waste were eventually collected together with the general waste. There is a need to create a separate e-waste collection system.

Emmanuel umegbolu

Body size dependent rate of oxygen consumption, ammonia excretion and o:n ratio of fresh water bivalve, lamellidens marginalis during summer season.

The study of molluscan animals is called Malacology and the study of molluscan shell is called as conchology. The scaling of metabolic rates with body mass is one of the best known and most studied characteristics of aquatic animals. We studied here how body size is related to rate of oxygen consumption, ammonia excretion and O: N ratio in Freshwater Bivalve Mollusc Lamellidens marginalis species in an attempt to know how body size specific changes affect their metabolism. The freshwater bivalve molluscs with specific body size i.e. small (76-79 mm in shell-length) and large (90-94 mm in shell-length) were chosen for experimental work from Bhima River at Siddhatek on April and May during summer. The adult bivalve molluscs with small body size reported high value in rate of oxygen consumption and O: N ratio but rate of ammonia excretion was low value in small body sized bivalves compared to large ones. The results are discussed in the flush of metabolic processes in fresh-water bivalve molluscs.

Dr. Pritesh Ramanlal  Gugale Dr. pritesh ramanlal gugale

Modelling the impact of environmental responsibility on the development of enterprises

BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: The requirements of stakeholders for the qualitative transformation of the approaches of industrial enterprises – environmental users to introduction of economic activities cause an increase in the role of environmental responsibility as their strategic priority for development. The purpose of the study is to improve the practical tools for calculating and developing strategies for the development of environmental responsibility of industrial enterprises. METHODS: In the study, tools for assessing the level of environmental initiative of an industrial enterprise as an integrated indicator of environmental initiative are suggested. It is expressed as the arithmetic mean of ten factors of environmentally proactive behavior of industrial enterprises. To achieve the objectives of the study, methods of criterion-qualitative assessment are suggested, such as expert assessment and survey. The assessment system includes ten factors rated on a 10-point scale and weighted by significance. The integrated indicator of the environmental initiative acquires values within, is a stimulant of environmental responsibility. FINDING: One justified a scientific and methodological approach to assessing the level of environmental responsibility or the industrial enterprise, including calculation of the corresponding taxonomic indicator with consideration of the quantitative factors of its environmental responsibility and the qualitative and quantitative factors of environmental initiative. This enables the possibility to assess the relevant state of environmental responsibility and determine the volumes for further correction of the ecological strategy for the development of the industrial enterprise. CONCLUSION: As a conclusion, practical recommendations are made for the implementation of organizational and economic support of environmental responsibility in the development strategy of an industrial enterprise taking into account the impact of its environmental initiative and environmental duty. The level of environmental responsibility of industrial enterprises taken into account when developing recommendations on adjustment of their environmental strategy of development is determined, which as a whole allowed to form organizational and economic support for environmental responsibility of the enterprises under study. Thus, an enterprise, which only ensures compliance with environmental emission standards (compensation strategy or sufficiency strategy) cannot be characterized by a high level of environmental responsibility. To ensure a high level of environmental responsibility, an industrial enterprise must rely on a proactive strategy or a strategy for sustainable use of nature.

Professor J. Nouri Professor j. nouri

A comparative study of social and economic aspect of migration

India is a country of immense diversity. It is home to people of many different racial, languages, ethnic, religious, and national backgrounds. Groups of people in India differ from each other not only in physical or demographic characteristics but also in distinctive patterns of behavior and these patterns are determined by social and cultural factors like language, region, religion, and caste. Apart from behaviour, economic development, level of education and political culture of the people in various social segments differ from region to region. More you can say that economy and cultures have been enriched by the contributions of migrants from round the globe. In an increasingly globalised world, migratory movements is continuously shaping the countries all over the world. Some countries like India and Ireland, which set the example of economic development and social integration, have the positive impact of the migration by globalisation and some countries like USA, which recently witness racism, xenophobia and discrimination have the negative impact on the migrants. It does not mean India do not face fragmentation and USA do not have cohesion. USA have many stories which show successful integration process, that facilitated the lives of immigrant communities, but being a developed country it still suffers from cultural alienation. In these countries, borders are built within borders to create cultural divides that do not allow people to integrate. Recently, this problem has become more prominent due to the rise of terrorism, clash of cultures in the world, leading to the glorification of stereotypes. People are becoming less accepting towards anyone who does not belong to their region. Migration does not stop after people move from one place to another place. The main question start after that ‘now what’ they will do. That is why this topic needs to be discussed thoroughly in order to find better solutions. This paper will begin with an analysis of different approaches to Migration, discuss the target groups for integration policies, provide indicators of the current situation of migrants and proceed to an analysis of integration tools: legislation, social policies and participatory processes. It will focus not only on the impact of migration but also on social integration, mix culture like indo-western culture in a comparative basis.

Ekta Meena Ekta meena

A study to assess the determinants of quality of life among adults during covid-19 pandemic in south india

Background: Quality of life (QOL) is an important determinant in assessing the health status. It includes physical, psychological, and social well being. The aim of this research was to identify the intrinsic and extrinsic factors of QOL; and the association of QOL with socio-demographic, anthropometric variables and lifestyle variables. Methods: This cross sectional study was conducted in Tamil Nadu among 327 adults during July 2020 through online using standardized WHOQOL-BREF tool to assess the quality of life along with socio-demographic variables, anthropometric variables and lifestyle variables. Principal component analysis method was used to identify the factors which influence the QOL of adults. The association between socio-demographic variables, anthropometric variables and lifestyle variables with quality of life was also assessed. Among the selected samples 165 were female and 162 were male. The structured questionnaire included Section A- socio-demographic variables such as age, gender, occupation, educational qualification, place of residence, marital status; Section B - anthropometric variables such as height, weight and BMI; Section C lifestyle variables such as type of diet and physical activity pattern; and Section D -consisted of Standardized WHO-BREF tool to assess the quality of life. Results: The identified intrinsic factors include Life style approach, Emotional stability and Health status; Safety & accomplishment, Financial support with societal information were identified as extrinsic factors. These factors played an influential role in QOL of the adults during pandemic crisis. The association between the type of residence (p=0.001), occupation (p=0.000) and marital status (p=0.022) with QOL was highly significant at 1 % and 5 % respectively. Conclusion: The identified factors during covid-19 pandemic had influenced the quality of life domains namely physical health, psychological, social relationship and environment. Intrinsic factors were dependent on individual’s perception towards accepting the new normal during the pandemic. Whereas, extrinsic factors were greatly influenced by the environment and society in which the study participants were exposed. One of the identified extrinsic factors (residence), showed high significant association with QOL.

Athina Deepa Prasanna Athina deepa prasanna

In silico studies of 2-(4-(aminomethyl)phenyl)isoindoline-1,3-dione schiff base derivatives as potential inhibitors against main protease covid-19 enzyme

The 2019 coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is spreading worldwide, with a spectacular increase in death missing any effective therapeutic treatment up to now. Molecular docking is a recognized computational tool to assist in early drug discovery and development. Molecular docking analysis was carried out using 2-(4-(aminomethyl)phenyl)isoindoline-1,3-dione Schiff base conjugates with SARS-CoV-2 protease enzyme and COVID-19 main protease in apo form 6M03). The compounds with the best normalized docking scores to protease enzyme (6LU7) were ARG3 (-8.1 kcal/mole), ARG7 (-8.1 kcal/mole) and ARG6 (-8.0 kcal/mole). The best docking ligands for main protease in apo form (6M03) were ARG7 (-8.7 kcal/mole), ARG6 (-8.6 kcal/mole) and ARG3 (-8.4 kcal/mole). The structural similarity between these conjugates inspired us to perform in silico studies to check their possible binding interactions with essential SARS-CoV-2 proteins. These studies provide insight into the potential binding between Schiff base derivatives and SARS-CoV-2 proteins to provide an insight for finding an effective therapy. Finally, ADMET calculations were performed for the Schiff base compounds to predict their pharmacokinetic profiles.

Mediterranean Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences Mediterranean journal of pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences

Employees’ perspectives of service quality in hotels

Although the importance of service quality has been recognised, few studies have addressed service quality in hotels from the perspective of employees. Therefore, this study aims to measure the service quality of four and five-star hotels in Jordan from the employees’ perspective based on the SERVQUAL model. The current study was carried out by measuring the data gathered according to a five-point Likert scale. A quantitative survey method was applied, and therefore the SERVQUAL instrument was used to measure service quality. Data obtained from a sample of 238 respondents drawn from ten four- and five-star hotels in Jordan were analysed with the SPSS software based on descriptive statistics. The study’s findings indicated that service quality of five-star hotels in Jordan was higher than that of four-star hotels.

Mukhles m. al-ababneh

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