Dr. Neena Prasad

The rise of patanjali

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  • Dr. Neena Prasad

Journal title : Business Perspectives and Research

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Page Number : 108-119

Journal volume : 7

Journal issue : 1

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This case is designed to highlight the marketing strategies adopted by a new entrant in the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) sector. The importance of brand architecture in building brand relevance in this competitive environment and enhancing customer loyalty has been put forth as illustrated by the experts. The synchronization of branding strategies and marketing communications in terms of establishing a customer connect purely on the basis of nationalism, price, and natural preparations have been highlighted from the perspective of Patanjali’s growth strategy. The brand has been envied by all the big players of the sector for proving itself as the major disruptor being portrayed in terms of its voluminous sales and ever-rising revenues. This case on Patanjali offers an insight into the strategies followed by a new company to position the brand at the right time and acquire a substantial market share. It also highlights the facts that exceptional competitiveness in distribution strategies may not be the only determinant for effective management of distribution strategies, and the road ahead needs to be rightly sorted out. This case also tries to unlock the path that determines the success the brand Patanjali has achieved which otherwise took decades for Nestle, Proctor & Gamble, ITC, or Unilever to achieve.

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