Ikboljon Odashev Mashrabjonovich

The organisational structures and its economical and social efficiency

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  • Ikboljon Odashev Mashrabjonovich

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Object: In the competitive world of the market economy, every economic unit tries organizing everyday activities. Creating a set of suitable and cost-efficient organizational structures and making competitive products and services, top managers should find the mechanisms of building alternative ways of organizational structures. Methods: This paper presents the traditional and modern management structures, their historical steps, and developed methods. In this footfall of the market economy, companies in developing countries should build their management system’s organizational structure. They should advance a management system, managerial behaviours, and new management styles of developed ones. For this purpose in this research has learned organizational structures of developed companies. The investigation discusses the emergence, formation, and modern appearance of management structures that evaluate organizational structures’ importance in enterprises and companies’ activities, using vivid examples. Findings: Then, it has shown some forms of developed organizational structures of companies with the assessment of their highest role in management. In the conclusions and recommendations, we offer our approaches to solving existing organizational problems using the historical period of development to this day.

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