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Study on dietary habits and activity pattern of selected adults in tirupati

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Recently studies showed that globally, more than 1.8 billion adults are overweight and in that around 650 million are obese. India is one among the most widely recognised countries which are identified with way of life today as being overweight. Obesity or overweight leads to heart diseases, Diabetes Mellitus, Hypertension etc. Objectives: Adulthood is a period where we have to pay at most attention tohealthy nutritional diet. Preventive measures through assuring the nutritional status of adults such as anthropometric, dietary survey, food consumption pattern, nutritional awareness, physical activity and alertness about diseases will assist the community from being overweight and thus the occurrences of metabolic disorders. Methods: zone chosen for the conduct of the study was Tirupati and based on the number of subjects required, their age profile; willingness to participate in the study; their health condition etc,. a private company which was willing was selected. The subjects chosen were in the age group of over 30-40 years. The selection was carried out using the purposive sampling technique. Results: The data indicates that some adults are in the border line of non-communicable diseases such as overweight or obesity, cardio vascular diseases, Type 2 diabetes and hypertension. Conclusion: This could be rectified through regular practice of consuming a nutritious and appropriate diet in conjunction with physical exercise routine.

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