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Speech stress analysis based on lie detector for loyalty test

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Human being has lot of virtual mask in their behaviour (mind or brain). By the way of probability study alone, be able to find a person’s loyalty through their emotions, stress of speech, way of expressions and so on. It is not a novel technique to this world. The judgement and the hearings are finalizing in accordance to passed parameters (questions, transparent as well hidden test) and the result. Artificial Neural Network (ANN) is one of the best methods meant for speech stress analysing based cheap lie detection for the loyalty test. To show the results, polygraph is a comprehensible demonstration oriented approach. These methods are already used by the insurance fraud investigations and police. Through an individual’s stress (stress percentage or else range) voice as well their emotions are able to detect the loyalty. Lie detection techniques require being extremely confidential and dynamic. For the reason that voice stress analysis (VSA) parameters have to be an encrypted for avoiding speech practise with testing tool. Here this paper, outlooks by using for predicting the liars through Speech VSA.

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