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Sexual experience of women after pelvic radiotherapy for cervical cancer

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  • Reyhan Aydin,  
  • Umran Yesiltepe Oskay

Journal title : Turkish Journal of Oncology

Publisher : LookUs Bilisim A.S.

Print ISSN : 1300-7467

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OBJECTIVE Study was designed to assess sexual experience, thoughts, and problems of women who have been treated with pelvic radiotherapy for cervical cancer. METHODS Seventeen sexually active patients who received minimum 3-month course of pelvic radiotherapy between March 20, 2014 and June 20, 2014 gave consent to participate in the study. Sexual life before cancer diagnosis and effects of treatment on sexual life were assessed with semi-configured score scale created by research group. RESULTS Main diagnostic finding was post-coital and post-menopausal bleeding, and vaginal stricture, vaginal dryness, and decreased sexual desire in partner or patient were primary sexual problems reported. CONCLUSION Health professionals should be aware of these effects and should encourage patients to express their problems and provide effective, individual counsel to each patient.

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