Ikboljon Odashev Mashrabjonovich

Modern calculation tools and efficiency of insurance management in the global pandemic period

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  • Ikboljon Odashev Mashrabjonovich

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The main purpose of the research is to develop modern tools for insurance management in the global economic crisis, to make an objective assessment based on a critical analysis of existing ones, to identify situations that could lead to international economic, social and natural threats. It is made some recommendations for the development of insurance calculations for the republic of Uzbekistan. Methods: Methods for reforming modern calculation of insurance tariff are recommended by means of theories of probabilities, statistical and mathematical analysis, and foreign advanced countries practical types of summarizing. Findings: While making an analysis, it has found that modern tools for the insurance management of Uzbekistan are needed. We proved this by the results of the modern calculation of insurance in tables (1-6). For the development of the insurance market of Uzbekistan, it should be analyzed by means of penetration and density of insurance premiums, making the deepest calculation of risks of the economy of Uzbekistan, and using the main principals and formulas of the theory of probability. Conclusions: In the end, we can take some results, and give some recommendations such as using the tools of theories of probabilities can help us find the main risks of economy, its powers of influences of the market economy, statistical and mathematical analysis also add some practical, objective results for making under control of any types of insurance risks.

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DOI : https://doi.org/10.1729/Journal.25052

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