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Life skills for enhancing social competence during adolescence

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Social competence is often seen as a desirable trait during adolescence as it is considered as a protective factor in resilient individuals. It promotes personal and interpersonal effectiveness by enhancing skills needed for dealing with environmental challenges in daily life situations. Poor social competence has been associated with a number of psychosocial troubles during adolescence, including mental disorders, emotional and behavioral problems. Of the many skill building programs used to enhance adolescent social competence, Life Skills Education and Training have been significant ones. The present study investigates the utility of life skills training in enhancing social competency during adolescence. A pre- and post-test experimental design was used in the study to analyze the stated objectives. Adolescent Social Competency Scale was used to select the study sample. 160 adolescent students (mean age=16.44) who scored low on social competence participated in the study. These were randomly divided into the experimental and control group (n=80), consisting of equal number of male and female adolescents (n=40). Participants in the experimental group were trained on six of the ten core life skills, based on the module prepared by the researcher. The training lasted for 10 sessions following which post-test assessments were done. Data obtained was analyzed using descriptive statistics like mean, standard deviation and inferential statistics including independent sample t-test and repeated measures of ANOVA. The results of the study indicate a significant effect of life skills training in enhancing adolescent social competence, irrespective of gender.

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