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Knowledge and preventive practices regarding dengue fever in nepal

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Dengue is an acute infection disease caused by a flavi virus (species Dengue virus of the genus Flavi virus), transmitted by female mosquito aedes mosquito, infection has globally become a major public health concern since the incidence of the dengue fever has increased more than 30-fold over the last decades. The dengue fever has been a most important public health problems since many years and the various outbreak of the dengue cases has been seen time to time. One of the reasons for the increasing and time to time outbreak of the dengue may be the reason of climate change, global warming, lack of knowledge about signs, symptoms, transmission, preventive measure and lack of ignorance or lack of the preventive practice of the dengue fever. Method: Descriptive, cross-sectional study on 192 head of household's was study population residing in Kanchan RM, Rupandehi Respondent was selected using Non probability judgmental sampling techniques by face-to-face interview was used. Result shows 58.3% good knowledge and 62% good practice. Knowledge was found to be associated with Age, Types of family, Size of family, educational level and Family suffered from dengue. Preventive practice was found to be associated with the Ever heard from health professional. Study will contribute towards development of appropriate policy strategies at local level that will tackle the problem associated with the knowledge and preventive practice of DF and provide a basis for future research on this area. Inferential analysis shows that there is significant association between the level of knowledge with age, types of family, size of family, educational level and family suffered from dengue and the level of preventive practice was associated with the ever heard from health professional.

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