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Influence of demographic and socio-economic factors on locus of control on residents of select suburbs in mumbai city

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The orientation he/she chooses has a bearing on his/her long-term success. This orientation is known as your "locus of control." Its study dates back to the 1960s, with Julian Rotter's investigation into how people's behaviours and attitudes affected the outcomes of their lives. Locus of control has been defined as the degree to which an individual perceives having control over the environment (Rotter, 1966). According to Rotter (1975), there are two types of control, internal and external, which anchor a continuum that approximates a normal distribution. People are said to have an internal locus of control when they believe reinforcements are contingent upon their own behaviour or stable personal characteristics. External locus of control results when people believe that reinforcements are due to luck, fate, or powerful others outside of their control. Current study focuses on investigating the influence of demographic variables (age, gender, education level), marital status and socio economic status (occupation, income) on the level of internal/ external locus of control with the help of data collected from residents (aged between 20 and 50) of a select suburbs in Mumbai city. On analysing the data so collected, it is found that age has a major influence on an individual’s level of internal locus of control.

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