Chandra Sekhar Sanaboina

Impact of mobility on power consumption in rpl

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  • Sanaboina Chandra Sekhar,  
  • Sanaboina Pallamsetty

Journal title : i-manager’s Journal on Wireless Communication Networks

Publisher : i-manager Publications

Online ISSN : 2320-2351

Page Number : 23

Journal volume : 6

Journal issue : 4

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The main theme of this paper is to implement the mobility model in the Cooja simulator and to investigate the impact of mobility on the performance of Routing Protocol over Low power Lossy networks (RPL) in the IoT environment. In the real world, mobility occurs frequently. Therefore in this paper, a frequently used mobility model - Random Way Point (RWP) is used for analysis. RWP can be readily applied to many existing applications. By default, the Cooja simulator does not support mobility models. For this, the Bonn Motion is introduced into Cooja as a plugin. As IoT deals with the resource-constrained environment, a comparison is done between the static environment and the mobile environment in terms of power consumption. As expected, the results indicate that mobility affects the RPL in terms of Power Consumption

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