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Factors influencing mutual fund investors and risk averse behaviour in western maharashtra

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Mutual fund investment specifically in India and particularly in western Maharashtra is a very challenging aspect. This paper aims to study various factors influencing the investor’s choice of mutual fund, criteria for selecting particular scheme, previous performance of Mutual fund asset Management Company and services provided by them. Similarly Investor education and awareness. To have the competitive advantage proactive steps taken by the Asset management companies would be beneficial like proper financial planning guidelines, providing information pertaining to Net asset value, benchmark indices, analysing purchase decision involvement of the investors and very importantly understanding the risk averse behaviour of the investors and adequate and reliable information about the scheme.Understanding investor behaviour, specifically information search and Processing behaviour of mutual fund schemes is instrumental for effective marketing. Perhaps very few researchers have focused on investor behavioural finance. It is complex set of understanding pertaining to investor psychology; various parameters guiding principles and risk averse capability of the investor dynamically guide the behaviour. Mutual fund companies while promoting the products and marketing need to consider these several influencing parameters so as to effectively cater to the needs of the investor which would truly win the customers and enhance customer confidence and trust.Risk aversion behaviour is also the key to understand the investor risk appetite behaviour in terms of conservative or aggressive investor measuring various demographic and psychographic metrics that play a crucial role to predict and understand the likely behaviour.

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