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Ethics and human values

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Higher education is leadership education. The values and virtues practiced in universities heavily influence the future leaders. Many institutions of higher education simultaneously show excellence in academic subjects, are green campuses with manifold ethics curricula, are active members in community engagement, and also are adept in providing value orientation to all stakeholders. It is universally felt that the status of teaching profession requires to be raised to ensure its dignity and integrity. Accordingly, it is considered necessary that there should be a code of ethics which may be evolved by the teaching community itself for its guidance. There are five major areas of professional activities which encompass the work of a teacher. For each of these areas certain principles have been identified to serve as guidelines for teacher’s conduct. HUMAN VALUES Basic human values refer to those values which are at the core of being human. The values which are considered basic inherent values in humans include truth, honesty, loyalty, love, peace, etc. because they bring out the fundamental goodness of human beings and society at large.

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