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Dynamics of leadership

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The construct of Leadership entails the process of influencing other people to accomplish specific objectives. However, like love, the construct of Leadership is a universal desire that is virtually difficult to define explicitly (Klingborg, Moore and Varea-Hammond, 2006, p.280). It is characterised by the idea of an individual charisma capable of recruiting followers towards his or her path, promoting team-based problem-solving. Conversely, the concept of Leadership is based on many factors such as; "leaders are made not born", "he was a leader since he was a kid" and "if you have the will power, you can become an effective leader" (Klingborg, Moore and Varea-Hammond, 2006, p.280). However, scholars and organisations tend to focus on Leadership and how leaders impact an organisation. The leadership process entails how an individual influences other(s) to achieve a common goal or mission.

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