Dr H Shaheen

Design and development of framework for big data based smart farming system

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  • S. Jayanthi,  
  • K. Rajkumar,  
  • Shaheen,  
  • Sanjeev Shrivastava,  
  • Ignatius A. Herman

Journal title : Innovations in Computer Science and Engineering

Publisher : Springer Singapore

Online ISSN : 2367-3389

Page Number : 263-269

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Improving the agricultural productivity is an imminent need to meet the food requirement of constantly growing population rate. It can be gracefully satisfied if the farming process is integrated through technologies such as big data and IoT. The integration of agricultural processes with modern technologies has emerged as the smart agriculture technology. This research work is focused on proving the suitability of the big data analytics for smart agricultural processes in terms of increasing production and quality of yields with less resources and overhead. This research paper expounds the extensive review carried out on the related works in smart agricultural farming, challenges in implementing the smart farming technologies at large scale, followed by the conceptual framework model for the effective implementation of big data together with IoT devices in smart farming.

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DOI : https://doi.org/10.1007/978-981-16-8987-1_27

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