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Corporate social responsibility is a self-equipped business approach that helps an organization be socially responsible to its stakeholders and the overall public. Through the practice of CSR, companies are conscious and aware of the impacts they have on all aspects of society, including economic, social, and environmental (Goel and Ramanathan, 2014, p. 51). A case study scenario, in this case, is of StanBed Tours Ky, the impact of CSR on consumer loyalty, stating that the increase of CSR has resulted in the society's satisfaction with the business (Bediako, 2017, p. 1). CSR influences the people affected by it in various intensities and means. Such as, employees, who are part of the major stakeholders, are significantly affected by the organization's corporate social responsibility activities in marketing, which shape their logic, inspiration and lead to deeper commitments to achieving organizational goals and strategic plans (Makasi et al., 2014, p. 2600). Additionally, CSR investments in marketing significantly impact external shareholders such as consumers and the organization's image (Kaman, 2015, p. 7). CSR activities carried out by StanBed include tree planting exercises to mitigate carbon dioxide emissions resulting from flying airplanes, voluntary beach cleaning services to protect marine life, and providing educational services to children in the community of tours.

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