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Blind taste test of soft-drinks – a comparison study on coke and pepsi

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Blind Taste Test of Soft-drinks – A Comparison Study on Coke and PBrand equity is “The differential effect that brand knowledge has on consumer response to the marketing of that brand” (Keller-1993).Brand equity is the added value a product acquires as a result of past investments in the marketing activity for the brand.This marketing activity resides in the mind of customers and as a result customer shapes a perception about the brand, biggest challenge here is creating positive perceptions by ensuring that customers have right type of experiences with product so that both functional experiences as well as emotional experiences become associated with the product.Thus Brand perception is the imagewhich a brand creates in the mind of the customers due to the various associations linked with the brand. The simplest way tounderstand what brand equity is to understand the typical results of product sampling and comparison tests. One such test is blind taste test in which consumers sample a product without knowing the brand what they consume and consuming the same product knowing brand i.e., open test. When consumers report different opinions about branded and unbranded versions of identical products, it must be the case that knowledge about the brand has changed their perceptions. Thus, consumers’ perceptions of product performance are highly dependent on their impressions of the brand that goes along with it Pepsi

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