Manish Anand

Bacterial load on suture material after surgical removal of third molars – a comparative clinical studies between silk suture vs antibacterial suture

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  • Manish Anand,  
  • R.s. Neelakanda

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Oral cavity harbors a complex network of microorganisms which are in steady state of equilibrium with another microflora. Surgical removal of third molar is a very common procedure in oral surgery and suturing of surgical site is a crucial component determining success of wound healing. These suture materials sometime act a nidus of infection because of potential adherence of bacteria to its rough surfaces which may lead to surgical site infection. AIM- The aim of this study was to compare bacterial load on normal silk suture over antibacterial suture following third molar removal in 50 healthy individuals free of any systemic and local pathology. MATERIALS AND METHODS – A microbiological analysis using culture sensitivity test of distal most suture was evaluated after 7 days of procedure. RESULT - In relation to the colony count silk group showed higher number of colonization with a median of 80,000 cfu/ml. Relatively on the other side, antibacterial showed significant decrease in number of colonization with a median of 11,000 cfu/ml (p value < 0.0005). CONCLUSION – Antibacterial sutures group showed statistically significant reduction in bacterial count and can be possible alternative in patients who are unable to maintain good oral hygiene.

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