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Application of hofstede’s model to study the role of indian culture for sustenance during covid-19”

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The COVID-19 crisis has impacted all dimensions of our lives say it as the public health, the labour system, the social interaction, the political debate, the use of public spaces, the economy, the environment, and last but not the least it has proved to be a major contributor to the cultural value system of the individual living in society. This research paper is to analyse and understand the changes enforced by this pandemic on Indian culture and individual of the society. It also analyses the context of COVID-19 scenario with special reference to Indian culture and Hofstede’s theory of cultural dimension. This research paper is an attempt to emphasize the changes in culture and value system during the COVID-19 pandemic faced by India. India is enriched enough in cultural dimensions to combat COVID-19. The Hofstede’s model analysed in depth also leads to this finding that it also fits well in the present context. Thus, it is hereby summed up that as India is enriched in its cultural values it has posed itself as a fighter for this pandemic

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Application of hofstede’s model to study the role of indian culture for sustenance during covid-19” QR Code

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