Jayanthi G

Acoustic feedback cancellation in efficient hearing aids using genetic algorithm

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  • G. Jayanthi,  
  • Latha Parthiban

Journal title : Scalable Computing: Practice and Experience

Publisher : Scalable Computing: Practice and Experience

Online ISSN : 1895-1767

Page Number : 115-125

Journal volume : 21

Journal issue : 1

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Many people are distracted from the normal lifestyle, because of the hearing loss they have. Most of them do not use the hearing aids due to various discomforts in wearing them. The main and the foremost problem available in it is; the device introduces unpleasant whistling sounds, caused by the changing environmental noise, which is faced by the user daily. This paper describes the development of an algorithm, which focuses on the adaptive feedback cancellation, that improves the listening effort of the user. The genetic algorithm is one of the computational techniques, that is used in enhancing the above features. The performance can also be compared with other comprehensive analysis methods, to evaluate its standards.

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DOI : https://doi.org/10.12694/scpe.v21i1.1630

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