A study on work life balance of teaching faculities working in arts and science colleges

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Work life balance of employees has become an important issue which discusses mainly about their carrer development and the family care, it is necessary to know how the employees balance the demand for their profession and also their domestic compulsions. Professional life is hat the aim to grow and earn respect in the workplace and the society they live-in. Personal life means taking care of family, spouse, children, health and spending the available leisure time effectively. According to work foundation, the term work-life balance is about individuals having a measure of control over when, where and how they work, leading them to be able to enjoy an optimal quality of life. It is defined as establishing a successful balance between working obligations and personal commitments. Work – life balance for teaching professional has become a challenge in recent years. Teachers work load demands their time both in the institution and also extends to their home. Teaching professionals need to focus on soft skills and life skills so that they should aim at producing good citizens for the country.

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