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A study of the usage pattern of social media by the students in a sample of pharmacy students

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The research paper has addressed the issues related to the usage patterns of the social media by the college students. The demographic profile of the students is also been studied in order to identify the relationships. The most used social media, duration of the use of social media, time spent on the social media, the reliability of the information shared on the social media, number of friends and the groups students have on social media their preferred time of using social media are the major issues discussed in the paper. Primary data is used for the calculations and analysis which is collected through the questionnaire circulated among 500 students studying in graduate level pharmaceutical science course. The study is descriptive in nature and qualitative as well as quantitative research methods are used to study the objectives. The study presents new data on Internet use among male and female college students, as well as trends in use of social media. The findings of the paper indicate that there exists a strong link between the gender of the respondents and most used social media. The data analysis gives a clear picture about the typical pattern of using social media in terms of the time, occasion, number of friends and groups they belong to on social media.

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