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A study of association between chronic liver disease and thyroid function tests at a tertiary care hospital in western uttar pradesh

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  • Kurri Nalini

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ABSTRACT Background: One of the many functions of the liver is the synthesis of carrier proteins and hormone metabolism, and liver diseases have been linked to a variety of endocrine disorders. Aim:The study's goal was to look at the spectrum of chronic liver disease and the relationship between thyroid profile and severity of liver damage in a tertiary hospital. Methods and materials: The current study was a single-center, tertiary care hospital-based,case-control study that included 50 cases of liver cirrhosis/chronic liver disease and 50 age/sex matched healthy controls (chosen at random from relatives attending OPD with patients). Thyroid function tests were performed and results were compared between cases and controls.Result : This study included 50 cases of liver cirrhosis/chronic liver disease and 50 healthy controls.The mean age and gender of cases and controls were comparable, and the difference was not statistically significant. The majority of cases (76%) had alcoholic liver cirrhosis, with the remainder having non-alcoholic liver cirrhosis (16%) and chronic viral hepatitis (8%). As per Child-Pugh Score, the majority of cases (40%), followed by Child-Pugh C (32%) and Child-Pugh A (28%). In the current study, free T3, free T4, and TSH levels were compared between cases and controls, and abnormal values were found in cases, indicating a statistically significant difference. Serum thyroid profile abnormalities were observed as Child-Pugh Score Classes advanced, and the difference was statistically significant for free T3 and free T4. Conclusion: As compared to healthy subjects, patients with liver cirrhosis had abnormally high levels of circulating thyroid hormone, and severe abnormalitieswere linked to an advanced Child Pugh score. Derangement in thyroid profile is common in patients with cirrhosis of liver. Low free T3 and T4 levels are associated with more severe liver injury and may be used for prognostication in patients with cirrhosis of liver. Keywords: chronic liver disease; NAFLD, cirrhosis, Liver function tests; Free T3 and T4; TSH;

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