A performance comparison of vapour compression refrigeration system using various alternative refrigerants

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  • A.baskaran,  
  • P.koshy Mathews

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A performance analysis on a vapour compression refrigeration system with various refrigerants mixture of R152a, RE170, R600a, and R290 were done for various mixture ratios and their results were compared with R134a as possible alternative replacement. The results showed that all of the alternative refrigerants investigated in the analysis except R431A, [R 152a (29%), R290 (71%)] have a slightly higher performance coefficient (COP) than R134a for the condensation temperature of 500C and evaporating temperatures ranging between -300C and 100C.Refrigerant blend of R152a/RE170 (20/80 by wt%) instead of R134a was found to be a replacement refrigerant among other alternatives. The effects of the main parameters of performance analysis such as refrigerant type, degree of sub cooling and super heating on the refrigerating effect, coefficient of performance and volumetric refrigeration capacity were also investigated for various evaporating temperatures.

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